Mets Police Morning Laziness: Captain America Returns…wait what? Yeah really.

This undershirt matches teammates and is not in violation.

David Wright is going to play for PSL today!!!!    That is truly amazing.  Unfortunately I think Gare nailed it – there are only three weeks left in the minor league season so if DW is going to give it a try he has to try now, there’s no more rope.  I kind of expect the same as what we saw last year, where he gives it a try and shuts it down.  I realllllly hope I am wrong, not just so we can have David Wright back but also I’d love to see Todd Block Frazier on the bench.  I’m at war with Todd until he unblocks me.  I mean even Matt Harvey never blocked me.  Speaking of whom…

Matt Harvey looked pretty good Saturday night.  Be sure to check out the always popular Harvey Days recap.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Baseball is horrific. I lasted 8 innings.  I was able too cope while I was ADDing on Harvey Days, the related blog post, the Mets game, twitter, and reading reddit…but once that slowed down to just watching Mets vs. Marlins my thumb hit that DVR button.  The Mets lost in 11 innings but do you really even care?  This is just garbage baseball, although I am kind of into Oswalt because I tend to root for the non-obvious players.

They should give Oswalt a turn every 5th day and let Vargas be an old style lonnnng relief guy.  6 man rotations are as open as everything else the millennials have introduced to baseball.

Todd Frazier, who is from New Jersey and once played in the LLWS raised his OPS to .669

NOT LINKING:  Devin Mesarco is fighting for a 2019 starting job.  Thanks AAIMBR!


Harvey Days: how did Matt Harvey do on Saturday vs. Arizona? Pretty good…

Harvey Days is filmed before a live studio audience.

Now before we begin let us recall that just the other day Matt mentioned five million times that he is healthy.  Glad to hear it, so no excuses tonight Matty Baseball.

The game started late because of a rain delay, so I got some NBA2K in.  By the time I came upstairs it was the bottom of the 1st and the Arizonas hadn’t scored.

I did learn that THIS happened…

…and as someone who has seen nearly every Reds inning MH has pitched, he does give up a lot of LONNNNNNG fly balls.  But this one was an out.  Scoreless first.

The second inning was smooth sailing for Rip Tide.  Three Ks through two!

TDK cruised the third too!  And he was so happy he was chatting up the umpire!

This guy led off the 4th with a hit….

And Matt usually doesn’t respond well to adversity….

…does he look stressed….

…OH NO….

Matt is sad.  He got through the 4th but he’s looking mighty sweaty.  I am using the road feed tonight (reasons.  don’t ask.) so I didn’t get those Sad Matt Walking Off The Mound pics I like.   Anyway 2-0 end of 4 and like 75 pitches or so.

The Reds batted for a long time so TDK got some rest.  He struck out the first guy but then LFer Dilson Herrera (you know, the guy you wanted to replace Murph lol) couldn’t get to this ball

Would the caped crusader melt down?   No!  He gave up a 375 foot fly out to CF and then struck out his 6th batter.

Normally I’d have one of those Matt Walks Off The Field shots here, but the Diamondbacks broadcast is not being cooperative.

TDK went 1-2-3 in the 6th including his season high 7th strikeout, and the Diamondbacks are killing me….didn’t get the  walkout again.

TDK returned for the 7th!

He got the first guy…but the second guy got a single.  Would Riggleman come out?  No, he left TDK in….and Matty Baseball got the Diamondbacks to ground into a double play on his 99th pitch

And that would be it for The Dark Knight.

7 innings, 2 runs, 5 hits, and seven strikeouts!

I think if Matt had a Citi Field Style Crowd to feed off tonight he would have looked like the MH of old.  He was going about his business but it didn’t have that extra excitement.

A typical Reds era start for Matt is 6 innings with 2 or 3 runs.  He does give up lonnnng flyballs sometimes, tends to have shaky first innings, and he can’t take a punch.  If you can get on base you will score.  But along the way there are lots of 1-2-3 innings, and he looks like a solid 3 starter, as originally projected before y’all got a little crazy.

Matt’s done after 99 itches, and it’s off to the Waffle House to hit on Jenny the Waitress, as Exile In Cincinnati continues for The Real Deal.





Mets Color-in Cap

So these “color in” caps exist.

I think they blew it with the Mets design.  If you look at the Braves design…

The braves logo pops a little.  Had they gone with orange I think the cap would have worked a lot better.

Horrific Mets Players Weekend Little League cap discovered!!!

Oh the horrors…look what @Hom713 found

Yuck how terrible.  How absolutely terrible.

The other thing here is Tommy has uncovered that the caps will have side patches.  Does ANYONE like side patches?

I guess we will get uniforms with patches as well.  Merch merch merch.

Does anyone know where the money for this weekend goes?  I am too lazy to look it up.  Or is this just an open money grab.  I’d actually prefer it its the latter than this seemingly pretend mercurial fundraising they are doing with some of the special jerseys.

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