Congrats to Thunder Pete Alonso, your NL Player of the Week

Nice week for Thunder Pete!


Mets Press Conference Recap: Mickey Callaway says he apologized (updated)

First, Wags came out and spoke.  He was pretty good.

He told us that both Mickey and Vargas were fined.

He reiterated that he continues to have the same confidence in Mickey (Mickey Watch Watch).

Then SNY cut away while the reporters were asking questions which is SO ANNOYING.

Mickey came out and DID NOT APOLOGIZE


The media followed up and asked if Mickey apologized and he did not say that he apologized and came some sort of answer about private conversations.

Mickey used a lot of language about sides of stories….and a lot of language about controlling how he reacts to things.  This is not an apology at all.

Then some more words about what a competitor Mickey is etc.

No Apology.  Very interesting.


JDG came out and said they decided to have one player speak on behalf of all.  Nice to see JDG act as the non-titled Captain.  Todd Zeile just used that word on TV as I type.

UPDATED 6:52pm:  Mickey called the reporters back in to say that he did apologize to Tim.  I don’t know what it’s anyone’s heart but seems the public reaction to the non-apology didn’t go over too well.

Mets are selling $15 Field Level seats but let’s not accept the lie that those are 1969 Prices

Update: The Mets have informed me that this is 1969 World Series Pricing.  Thanks Mets!  Original post below.


The Mets have a nice sale on Sunday for the (stupid) night game.  However, to suggest these are 1969 Prices is silly.

Mets will officially change address of Citi Field to 41 Seaver Way

On Thursday, The New York Mets and the City of New York will honor Hall of Famer Tom Seaver by changing the address of Citi Field to 41 Seaver Way as well as renaming the street between Northern Blvd. and Roosevelt Ave. to Seaver Way.

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, Members of the 1969 team – Jerry Koosman, Cleon Jones, Ron Swoboda plus Tom Seaver’s children and grandchildren are expected to attend the ceremony.

This is good.  Also a shame Tom couldn’t be there, which is why they should have done a statue 11 years ago but we don’t have a time machine, so let’s do what we can with the time we have.


The Day After: good recap of The Callaway Incident and some of the after-comments

The Washington Post has the best recap of the Callaway Incident that I have read so far, and is definitely worth your click to see some of the comments by Tim Healy.

“I was in no way trying to be aggressive or antagonistic or anything. At that point in the day, I want to talk to Diaz and then leave, you know? What’s the point in me trying to pick a fight?” (via Washington Post)

Now in that article is a weird tweet from Mike Puma of the New York Post in which Puma says “possible that Mickey Callaway is trying to get fired.”  That’s a heck of a thing to mention in a tweet.   The language chosen is very Aldersonesque and makes me wonder if it is possible that Mike Puma is trying to get fired.  That is conceivable to me.  Sandy taught me how to parse language well.  Perhaps Puma wrote more in the newspaper, but that’s some bomb to throw in a tweet.

UPDATE:  a friend has pointed me toward Mike’s comments on the radio where he elaborates more.  It still sounds speculative to my ear but hey, let’s hear from Mike himself..

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