.@Mets fans report very very long lines and annoying security at Citi Field cc@MLB

So I have been wondering if the Mets are aware of an elevated threat…..now I am really wondering…

And so on and so on…..do a twitter search for “mets lines”

But lets get to the real question: WHY are the Mets doing this?


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Howie kills MLB, Sammy rips off blog

SLACKISH REACTION:  So look at that crowd man.  The Mets are really hitting the ball, home runs flying over the wall but nobody is coming down to see the FMETS.

Baseball added a second Wild Card to extend the Fringe Playoffs.  People should be excited!  The Mets are 2 games out of the Wild Card!  Look at all the Home Runs that MLB wants you to look at!    And yet….21,856 paid.

STOP EVERYTHING AND LISTEN TO THIS:  Howie Rose killed MLB over the caps thing. And very interesting that MLB/Torre is not gonna fine the Mets.

THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO BLOG:   you know I call that other site “Van Hagar” – look at this post, it’s a total cover version of my site!!!  Greta Van Fleet even thinks this is unoriginal!!!!  Anyway I didn’t read it as it was like looking in a mirror and seeing Sammy Hagar staring back.  But hey, the Red Blogger learned from the best and he has information about a Mets survey.

NOT LINKING:  The Mets need to play well against the Dodgers articles.

Gil Must Go: Koosman over Kiner any day

I was not looking forward to the Pirates series because  I am so sick of Kiner talking about his time in Pittsburgh.  I get it Ralph, you were pretty good and you went on a date with Marilyn Monroe….can you just call the game?

And Gil sure likes to make things challenging for Koosman.  I love this lineup: Jim Gosger in LF?  Seriously?  Bobby Fell at 3B??   Come on man.

But Jerry doesn’t care.  Jerry is the Ace of this staff as I told yo u all summer, and The Math is coming around.  JK picks up his 13th win and a CG shoutout because he’s The Man.  Tell the Bumper Sticker Guy to stop with the Seaver hype and get me some cool Kooz merch for the Ford Falcon.

Mets win 1-0.  Jerry says thanks for all the help.

Cubs won as well.  I cannot believe I am scoreboard watching.  Haven’t done this since ’54.