Made up Mets Game Notes for May 15th vs. Rays

The Mets use two different email distribution lists, one of which I am not on (and I believe none of the bloggers are (or at least most aren’t.  Mathematically, so many people write for Metsmerized that someone statically would accidentally be on the list).

But I don’t need their help.

PETE ALONSO is zero for his last four.  Pete has a four at bat strikeout streak.   Pete’s team leading five home runs ties tom for 70th best in The Major League Baseball.

DREW SMITH will make today’s start because some idiots let Jason deGrom throw 100 oil March.  Then the same idiots let him pitch twice with various soreness.

Today’s forecast in Metro NYC calls for temps in the 70s and mostly sunny so if you sit inside watching a Mets-Rays game you are insane.

That’s it for notes.  If the Mets don’t care, I don’t care either.

Mets – Rays game notes for May 14th on which Pete Alonso has 5 home runs

Vulgar Pete Alonso comes into tonight’s game tied for 67th in MLB with FIVE home runs.  He leads the team.  In 2019 Pete finished May with 19 home runs.  Pete is on pace to hit roughly 27 home runs this season, an Ike Davis like season.

But what really matters is Pete’s defense, as guys named Tim are all about Defensive Runs Saved.   Yesterday, MLB changed an official ruling for the May 6th game between the Mets and Cardinals…In the bottom of the ninth, there were runners on first and second with one out…During Paul Goldschmidt’s at-bat, Pete Alonso was originally charged with a dropped fly error in foul territory…That has since been changed to no-play.

New York is 9-2 in May…The .818 winning percentage this month is tied for the best in the majors with Cleveland (also, 9-2)…New York’s .350 OBP this month is the third-highest in the majors behind the Dodgers (.364) and Tigers (.358)…The team’s nine wins in May matched their April total.  Comedians ae said to be canceling tours so that they can sit with the t-shirt people, at least until the next four game losing streak.

The Mets did not make any roster moves, thus Media Goon did not go to Modell’s and did not buy any jerseys.

Pete Alonso | INF | .259, 5 HR, 17 RBI, 0 SB

Francisco Lindor | INF | .202, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 2 SB

Soon to be booed James McCann | C | .200, 1 HR, 7 RBI, 0 SB

Dominic Smith | INF/OF | .250, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 0 SB


Matt Harvey: The Man Who Fell To Earth

This is a great watch. Really compelling. It’s the story of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and now realizes what he has lost. I hope Matt finds peace and has people that love him, but I do not feel bad for him. He went on late night TV bragging bout threesomes and made $11 million from the Angels. His life is not one of tragedy. Watch…

Noah Syndergaard on Baseball Beefs, and eating hearts and livers


Noah Syndergaard spoke to GQ (If Matt Harvey did that…) and discussed baseball trash talking.

It’s fun, but we’re also competitive beings competing at the highest level. So we’re always looking for a way to get the edge on our competition, whether it’s to distract him in some form or fashion. But I think it’s great for baseball, and I think the fans really enjoy it. It’s exciting. People are able to see both of our personalities. I think baseball has gotten soft, too. I think there should be some more shit-talking. I agree with what Bauer recently said: [about the celebration], he gave up two home runs to Tatis, and Tatis heckled him pretty good. I think that’s awesome. I agree with Bauer, that does not warrant somebody to get thrown at.

Do you have beef with Bauer?

No, I wouldn’t really call it beef. I wouldn’t put too much effort into that.

Thor also discussed eating hearts and livers.  Interesting read.

Matt Harvey pitched against the Mets! How’d he do? You’ll look!

The Dark Knight always returns, it is kind of his thing, and today The Real Deal, formerly projected-as-a-third-starter Matt Harvey returned to Citi Field to face the Mets.

If you are not familiar with Matt Harvey, imagine Tom Seaver with Jon Hamm’s looks.  Now take that fantasy and make him the greatest pitcher anyone has ever seen.  Congratulations, you’re in the Mets media.  Now, open your eyes and realize he’s just a working stiff who takes the bus to work for a team that had a ZERO POINT ZERO chance of making the playoffs this year according to some website.  That’s Matt Harvey.

Pitchers with career records of 47 and 54 and an ERA of 4.12 do not get to date supermodels, and do not get invited on Late Night TV. One wonders if Matt got a good night’s sleep or if he visited his old favorite burrito stand, you know, the one that caused him to stay out late that one time and the Mets had to send security to his house and the Mets Beat just accepted the story. But that’s all in the past because it’s Bat-Time!

Here’s Matt long tossing where he belongs…in front of a cluttered-with-advertising outfield fence in Queens.

And Matt of course knows the importance of stretching!

Matt warmed up….

Fans gave Matt a standing ovation….

…and you can’t even see the netting!

And it’s on to the first inning.   Let’s catch everyone up on how Matt has done since he left Queens.

Look at this beautiful screen grab!

And as predicted by the World’s Foremost Matt Harvey Expert, it’s a 1-2-3 for Matt Harvey!

On to the second and look who is AT BAT!

And Matt does his best Pete Alonso impression…sit down son.

But Matt is looking handsome.

Vulgar Pete leads off the second and UH OH…

Pete doubles. Dom Singles.  Then…

It’s a triple.  Then a single.  And it’s 3-0!

Matt held the fort there and we’re on to the third…but first, here’s the face of a man who looks stunned.

Lindor leads off the 3rd with a single.  Uh oh.

Conforto hit one of those 385 foot fly outs.

And so does Vulgar Pete

Lindor steals second and Dom knocks him in.  Matt’s face tells the story.

And through three Matt is at 51 or 52 pitches.

In the 4th, a nice say 1-2-3 with two Ks for TDK.  Sit down son.

Would this be the last we ever see of Matt Harvey at Citi Field as an active player?  You can’t even see the netting!

It is nice out…will the Orioles do me a favor and hook Matt so I can go outside and do something else?   No, they are jerks and let Matt bat.  Boooo.  On to the 5th where Matt will face the order for the third time. Uh oh.

And Joan Jett is at the game!  Really.

Villar starts the inning with a single.  We all know how this is going to go, don’t we?

Matt throws over to first base three times in a row, but Villar steals second anyway.

Lindor flies out to the track (another 385 foot out) and Villar advances.

Vulgar Pete steps in…the 3-2 is..high….and Matt knows he’s doomed.

And that’s it for Matt.  Going…



Dom Smith doubles to knock in the 6th run charged to Matt.  And the 7th comes in as well on an infield hit.

The final line… 4 and a third.   SEVEN runs, all earned.  EIGHT hits. A walk and four strikeouts.

What we learned was You Can’t Go Home Again.  The Matt Harvey that appeared today was Today’s Matt Harvey.  Sometimes OK, sometimes not.   The Orioles are off tomorrow, maybe Matt can hang out with the family and his burrito buddies tonight before catching up with the team.  The Orioles play Matt’s favorite team, the Yankees, in Baltimore on Friday.

If you are new to the Matt Harvey recap posts, I do this for every start.  Major leagues, minor leagues, spring training.  See you next Bat-Time, same Bat-Blog.