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This article was written prior to last night’s game so it’s possible 300 million people watched last night.  Despite that possible outlier, your sport is dying.  Wake up.

Fox Sports is averaging 3.28 million viewers for the postseason so far, down 37 percent from 2017 — again, thanks in large part to the relative lack of major-market teams compared to a year ago. The average Nielsen market rank of the four cities in the AL Division Series last year — Boston, Houston, New York and Cleveland — was 9.25. For the National League this year (Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Denver and Atlanta) it’s 16, and the home markets encompass about 3.2 million fewer TV households.

Source: Baseball Playoff Ratings Are Down: Blame the Yankees and Cubs | Hollywood Reporter


The t-shirt guy says he has 10 new Mets Beanies even though it seems like 7

The t-shirt guy is coming out with new Mets Beanies.  The email said there were ten but I am counting seven, unless we are counting “youth” as a different design, which would be some Sandy Alderson level truthiness.   More on that below.  Did someone say “perfect off-season filler content” – yes I believe they did!

First up it’s the Banner Block Beanie

That’s nice.  I would be your friend if you wore that.   How about the Vintage Stripe

Too much.  Might be OK on a nice looking college age woman, but gonna look terrible on @mediagoon

How about the Wintry Pom?

That works.  Again, I’m getting a “better on a woman” vibe from these.  Hopefully some macho beanies are coming in this post.   Maybe the Chilled Cuff….

This one is giving me a Rangers vibe and that’s not good.  Not sure what’s happening with the block letter N E W Y O R K.  Hard pass.

On to the women’s collection, the Snowy Stripe looks nice


I like that one a lot.  How about the Cozy Cable?

Very nice.  I would date the heck out of the Mets fan in that except for the part where I’m like 50, fat and oh yeah married.  Next time.    Finally, we have the Jose Reyes of beanies, the Snowbank

Hard pass all around.   What’s even going on here?   This is an ugly beanie pretending to be Mets related by having the smallest possible NY on it.  Hard pass.  Unworthy of the t-shirt fashion line.  This makes the M cap look like the Mona Lisa.

Anyway back to there being “10” new caps….very Aldersonesque use of language….

That’s not TEN new designs that is seven.  Are we going to start saying EXCITING NEW THREE T-SHIRT DESIGNS DROP and then we find out it’s the same print but in S M and L?   No, we’re not.  This is not ten, this is seven.

Beanies available soon at The T-Shirt Guy’s Website and don’t forget all orders come with a sticker!

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Thor’s back, and I hate on your blog and bagel order

SLACKISH REACTION:   Baseball has a fighting chance to get some attention with Red Sox-Dodgers, a far more attractive matchup than the hell that would have been Brewers-Astros.

The first four games of the World Series are scheduled for 8:09pm which is horrific but not 9:09 horrific.  Next Sunday’s game starts at 8:15 because reasons.  I won’t watch any of it.

Good stuff from me yesterday, baseball has not had a memorable team in 14 seasons.  Think I am wrong?  Click!


We’ve covered this before but OMG we have to discuss it again.  You people really need to get your act together at the bagel store.  It just took me 35 minutes because you are all ordering Taylor Ham nonsense.  Here’s a recap of what to do….

  1.  There are no new flavors.  It’s the same ones as last week.  Next week will have the same ones.  We are maxed out on Bagel Technology.  In the unlikely event a new flavor is developed, there will be a sign.  Step away from the glass, your server is not giving you the “good” bagels because you are pointing.
  2. Go to the super market.  Buy yourself some butter.  Buy your self some Taylor Ham.  Buy yourself some bacon like my family does.  It is cheaper and you will cut down the line.
  3. Have your GD order together.  Here was mine, “Eight plain.”   See how easy that is?  Two words.  You put 8 bagels in a bag and I am done.

And you didn’t think I was gonna not write about video games, did you?  I am addicted to FIFA and chasing “coins.”   My kid is making fun of me.  Gotta buy packs lol.

I thought I would actually click on the crap on the other blogs today.  Maybe they have good stuff?  Let’s see…

The guys at the AAIMBR want us to know that Doug Melvin could be the Mets GM.  Let’s click….

Kristie Ackert spoke to a colleague of Melvin’s from the Brewers who said he’d actually be a good fit for the Mets, and is very open-minded about analytics.   (via AAIMBR)

So basically they do links.  Yawn.

The next AAIMBR has the Winter League result from 10/20.  Hey, at least that’s different.  Let’s take a look…

There was a lot of scoring in this game, but, the Mets players weren’t a part of it until the top of the ninth inning. After a lead-off single by Abraham Toro-Hernandez, Peter Alonso would absolutely destroy a 0-1 slider, pulling it over the left field wall for a two-run homer to give the Scorpions a 6-5 lead heading into the bottom half of the inning. (via AAIMBR)

OK that’s actually not that awful.  However the next story on their site is “Dodgers returning to World Series” so  even an infinite number of monkeys with type writers will accidentally write one OK blog post before devolving into score recaps.

Next at the other other AAIMBR we have “Playoff History: Jacon deGrom’s 2015 MLDS heroics” which sounds like worse filler than someone scraping the bottom of Lids looking for a cap to post.

When we think back to the 2015 postseason, many of us fast-forward to the World Series and the mistakes made there. However, there were many great performances by New York Mets players throughout the playoffs.  (via AAIMBR)

Is that not exciting?  My favorite part is the link under New York Mets which is probably some sort of SEO ranking Google trick that I am too stupid too learn.

So there ya have it.  When I do NOT LINKING every morning, that’s why.  Look how much time of yours I just wasted with just those excerpts.   Imagine if I had wasted your time with “What Jacob deGrom needs for another stellar year in 2019”


A dying sport: Baseball has not had a great memorable team since the 2004 Red Sox

As I mentioned in the Morning Laziness, I like that I can play as Classic Teams in NBA2K19.  Back in the day when Microleague Baseball was the thing to play, that too had lots of classic teams that were fun to use.  It would be enjoyable to play as the 27 Yankees, 55 Dodgers, 69 Mets, maybe a Big Red Machine or the 1980 Phillies (take a look at that roster!).

As I set up my custom NBA league I started thinking about what cool classic baseball teams would be good to play as……and……well I think it’s the same teams from 30 years ago.   Has baseball really not had any memorable teams since the 1980s?

Here’s the exercise.  You have a video game and you’re going to play as a classic team.  I know we’re all Mets fans around here but let’s not get crazy and start adding the 2006 Mets.

I’m going to use Wikipedia, you’re doing it from memory?

Any TEAMS coming to mind?  No, right?   You are maybe thinking we need to get some Barry Bonds (or Joe Young) in there, maybe some Griffey Jr….but TEAMS?   Almost nothing.  Let’s work backward…..

The Great Teams Of the 2010s:   I don’t think there are any.  With the Cubs in the rear view mirror now, is that a great team or just a one off?  Can you name any 2016 Cubs?  I can’t.  Some Royals teams?  Nah, I’ll put the George Brett one in my video game.  Random Giants teams?  Red Sox?   More on them in a second…

The Great Teams of the ’00s:  I dunno, I guess I could see the 2001 Diamondbacks being in a video game.  They were colorful and that was a memorable series.  Plus it gets Arizona into the game.    The 2004 Red Sox are one team that came to mind when I started this.  It checks a lot of boxes, so OK they are in.   I mean, are you really going to throw in the ’08 Phillies (no) or the ’05 White Sox (no).  And some of the teams that LOST WS?  I forgot about those Astros.  I forgot about those Tigers.  Wait, the Rockies played in the 2007 World Series?  They did?   Very forgettable.

So for the entire century the sport has had TWO memorable teams, and one of them is the 2001 Diamonbacks.  Go ahead and argue and tell me who else should be in there.

I feel like we should have Bonds in this game.  I of course couldn’t remember what year he hit whatever the home run record is now (73 in 2001, and I had to look it up a second time five second after looking it up).   So I dunno, maybe we stick the 2002 NL Champion Giants in the game just to have Bonds Joe Young, although can you really tell me anything about the 2002 Giants?

Maybe maybe we throw a bone to the 116 win 2001 Mariners, just to get Ichiro into our game.  But even if we add the Mariners and the 2002 Giants, we are still looking at nothing interesting in baseball since 2004.  That’s not good.

Go ahead, you have 19 season since and including 2000 to find some teams.  Go nuts.  I mean by 2008 look who we were touting on video game covers, what better proof do you need?  THIS was baseball’s biggest star?  Really?

The Great Teams of the 1990s:   well we all know Jeter is going in the game, so lets pick the 1998 Yankees.   We’ll want to get the Braves great pitchers in, so 1995 Braves.   And this is kinda pushing it, but hey let’s let Joe Carter’s 1993 Blue Jays in.   I’m trying to get Griffey in the game….but wow that’s tough…are we really going to put the 1997 Mariners, his MVP season and a 90 win team in the game?   I think we may have to but boy that’s weak.

Before that, it should be all memorable beats to you.   The Bash Brothers in Oakland.  The 1986 Mets.  Some speedy Cardinals teams.  Then back to the familiar beats of Reggie, The Big Red Machine, the Oakland run, the 69 Mets, the 61 Yankees….and so on……

A quick comparison to the NBA, and this I will do off the top of my head….there are very recent memorable teams:  Golden State anything, LeBron in Miami, LeBron in Cleveland, some Kobe Lakers teams, and I don’t even watch the sport.  I’m sure someone out there is screaming that I am not mentioning the Rockets or something….

Baseball in the last 15 years?  Great teams since 2004?   Name one.

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