Looks like the Syracuse Mets are having Snazzy Poster Day!!! Check them out!

These look sweet.  I think a local fan brand should extend into the Snazzy Poster business given they have a great eye for design!


Mets Police Morning Laziness: deGrom on IL, what else matters?

SLACKISH REACTION:  Well that’s not good.

I don’t know where I got that screen-grab but it looks like Jake wants The Genesis Device.

Robinson Cano had a smoking night and raised his OPS to .646!

Baseball doesn’t really expect me to watch it until midnight does it?  I did not.  10pm rule fellas.

Today the Mets are on WPIX.  As part of my cord-cutting I do not have WPIX (it’s not on YTTV because Sinclair Broadcasting is trapped in 1990.)  I could go down to Red-T’s but I’m just going to play video games instead.   I’m still not attached to this group of players at all.

Gio Gonzales switched from Boras to CAA -really- so I expect him here any minute.

THERE SHALL BE NO SECOND GUESSING OF THE DEGROM DEAL.   Anyone who writes that is doing some major bullshit revisionist history.  Besides, the Mets say he’s fine!

“IL” looks unnatural.  Can we just call it the DL and say the D stands for Injured?

The Cylcones have some sweet Grateful Dead jerseys.

Enjoy Flexen Day.

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