Snazzy 2022 Queens Baseball Convention Poster

Tickets for the 2002 Queens Baseball Convention are now available.  Looks like they have stepped up their graphical game.   They didn’t send me any info so they probably have a website or something.

Mets’ Jeffrey Dahmer winning over fans with grand-slam!

Mets’ shortstop Jeffrey Dahmer hit a clutch grand slam in the seventh inning Tuesday night to lead the Mets to a 7-5 victory over the Brewers at American Family Field.

The 28 year old Dahmer has quickly become a fan favorite despite getting off to a rough start by eating 14 Mets fans in 2021.

Dahmer has put all that behind him, choosing to focus the pennant race, saying  “we have a long-term goal that started back in the spring.”

Many Mets fans feel the same way.  Twitter user @timmyLFGM42069 wrote “The guy apologized.  So he ate some fans.  Big deal.  He’s here for 13 seasons and is one of our team leaders.  Are you going to boo him forever? #LFGM”

After the game Dahmer planned to travel to Pennsylvania to attend a rally to re-elect President Trump.


#TheseMets have corny October shirts….but congratulations on being the 3rd Wild Card!

Get your snazzy postseason cap!



I often tell friends, family and coworkers to enjoy the good times, as they don’t always come – a sentiment any Mets fan can understand and appreciate.   So it’s nice to see the boys enjoy themselves, and good job by Buck fostering a team atmosphere.

I often say that many things can be true – and while it’s great to make the postseason, “October’ merchandise is lame, and clinching the third wild card isn’t quite like clinching the NL East in 1969.

So let’s look at the shirts, and this corny-as-hell #TheseMets hashtag….All I see is “DeezNuts” and all I think of is how one of These Mets, Lindor, booed the fans.

Here’s a nice moment ruined by Alonsic Vulgarity – which is why we must fight against such vulgarity, lest it spread into the culture.

If Matt Harvey was drinking after a game instead of getting a good night’s sleep to focus on winning the division, you guys would be mad at him.

Remembering John Stearns of the Mets (and one game with the Phillies)

So I did want to write about John Stearns. As I mentioned the other day, if you’re of a certain age, and that age is 50 something and your wife has interrupted you three times already as you have tried to type this sentence and now you’ve had to go outside to even complete a thought.  Oh wait, that’s not the sentiment I was going for…

..if you’re of a certain age, Stearns was one of your key Mets.  Guys like Mazzilli and Swan (the ERA leader!  Swan was as good as 78 Guidry, here’s the card to prove it!)

Stearns was one of those Mets that was actually good – except he was often hurt.  I remember circa 82-83 the joke was always about how he was about to come off then DL.  Incredibly, in 1984 a the 1977 Mets began to turn into the 1986 Mets, Stearns did somehow come back, appearing in 8 games.

Because we can never have anything nice in Queens, Stearns was not a life long Met.  There’s that annoying ONE GAME for the 1974 Phillies (Stearns came back in the McGraw deal)….but even @mediagoon doesn’t have a John Stearns Phillies jersey.

Stearns seems to come up on the “Could this guy manage the Mets” lists during the 2010’s, although I am not sure why.

His death is stunning.  None of us are 7 any more.  More and more of the things I liked about the Mets are now gone, replaced by awful things like Francisco Lindor who boos fans and black uniforms.

One of the nice things about having blogged since 2007 is I have a lot of old pieces I can dive into.  Here’s one from the SI Vault

This kid lived in every neighborhood. He was short and chubby, and when it came time to play ball, there was only one position for him. “You catch, Butter-ball,” the others would tell him. “Knock down the pitches, and if somebody tries to score, block the plate with your blubber.” Even if he made it to the big leagues, the kid carried with him a nickname such as Yogi, more suggestive of his low center of gravity than his skills.

….And in the National League, John Stearns of the Mets was basking in the afterglow of his 24th stolen base, the most ever by a National League catcher.