Honestly pretty boring Mets-Orioles game notes for May 11

The Mets have placed RHP Jacob deGrom on the 10-Day IL, retroactive to May 10, with right side tightness because the Mets are maniacs who let him pitch…RHP Sean Reid-Foley has been recalled from Triple-A Syracuse

Pete Alonso has five home runs.  It is May 11.

Pete Alonso | INF | .255, 5 HR, 17 RBI, 0 SB

Francisco Lindor went 1-3, with a run and an RBI on Sunday…He is 6-14 (.429) with five runs, a double, a home run, four RBI, four walks and a steal over his last four games.

Francisco Lindor | INF | .194, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 1 SB

Dominic Smith | INF/OF | .222, 2 HR, 11 RBI, 0 SB

Why are the Mets carrying three catchers?

The Unspeakable

Something has been bothering me.  I dare not speak it.

I’ve been watching baseball a long time.  Since 1977.

Every now and then a player starts playing so well that the fans start wondering, “Wow, how can he be so good?”

And every time….the answer has been the same.  Every time.

And I have that sinking feeling all of a sudden.

I didn’t have it before, and in retrospect maybe I should have, but now I have it and I can’t shake it.

I hope I am wrong, but I never am.  The answer is always the same.

The signs are there now.  The answer in front of us.  And yet none of us are ready to face it.

How could this be happening?  Why would this happen?  It didn’t need to happen.  It’s not true.  It’s impossible.

That’s what we always say.   But the answer is always the same.  Every time.

We’ll say it’s not the case this time.  The media will go about its business of only covering what is handed to them by the team.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.  You won’t shake the feeling now either.

Every time.

Pete Alonso was Donnie Stevenson, has no idea how Chili Davis got fired by Mets


Pete Alonso wondering who could have possibly gotten Chili Davis fired.

What, Chili Davis got fired?  How is that possible?  I am so sad.  I am going to cry about it in front of my locker.  I am so upset.  How could this have happened?

The Mets first baseman wore a hat and sunglasses to the hitters’ meeting before the team faced Zack Wheeler on May 1, according to the source. As Donnie Stevenson, Alonso preached the need for the Mets to stick with their strengths as a lineup. (via NY Post)

Do you think the combination of me not having hit many home runs along with me being one of the team leaders opening mocking the hitting coach situation could have had something to do with this?  How could this have happened???


Mets place deGrom who is totally fine really on the IL

The Mets, who I tried to help by warning early and often that they would break deGrom, did not bother to send me a press release.  That’s OK Mets, you be friends with Tim and Tim and just know when they get bored and get promoted to the Yankees beat I will still be here for you (because you won’t have won the World Series while nicely dressed.)

I am always here to love you even if you don’t love me back.  Fortunately my friends at Sports Illustrated have this info:

The Mets confirmed that Jacob deGrom will be placed on the injured list with right side tightness after scans revealed no damage https://buff.ly/2RFPgeA

So there’s no damage but he’s on the IL because reasons.

I actually think this is wise given the two off-days.  No now maniacs can start him even though he kept asking for extra days and left his last two starts early.  He’s fine.  Definitely fine.

And if he’s not, it’s not like someone saw this coming.