JoeFreshgoods Mets cap

This exists for some reason.  I have a similar colored hat, except my NY is blue which pops better on this base….and mine doesn’t have squiggles on the side.

I need to write about Stearns, and I have some thoughts about Citi Field, but been swamped with a mission for MI-6.  Maybe tomorrow…

Mets catcher John Stearns has died


Wow saw the news this morning, and its so sad.

If you’re a Mets fan of a certain age – and that age is 50 something – John Stearns meant a lot to you (and me) as he was one of the bright spots in some dark years and a heck of a player.

I’ll collect some thoughts about John and post for real about this at some point, but I have been going a million miles an hour all day and realized I never posted anything, and didn’t want to not mention John.


Mets announce Sandy Alderson “transition” – note the time, and note the “Mets owners Steve and Alex Cohen” mentions

The Mets do a lot more post 6pm releases than before.   6:10pm is a weird time to announce things.  It suggests that either this is sort of surprise or last minute, or more likely that Steve approves everything and he can’t be bothered with Mets crap when the stock market is open, and probably has some rule where he spends time with the family before he looks at Mets nonsense, so the Communications people sit around for hours waiting for him to approve it.  If you’ve ever worked at a Big Company you know this happens.


…also notice the reference to Mets “owners Steve and Alex Cohen” which is an interesting development as well.  The MSM will gloss over that, but that’s why you have me.



FLUSHING, N.Y., September 15, 2022 – The New York Mets announced today that Sandy Alderson will step down as President at the conclusion of a search for his successor. At that time, Alderson will shift to a new role as special advisor to owners Steve and Alex Cohen and the senior leadership team.

“When I asked Sandy to come back to the team, it was for a defined period of time and with a specific mandate – revive our culture and this iconic franchise for our fans, partners and employees,” Mets Owner, Chairman and CEO Steve Cohen said. “Sandy has done those very things and more and we have begun a search for his successor. When we find that person, I have asked Sandy to continue in a new role as special advisor to me and the senior leadership team.”

“For me personally and for the organization, it’s the right time for this transition,” Alderson said. “We are having a successful season, we have made several key additions to our senior leadership team and we have built a strong and forward-thinking culture. When the time comes, I am looking forward to continuing to support Steve, Alex and the organization in a new role.”


Mr. and Mrs. Met with whatever the Islanders Dragon is called

I used to know what the Dragon was called…and isn’t he really the Arena team’s Dragon anyway?   Whatever.

Look I know those 4 cups were might impressive but it’s starting to be a lonnnnnnng time ago now…I mean even those losers the Mets have won more recently.


His name is Sparky.  Made ya look.

Maybe there is a good House of the Dragon parody to be done here featuring mascots.  Like we could have a king from another realm try to steal Mrs. Met, but Mister has Dragons on his side and there’s lots of nudity and violence…..

R.A. Dickey added to 2022 Queens Baseball Convention lineup, joining Bartolo Colon and Howard Johnson.

Good news, I don’t have to think of anything to post today because the Queens Baseball Convention says..

We like to announce that we have acquired the services of a CY YOUNG winning pitcher named RA DICKEY for QBC 2022: Bringing Sexy Back.

Saturday Dec 3rd 2022 at Four Points by Sheraton in Flushing Queens.

Tickets go on sale on September 22nd 2022.

Coming from out of town to come to the QBC? Well, since we are in a hotel for the QBC, we were able to work out a deal on rooms for you fine folks. Click here to reserve your room.

Dickey joins the previously announced Bartolo Colon and Howard Johnson.

Tickets available here.