Mets: Here’s the new food at Citi Field for 2019

My good friends the Mets invited me over for lunch today but I could not make it.  Thank you Mets.

Fortunately Instagram  hashtag #AmazinMetsFood has all the new Citi Field Foods that were announced today.  And is this post a complete ripoff of what Sammy did over at Van Hagar?  TOTALLY.  Except I made the images the correct size.  There’s only one way to blog.


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Highlights of the @mets New For 2019 at Citi Field! Thank you @amazinmetsfood!! #eatingnewyork #amazinmetsfood

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some highlights from today at @citifield trying the New For 2019 food!! get excited for the @mets season!! @amazinmetsfood

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And while we’re fooding, here are some older images…

Mmmm Chicken.

Mmmm Pizza

Pass and Cheese

The most unrealistic depiction of a Nathan’s hot dog ever.

Whew, good thing I didn’t go. People would accuse me of selling out for a cheesesteak.

A Bash Burger?

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Sterling or Scully: uh oh, the Trackwallers got to Wayne!

Oh no.  My hopes and dreams are crushed.  Wayne Trackwalled this one.  Clearly this is long gone, and the OFer is climbing the wall.  There’s no reason to mention the wall.  That’s something….GARE would do.

Verdict: Sterling.

Sorry Wayne, we had a good run. #TeamWayne

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