Vulgar Pete Alonso wants to be drunk as hell

This guy needs someone to get in his ear and make him study David Wright or Derek Jeter or Jacob deGrom (maybe he knows him) or someone like that. It’s like he studied Matt Harvey and decided, “I want to be that but less cultured.”

Beware regression to the mean Vulgar Pete. This town turns mighty quickly.

When you did win the WS Pete, maybe show up as a civilized person. Or ‘faced. Your call.


Seriously with this comment? Mets should half price everything!

I saw this on Facebook.

I have some questions.

Why now?  Are you upset that the 2019 Mets won 86 games?

HALF PRICE TICKETS:  Would you like them to do this right now?  If so, they probably haven’t budgeted for that and there will need to be cuts elsewhere.  Also, they have sold a lot of Full Price tickets, especially to season ticket holders, and I imagine those folks will be mad at the discounts.  I guess the Mets could consider your plan for 2021.

HALF PRICE FOOD AND BEVERAGES:  You will need to take this up with Aramark who handles that concession.

HALF PRICE FOR ALL MEMORABILIA:  You will need to take this up with several companies including Nike and New Era, but you may want to start with the Central Fund people.  While the Mets can charge whatever they want in a store they own (such as the Mets Shop at Citi Field) they do not control the league-wide pricing of things.  I guess under your plan the Mets would sell $110 jerseys for $55 and just take the loss on each jersey, because Nike is unlikely to sell Mets jerseys for $55.

HALF PRICE TO PARK:  You will need to take this up with the parking concessionaire.

But let me ask you something, why should the Mets do any of this?  Why do you deserve this?  Because you like watching baseball?

If they offer it at a price you like then consume it.  If not, then don’t.  I am not looking for Star Trek to sell me half price Blu-Rays because Discovery sucks.  I just don’t buy them.

Just don’t buy any of it.  Stay home.  I am not saying to boycott.  Just spend your money as you see fit.  If a $110 jersey makes you happy buy it.  If not, hope one goes on sale some day for $55 and buy it then.   We can’t make everything half price because you’re upset about what again – 86 wins?

Mets Police Morning Laziness: no A-Rod is not buying the Mets

SLACKISH REACTION:   No, A-Rod is not buying the Mets.   Just a silly headline to distract you.  There’s rich and then there is Wilpons Rich.  Sure he could put together an ownership group like Jeter did but just stop.

Oh by the way, Alex Rodriguez was suspended for the entire 2014 season.  I thought baseball didn’t like cheating, so I am not sure how A-Rod’s ownership group would get approved.

NOT LINKING:  The General Manager took a shot at Wheeler.  I hope Wheeler wins the Cy Young.  Mr. General Manager has shown himself to make bad judgement calls – that Cano/Diaz trade didn’t work out so well, not to mention the financial albatross it put on the franchise – and he of course went out of his way to call Carlos Beltran trustworthy….so Mr. GM should just keep quiet and stop saying stupid things like Come and Get Us.

I’m also not linking to Mickey Hodges says he has Mets PTSD.  We all have Mets PTSD.  Whatever.  The guy will be better off in the long not being part of this.

The Wags thing really got me thinking – if you were a Free Agent, why would you ever want to come to Queens.  If you want NEW YORK you go play for the Yankees and you just become part of their Pride And Tradition machine and hope to become the 33rd number retired.

If not, I dunno maybe you go play for Boston.  Or go hide out on the West Coast.  But why would you ever ever want to come to Queens where they bash you on the way out and even if you’re one of the all time greats they wait to honor you until you’re either dead or too old to appreciate it.