Matt Harvey to IL. Season over? (Probably) Career over? (Probably not)

Oh no, Matt Harvey is being parked on the IL so we can look at some other players totally injured!

He’s a Major League pitcher, I bet his knee is always kinda inflamed. But sometimes you just want to look at other players.

Matt wasn’t great, but he showed enough that someone will give him a job in 2022. I look forward to seeing him again next year.

He’s thrown over 100 more innings than last year’s 11 and change….and 10 days takes to September 19th so I don’t see any reason to run him out there agin.

Go enjoy the spoils of war Mets. See ya next year.

Matt Harvey pitched against the Royals. How did he do? You’ll look

Happy Harvey Day muchachas, but might Harvey Days be coming to an end?

“We’ve gone start-to-start with Harvey here for the last four or five starts,” manager Brandon Hyde said Tuesday. “I think this is his 28th start of the year. So, anything he’s given us the second half has been a bonus. He’s taken the ball every fifth day. Past couple of years, not pitching much to doing what he’s done this year has been amazing. And so he’ll start tomorrow, and then we’ll reevaluate after that.” (via Baltimore Sun)

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Now as the world’s foremost Matt Harvey Expert – he’s been better than those numbers look.  Sure he’s been audio in some games (say vs. the Mets) but the real thing is that Brandon Hyde never managed to figure out how to manage Harvey.

If you’re an avid Harvey Watcher like me, you can see the meltdowns coming.  The Orioles should bring Matt back and hire me to be Harvey Danger Man – I could just let the manger know when it’s time for Matt to get out of dodge.

He tends to be good for three innings – I am not sure a Three Inning Opener is a thing, but maybe in the age of 7 inning baseball it could be.

Anyway, it’s Matt’s 28th start, which is kind of impressive.  The announcers also mentioned his ERA has been under 4 in the second half.

Let’s look at the crowd…Harvey Day is not the draw it once was…

The first inning was kind of boring…but a single, a fielder’s choice and a single led to a run.  But it was so boring I didn’t even snap a shot of Annoyed Matt.  1-0 Royals.

The second was also kind of boring but we get out first Matt Harvey walks to the dugout shot.


“He’s incredible, honestly,” Orioles ace John Means said. “He’s taught me a lot in how to push through some things. He’s dealing with what’s going on with him right now, and just pushing through it and starting and making a start every five days. It’s incredible to see what he’s doing, going to the bullpen and doing everything right and never coming to the field complaining.

“The man was on top of the world for three years, four years, and completely fell off. And he’ll tell you that. And to have the demeanor that he has still is absolutely incredible — the mental capacity that he has. To have struggled early on in the season and to pitch really, really well this second half, it’s been crazy.” (via Baltimore Sun)

On to the third…the Royals get a lead off single.  This is where the Orioles need me.  Brandon, get someone up.  I know it sounds crazy but get someone up.

The runner steals second…but then we have stupid replay and the runner was off for a nanosecond and baseball is stupid so one out.  But then…

It’s a double.  And the double is on Matt but then the runner steals third and this Keystone Kops nonsense happened….

and this face says it all.

2-0 Royals after 3.   Come on defense, the guy is pitching for his life and he doesn’t boo his own fans.  We gotta back The Dark Knight Up at least a little!

In the 4th, a leadoff double..

…that’s the 6 hits and we’ve seen some doubles….but The Dark Knight is not rattled and gets the next three guys out.

This game is really dragging but it is killing time while I run some reports for my gig at Universal Exports.   In the 5th it’s another lead off hit and Matt continues to walk the tight-rope.  Then another hit and it’s time for a discussion with runners on the corners.

Hopefully that was some good advice…..

That knocks in a run.   Then Hyde asks for an intentional walk and that’s it for TDK.

There IS a chance that’s the last we see of Matt Harvey.

I do think the Orioles will roll him out there some more, it’s not like they have other options.  (BTW this is the 4th most innings Matt has thrown in his career!)   I also think he will get a job in 2022.  If nothing else, he will eat innings for you.

4 and a third.  4 runs, three earned.  2 Ks and the one intentional walk.

Enjoy your night Matt.  If nothing else, you don’t boo your own fans.

Mets announce details for 9/11 ceremony

The Mets would like you to know Donald Trump Supporter Mike Piazza will be taking part in the 9/11 ceremonies.

At least they are finally going to wear the caps.

Ceremony To Begin at 7 PM

FLUSHING, N.Y., September 8, 2021 – The New York Mets today announced ceremonial details surrounding this Saturday’s 20th anniversary remembrance of 9/11. The club will wear first responder caps during batting practice and the game on September 11 vs. the Yankees. Caps from the FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority Police Department, Department of Sanitation and Department of Correction will all be represented to commemorate their bravery and sacrifice.

The two New York managers from the 2001 season will participate in the ceremonial first pitch – Bobby Valentine will throw to Joe Torre. Over 14 former Mets coaches and players from the 2001 team are expected to attend the game, including Hall of Famer Mike Piazza. Piazza hit the go-ahead home run on September 21, 2001 vs. Atlanta at Shea Stadium in what was the first sporting event in New York City following the attacks.

Organizations represented on the field during the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 will be Tuesday’s Children, The Visionary Network from the 9/11 Museum, Answer the Call – New York Police and Fire Widows’ & Children Benefit Fund, which was created by Rusty Staub, The Feel Good Foundation, helping those suffering from 9/11 related illnesses and Mets employees who lost loved ones on 9/11 and those who worked tirelessly at Shea Stadium to aid the support effort.

First responders will be joined on the field with the FDNY honor guard, NYPD honor guard, PAPD pipe & drum and honor guard, DSNY pipe & drum and honor guard, OEM, Department of Corrections and Supreme Court Officers.

Performances Include:

America the Beautiful – 17-year-old New York Jazz recording artist Anaïs Reno
National Anthem – NYPD Cops and Kids Chorus
God Bless America – FDNY Firefighter Regina Wilson

The Mets are encouraging fans to take mass transit to Citi Field during the entire Yankees series. The Citi Field parking lots will open at 4:10 pm on Saturday and all ballpark gates will open at 5:10 pm.

In addition, the Mets Virtual Vault has an extensive collection of videos, photos and stories over the last 20 years commemorating the team’s connection to 9/11 and can be found at