WFAN Announcers Can’t See The Game? (Mushnick)

Mushnick, great as always but tied down to archaic newspaper publishing schedules, today rips the Flo-Rida Marlins (that the blogoverse covered days ago)…we love you Phil, you should blog….we’d be thrilled to have you over here 😉

..anyway, Phil mentioned this nugget today.

Citi Field’s radio booth is flush to a front row, upstairs. Thus, patrons walking by impede the view of play-by-players Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin. A security guard posted to keep fans from hanging in front of the booth during last week’s exhibitions only served to also impede the broadcasters’ view.

Wow.  Who the heck designed these new places?  

I can’t wait until the newspapers discover that Monday night’s Citi opener is a night game.   I tried…


New York Times Mentioned Us!

Self-indulgent post (as if they all aren’t)….but I’m thrilled that the Times mentioned us and the really cool New Stadium Insider blog.

Check out these helpful guides to the seats you don’t want at New York’s shiny new stadiums. Yankee Stadium. [New Stadium Insider] Citi Field. [Mets Police] (Also, one prominent New Yorker was able to score some prime Mets tickets with unobstructed views … but will not be able to use them. [Gothamist]

Thanks NY Times!   We love you too.

I wonder if anyone at the Mets or Yankees read the papers.  I bet we’re ruining someone’s day.  Sorry…I’m not the one who decided to put a railing at eye level.

Are The Mets Holding Back Tickets Hoping Economy Improves?

The hotfootblog asks an interesting question about Mets tickets:

Why Put Tickets on Hold?

Why have they only sold single game tickets for April and May?  Seems odd right?

Originally this post was just going to be a link, and I totally admit to cribbing their idea, but I think I have figured it out.

My guess….

They are hoping the team gets off to a great start AND the economy recovers.   They are mentally prepared to sell a particluar seat for say $20…but maybe the Mets start off 35 and 5 and the Dow goes back to 10,000….then suddenly they seat is $30.

This way they aren’t locked into either selling seats for a price lower than they want….or being stuck with overpriced tickets like some of the other baseball teams in New York.

The risk they take is if the Mets get off to a bad start and the economy doesn’t get better.   The buzz on Citi Field is so good that I think they’d be OK anyway…..I’m not so sure fans would be lining up to see New Yankee Stadium if that team combines a bad start with overpriced tickets.

Do the right thing and give hotfootblog some hits and no I’m not that good at photoshop…that image comes from here.

Yankee Panic Ends. Yankees Beat Orioles 11-2

A.J. the Ace Burnett gave up 2 runs over 5 and 1/3 to officially end Yankee Panic as the Yankees beat Baltimore 11-2.
The Derek Jeter era came to a close when Ramino Pena permanently took over at SS and got his first major league hit.   When a ball was hit to short Michael Kay was heard to say “Past a diving…oh Pena picks it up and flips to first.”
Panic is now in Flushing where Oliver Perez is flaky and out of shape.  Tomorrow the Yankees play the Rays and the Mets play the Flo-Rida Marlins in a game that will be completely televised.