Vintage Mets jacket at Great Adventure in like 1976 or 1977

Here’s my cousin rocking a Mets jacket back at Great Adventure like 35 years ago.  My guess is this is 1976 or 1977.

Remember the olden times when this and a cap were the only kind of Mets gear you could even buy?  A custom jersey of whoever you wanted was completely unheard of….really it was only about 12 years ago when that became a thing unless you went to Cosby’s over by MSG and dropped some coin.

Japanese-ish (?) Mets jacket

One of the nice things about having blogged since the Aughts is that I can do rerun posts.  This one from November 2010.

Steve found this one…it is a “New York Mets wool jacket.”

Did the Mets used to play in Kyoto?   Is this from a Sliders universe where the Japanese won World War II?  Had the Japanese won WW2 wouldn’t that have increased the chances that the Giants stayed in NYC?   Maybe the Tokyo Giants forced the New York team to change their nickname?

Sadly the original 2010 link is no longer valid so I can’t tell you how to get one of these on your own.   Maybe the guys at The Ginza Line are selling them.

No the Mets are not going to sign 47 year old Bartolo Colon

Just because I post on my instagram that I want to have dinner with Evangeline Lilly doesn’t mean it’s happening.

Hector Gomez, an MLB reporter from the Dominican Republic, tweeted a video Wednesday and again late Thursday night of the 47-year-old Colon — whose nickname is “Big Sexy” — pitching off a mound while wearing a Mets t-shirt and showing off his superb control.

“Bartolo Colon wants to play one more year in MLB and retire with the Mets,”

(via NY Post)


Steve Cohen may bring back Mets black uniforms

On last night’s over-hyped and under-whelming Super Exclusive Interview With Mets Owner Steve Cohen, investigative reporter Steve Gelbs asked about Black Uniforms and that time Steve’s company gave the Feds $1.8B out of the goodness of its heart.

“I haven’t talked to the players about it. I want to make sure they would be into that. And maybe we do it on a night every once in a while or something, just to shake it up.”

So let me explain to where we are in the movie.  I see some of you running to me, and I’m the old guy ex-action hero in the film saying, “What do you want me to do about it?”  I’m done fighting over any of this – I told you, Dom Smith broke me when he went vulgar – and no longer care.

I was like you once …so completely blinded by duty and obligations that I couldn’t see anything past black uniforms. And in the end, what did it get me? An immature Polar Bear dropping Fs into everything and another decade with no championships.

If the new Billionaire that replaced the old Billionaire wants black uniforms hey whatever.  If he wants to turn the power over what his brand wears to a bunch of kids who think its fun to say F in the middle of LGM, who am I to say that they shouldn’t.

In a tweet, Pete Alonso once said…

“The black unis are the dopest! No cap. It would be a mentality and attitude. The orange and blue accents are like the city lights in the night sky. So many Mets greats wore the black. My only question is: why not?”

Pete himself is the dopest.

If you guys want to play 4 hour games with 15 relief pitchers while wearing black uniforms and chanting F in the middle of LGM…..who am I to say no.  My memories have already been made.  You guys go make your own.

My time has passed.  I’m happy here in the Nexus thinking about Tom Seaver walking in from Right Field on April 5, 1983 and all the other great memories I have.  It was fun.