Gil Must Go: Gary G and Ryan shut out the Orioles

Is Jim Palmer even good?  I don’t watch any American League baseball and really hadn’t heard much about the guy but he did not impress me today.

But boy, if Palmer is gonna pitch like that even Gil Hodges couldn’t mess this up.

But hey Gary G has been the 2 starter all year, and today was no different.  Gary and Reliable Ryan coming out the pen like usual…a 5-0 cruise and suddenly the Mets are up 2-1 in the World Series.  

Let’s hope Mr. Terrific shows up tomorrow.  Then we’d be up 3-1 with Jerry to close it out.  But first we gotta see what Tom’s made of.


Oh look, Baseball (which died this summer) had lousy ratings

Here’s a really good read about the RSN’s baseball ratings.

Yes the Cardinals are still #1 but let’s totally ignore how they are down 34% since 2015.  Let’s also ignore that the Yankees are down.

Overall, MLB’s RSN ratings essentially were flat, dropping just 1%. Fourteen of the league’s 29 U.S.-based clubs posted increases; 15 were down. The Toronto Blue Jays’ viewership numbers were not available.

I won’t do a Baseball is Dying take here because Baseball Has Died and the Baseball Mafia just doesn’t realize it yet.  It’s great that the Padres ratings are up, and not problematic at all about the Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals.  Not at all.  Go Padres!

The article did not comment on SNY’s ratings, but I am sure is SNY had a good year they will let us all know.

Baseball is healthy and more popular than ever!  Stop being So Negative!   Kids love baseball.

Bank of America gets into the exclusive Mets t-shirt game

T-Shirts for everyone!

Our old pal @ceetar took a break from drinking snobby beer to shoot me a note asking me if I had seen these Exclusive Bank Of America MLB tees.  I had not.  He was kind enough to send me the Mets one.

Sources tell me that @mediagoon is driving all over Queens looking for a Bank of America.  Wait until the remembers it’s Columbus Day and the banks are closed.  Wait, why are banks closed again?

Anyway Goon if you’re on Queens Blvd pop into Knish Knosh III and get me two potato, hot.  Thanks!

(This post is so much better than recapping Ruben Tejada’s season)

The more I think about it the more I think that Jeff Wilpon and the Mets fired the wrong guy

Hi Jeff,

I think once again you blew it.

Here’s what Wags got right in 2019:  J.D. Davis.

We all mocked J.D. Davis but it was a great signing.  J.D. had a great year.  I tip my cap to you.

Other than that?  What did Wags do?  Mortgage the future? Twice.  Bring in albatross contracts?

Bring in the underperforming 2B, who had he not existed would have made McNeil an everyday IFer and probably even more ABs for J.D. Davis.

The more and more I think about this, I think it was crazy to fire Mickey after that second half.

Fire him after 2018? Sure!

Fire him in June 2019?  Sure!

Fire him after the team played hard for him?  With a good clubhouse?   While juggling playing time for everyone?    Why?

I was no fan of Mickey Hodges, but hey at least now he’s experienced and the team seems to play hard for him.  Why change it now?

OK so the manager got mad at one of the Tims one day.  We all lose our cool.  It happens.   Is this why we ran Mickey out of town?  Who has your ear Jeff?

But Jeff, the damage is done because you let Wags con you again.  The wrong guy took the fall.

Now, it’s time to stop pussyfooting round and just hire Girardi.  Stop trying to get cute with out of the box thinking.  There’s no reason to take two steps back to an inexperienced manager.  Just get Joe in here and put a professional face on things, and if the beat doesn’t find the guy warm and fuzzy they can go hose themselves.

Also Jeff, keep in mind that this same beat that has your ear will take jobs covering the Yankees and then air all their dirty laundry.  Why listen to them?  Why do you trust this GM?

You fired the wrong guy.  Now hire the right guy.


Scully, do you her wonder why the Mets suddenly decided to retire Koosman’s number on a Tuesday afternoon and make Mickey change his number for a few days?  Why couldn’t that have waited Scully?

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets still still still looking for manager

SLACKISH REACTION:  The alarm clock goes off, there is no Mets news other than random manager speculation.

You probably saw where Inexperienced Carlos Beltran wants to manage the Mets because he really likes baseball or some reason like that.  I am convinced the Mets are going to blow this and try to get too cute and follow up the inexperienced manager with an inexperienced manager.  Just get Girardi in here and let him be a douche to the baseball writers who seem to be poisoning him in Jeff’s ear.  Jeff don’t overthink this one.  Go chalk.

NOT LINKING: The AAIMBR actually handed in a review of Ruben Tejada’s season.

As I wrote last night, this Seaver thing was the most disappointing thing since the actual 2019 Mets (and until the new bad-pick manager).  I don’t know who the audience was – baseball fans who wanted to learn more about a guy who retired 33 years ago but who also weren’t aware about the Giants and Dodgers moving to the West Coast and that being the origin of the Mets existing?  I mean WTF Ed Burns.  Bad Doc.   SNY could have done better!