Sterling or Scully: Wayne calls a Dom Smith Home Run

Wayne is currently ranked #2 best play by play guy in New York Baseball, trailing only Howie Rose.

This call was off to a great start…..but then….well you’ll hear it…

A Dom Bomb? That’s the kind of stupid that comes out of the mouth of….John Sterling. Therefore there can be only one ruling here.

Verdict: Sterling

Hey Steve Cohen, it’s not cute, extend Lindor and Conforto

This is infuriating:

Breaking from his low profile of recent weeks, Mets owner Steve Cohen chimed in about the Francisco Lindor extension negotiations early Friday evening with a tweet: “What do you think Lindor will accept? I’m going to crowdsource the answer.” (via

Look man, I see you have everybody snowed with this notion that you’re this chill guy that’s cool on twitter and stuff but… about extending Lindor and Conforto?

I was promised a billionaire would solve all the problems of the Wilpons being cheap – and so far the wallet seems closed.  You probably make $300M on Friday when the Dow closed up 1.39%, so let’s stop fighting over $10M here and there with these guys and get this done.

How bad are the Orioles? MATT HARVEY is their #2 Starter LOL

Oh man Orioles you really must suck beyond belief of you have done zero homework.

You have yet to see Matt pitch with runners on base.  I feel bad for you because you have no idea how bad the meltdowns are and how quickly they come.

You get access to stats right?  Did Boras send you the REAL stats?  Did you not see 2020’s 11.57 ERA?  I know 2020 doesn’t count for some reason.  Did you not see 2019’s 7.09.

Look let me get Luke Skywalker in here to explain this to you….

I mean wow this is hilarious.

Happy Birthday Matt.

I am reminded that the Orioles were projected to have a ZERO chance at making the playoffs even BEFORE naming Matt Harvey their 2.  LOL.


Foolish Orioles have no idea how bad Matt Harvey is

Matt Harvey has made the Orioles’ rotation.

That’s great news for bloggers, but bad news for Orioles fans.

“When you start an All-Star Game and then you pitch in a World Series, I think the last thing you ever think of is how excited you’ll be to make a team again,” Harvey said. “I’d like to say it was a good early birthday present, and it’s probably one of the best I’ve had.”

“The big thing that Chris Holt likes to say is you should never look back and try and be just as good as you were before,” Harvey said. “He’s tried to emphasize that, with some new weapons, with smarter pitching, maybe I could be even better, at least strive to be better.

“In my mind, if I can prepare and make sure everything is lined up to be successful, then who knows what’s going to happen? … I’m not going to try and be as good as I was. I’m trying to be better. I think that’s what you’ll see on the mound.”  (Via Baltimore Sun)

That’s all nice.  But as followers of my blog know, Matt throws a lot of 380 fly balls.  In some parks those stay in…..and in some parks, like the one in Baltimore, those are going to sail out.

This is what your future looks like Orioles fans.

But home runs aside, here’s the one thing the Orioles really are missing.  Matt cannot pitch with a runner on base.  As soon as even one runner gets on he completely utterly melts down.

This spring he pitched a lot of clean innings.   So, sure, if he has 34 perfect games in him he will be awesome.  But I am telling you Orioles fans that as soon as one runner gets on you will want your bullpen up as fast as possible.

I’m sure the Orioles are all excited that Matt lasted 3 or 4 innings agains B squads…but I am warning you guys loud and clear…..he’s useless as a major league starter.

Happy Birthday Matt (tomorrow).