Mets Police Morning Laziness: Thor is in better shape than I am

If Matt Harvey did this instead of making burrito runs at 3am and watching hockey games…


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Mamba mentality

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SLACKISH REACTION:  Pay attention to the news stories coming out of China.  You can tell they are very worried about this Coronavirus.  It is scary.   Switch some of the city names and make up a headline like "the government has restricted travel to and from Tulsa" and it feels a lot more terrifying.   So this Mets stuff doesn't really matter.

But Mets stuff you want.

ESPN might dump Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza from Sunday Night baseball.  That would be good for the Mets because she would have more time to increase her contribution to the Baseball Operations Team that Wags spoke about on Friday.

The Mets did not acquire Marte.  Seems that the Pirates wanted prospects and all of ours play for the Mariners.

Is this really the latest photo on the GKR Instagram?  Do they not like the new manger? Did they not like Fan Fest?

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Welcome back @cbeltran15 #garykeithron

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: Somber morning


SLACKISH REACTION:  It feels serious this morning.  I think whether you are a fan of the NBA or not, a fan of the man or not, just hearing that someone like Kobe Bryant was suddenly gone was a shock to the system.  I know I don’t feel like being my usual smart-aleck self this morning.

A few Mets tweeted their reactions.

ICYMI I believe this is the Mets Spring Training cap.

ICYMI really good job by Raissman calling out the media.


Mets players reactions to the passing of Kobe Bryant

I think that’s how we all felt when we heard the shocking news.

Mets Morning Laziness: Number of things

Also Marinsick (remember him? Did I spell his name right? He gets 16 and Wacha gets 45.


This is probably the Mets 2020 Spring Training Cap.

The guys over at Van Hagar went to Fan Fest and I did not, so I will let you read their recap.

Seems like the event was really well done.  Congratulations to the Mets.  (I still think they did a lousy job promoting it).  Hopefully the Mets are happy with heir results and will make the Fest and annual bigger thing.

No word on Jon Matlack making the Mets HOF, but my original source there is his son and Jon standing outside Citi Field and Dan congratulating Jon on making the Hall. So that would be a weird thing to do all around – why would Jon Matlack randomly visit Citi Field in the winter? So I am sticking with this story even if it didn’t get announced yesterday.


This is almost definitely the 2020 Spring Training Mets Cap

I saw a Dodgers one like this yesterday, so I am pretty sure this is the 2020 Mets Spring Training Cap.  Spring Training Cap tip to Van Hagar for the lead.

I like this design and will buy a $25 low crown one. I will not buy a $45 high crown structured one because I am not Vanilla Ice.