Patrick Mahomes (the QB not the Mets pitcher) shagging flies at Shea Stadium? You’ll look

Kinda fun.  His dad was a Met you know.

Like how I worked in a Chiefs hat?

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Mets announce 6 more bobblehead giveaways

Had a good conversation with The Mets Executives at QBC19 yesterday.

One of the items that came up that I hadn’t previously known about was the Lyin’ Todd Frazier WWE bobblehead (sad), which may not actually be the name of it but Todd Frazier and WWE are involved.

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: Syndergaard says let’s take this outside

SLACKISH REACTION: Another long night as I fight off The Virus.  Wish I could stay in bed today but I do have to head into NYC for Important Family Thing.  I imagine everyone involved with the QBC is exhausted.  I really want to sing the praises of the volunteers who gave up their day (and a few pre-meetings) and don’t even really get to take part in the fun.

Here’s my quickie QBC recap from last night.

Also, the Mets will not be doing Mercury Mets this season on-field.

Plenty to come over the rest of the holiday weekend….

STAR TREK DISCOVERY S2E1:  I seriously said “I hate her” several times out loud.  There’s a wonderful supporting cast trapped behind a bad lead and a bad  plot (again).  The move appears to be to just to the Captain Pike show (can we say CHARISMA) and might as well transfer Saru, Tilly and a few others over to the 1701.  And I forgot they are bringing Girorgiou back so they can gave two bad leads.

I have not yet seen this week’s Orville, which as you know is better at Star Trek than Star Trek.

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The Mets will not be doing an on-field Mercury Mets event in 2019

I will do a full recap of the Meet The Mets Executives panel sometime tomorrow, but I do want to share a quick nugget.

I asked if the Mets would be doing anything for the 20th Anniversary of the Mercury Mets.  Mark Fine, the Mets executive director of marketing, said they will not, although they may do some stuff on social media.

I then asked Will Carafello, the Mets Sr. Director of Social Media, and the poor soul who has to deal with me being annoying on twitter, if there was any amount of nagging I could do to get the Mets to do this.  Unfortunately, the answer is no.

I do think the fans will do something….I’ll see if I can The T-Shirt Guy to throw some weight at this.   Oh well.

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Queens Baseball Convention 2019 Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap of the QBC – I had actually called out sick this  morning at 5am, before rallying and making it thru on coffee and more coffee, but now that I am home The Virus has me again – so here’s a quick recap.

We (is it we?  I am one of the founders but in no way contributed at all to the creation or work that went into this year’s event although I did moderate too panels) – anyway “We” got a shoutout from my man Wags!

That was kinda cool to be honest. Thanks Wags!

I’ll warn you right now that QBC20 is going to sell out and it’s going to sell out quickly.  This was the line about 45 minutes before the doors opened.

The place was PACKED, so even though I had QBC Elite Access I had to take photos from the back.

There’s Ed Kranepool.  One of the random things about QBC is you might find that the guy at the next urinal actually is Ed Kranepool, hashtag too much information.


I did not see Darryl Strawberry in the men’s room but I did see him NEAR the men’s room.  Hashtag too much information.

I did not see Edgardo Alfonzo in nor near the men’s room.


Great job by Keith @mediagoon Blacknick and Dan @dtwohig Twohig on their superior organizational skills. Big high five to the volunteers.

Thanks to my guests on the Meet the Mets Execs panel and the Uniform panel. I will recap those tomorrow when hopefully I have gotten rid of The Virus.

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