Porter-gate to be Uncle Steve’s first Mets circus!

Some things never change. I’m in my house 23/7 (I do go get coffee) but this morning have to go do other things and the Mets decide to reopen the circus. So let me leave this here for you and we can catch up later.

Thanks to @mediagoon for having me wake up to this.

Welcome to the circus Uncle Steve

How will the Mets manage without Porter? Sandy might have to make all the decisions himself! Oh wait.

Mets Burger Shirt…..for Women!

What is even happening here?  Thanks to Matthew for sending this over!

Off-season filler?  Off-season filler.  It’s not like Uncle Steve is signing anyone.  I guess it’s Lindor and Carrasco and put your feet up.  I want ALL the players Uncle Steve, except Trevor Bauer who will be a great Yankee.

A place for your Mets toiletries

This is very underwhelming.  Also, must we slap a Mets logo on EVERYTHING in the world?

Whenever you are on the go, you need to store your toiletries in style. This two-piece travel set features two clear bags that feature the New York Mets logo on the front and are perfect for showcasing your fandom. Each of these New York Mets bags comes with ample space to keep your things organized, and they’re the perfect things to take with you on a trip.