Yankee Stadium Insider Blog: So, the new Stadium is nearly upon us – what current Stadium traditions need to go the way of the old Stadium?

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Yankee Stadium Insider Blog: So, the new Stadium is nearly upon us – what current Stadium traditions need to go the way of the old Stadium?

Meanwhile at Shea – what traditions even exist? We have an Apple but the mean Wilpons won’t let it come. We have a Former Franchise pitcher that doesn’t love us. Mr. Met II has always seemed a cheesy replica of the original to me. Planes that have to fly over Shea magically can fly somewhere else if tennis needs to be played.

I can’t think of anything. Suggestions?


Giants Propganda Working?

So the early edition of the Star Ledger had this on the front page:

Giants fans and the action in the stands

New stadium to offer opportunity to invest in personal seat licenses

This headline made my blood pressure explode. Yep “investing” that’s what we’re doing. Now when you read the actual article it’s quite fair. It discusses how some folks have made a profit with some teams PSLs and fans of other teams such as the Panthers have taken a beating.

So I went on nj.com to grab the story and now I see an updated headline…

New Giants stadium will offer fans personal seat licenses

by Maura McDermott

Sunday July 20, 2008, 10:44 AM

So that’s an interesting change.

Unfortunately, most people will see the print edition, and headline skimmers will come away with the message that the Giants are now in the inverstment business.

Regardless, an interesting read can be found here.

The original version is here.

And remember, the Giants cannot compete in the current economic environment without a new stadium or PSLs.

Why Do The Giants Need A New Stadium Anyway

Why exactly is a new building being built at the Meadowlands anyway?  What exactly is wrong with Giants Stadium?  Is their inability to compete in the NFL?  They haven’t won a Super Bowl in 7 months!

Hit comments below if anyone has a good reason why we need this thing.


I preloaded some stuff for today so I could hit the beach….here’s something from earlier in the week about a cool 1972 video.

Cool 1972 video

I got the chance to watch a few innings of a July 9, 1972 game between the Dodgers and Mets at Shea Stadium. It was quite a pitching matchup with Tom Seaver facing Claude Osteen, both of whom would be 20-game winners that season.

The Former Franchise

“I appreciate the historical significance of the All-Star Game and Yankee Stadium,” Seaver said. “I got my 300th win there. But I’m not retired. I just put in a new section of my vineyard in California. As much as I wanted to be there, I just couldn’t get away.”

I hereby release Tom Seaver from any and all obligations to anything related to the New York Mets or their fans.

Keith Hernandez is hereby given all rights and responsibilities related to being the Greatest Hero Of Them All.

Let us have a ceremony, cheer The Captain, and retire #17 once and for all.

When Tom is done with his new vineyard he can go to Reds games.

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