David Wright played baseball Thursday night, how did he do? You’ll look

People were getting mad at me on twitter for saying DW wasn’t driving the ball.  You watch, you decide.


I also find it interesting we’ve reached the point where each individual at bat doesn’t get its own tweet.


Sterling or Scully: the Facebook guys hand in the three worst HR calls in the history of baseball

I’m out of town, but my man Nick looked out for me and sent these my way. As you know it was Facebook’s turn to air the games.

Here’s Scott Braun with the call…

There’s nothing wrong with it, it just kind of sucks. At least he didn’t Trackwall but….

Verdict: Sterling

OK surely a grand slam to cap a 10 run inning would lead to a good call…

Wow that sucked.

Verdict: Sterling

And wait til you hear this one…

Verdict: This is the worst home run in the history of the sport and Facebook Baseball Must Die

I hope the millennials enjoyed the game with all the cool comments and smiley face emojis or whatever the eff baseball did today. Holy S this sucked.

Game One of the Mets Doubleheader is on Facebook today

A reminder that MLB has placed game one of the doubleheader on Facebook only (NO TV).

Nobody like this.  NOBODY.  Not us old people.  Not the millennials. Not the Mets (except for the part where they get Facebook money). Not the people who pay cable subscriptions for SNY.  Not the people who pay MLB.TV for “every” game asterisk asterisk.

Be ready for terrible announcing and dumb-ass enjoy hearts scrolling up your screen.  This was awful last time, and I am glad I am too busy today to even attempt to interact with it.

Game two is on SNY.


The Virus!

Are you familiar with “Viris Guy?”   There’s someone on twitter who keeps creating accounts, and if you mention Jose Reyes this guy chimes in and says something along the lines of Reyes having ruined the Mets etc etc and almost always specifically calls the guy a Virus.

Virus Guy should send me some coins in the tip jar.

At some point this season I found the entire thing hilarious and started just calling #7 “The Virus” – and it seems to have caught on in a fun silly way, not the obsessed way Virus Guy does.

I a actually hoping that The Virus comes back next season only because I like typing The Virus.

Now don’t get me wrong, I NEVER liked The Virus as a player.  I didn’t even like him the first time when you guys thought he was someone from a Meat Loaf song.  the Jose of your dreams that would walk, steal three bases and then do a coordinated dance with Pedro Martinez.  I didn’t even like that guy – so believe me I don’t like the guy who ran out the door to the Marlins and then had some interesting domestic situation headlines I want no part of in life or on my team.

Anyway, I am not sure what the point of this article is/was other than I enjoy typing The Virus, and the whole thing makes me laugh, and I’m on an airplane today.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Keith makes news, Wayne better then 2018 Gare, Game 1 on Facebook today

Keith Hernandez is in the news…

New York Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez had no problem with the Miami Marlins seemingly intentionally hitting Atlanta Braves rookie Ronald Acuña Jr. with their first pitch Wednesday night.

“They’re killing you. You’ve lost three games. He’s hit three home runs. You gotta hit him,”

Interesting.  Again  I have to run to the airport so can’t deep dive on this one right now.  I have mixed thoughts.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I had other stuff to do.  By the time I got the game the score was 14-1 so I didn’t bother.  Wayne got to call some Home Runs!

David Wright played baseball again.  How did he do?  CLICKBAIT!!!

NOT LINKING:  The guys at the AAIMBR say the Mets need to DO SOMETHING about Alonso.

Doubleheader today:  Today’s first game is on Facebook.   Boooo.  Second one normal SNY.

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