Mets Police Morning Laziness: be careful what you wish for

SLACKISH REACTION:  So it occurred to me that on paper this Fan Fest should be everything I ever wanted, everything this blog ever wanted.

And yet, I didn’t even make the slightest effort to get tickets.  I never felt the buzz.  I don’t feel left out.  I don’t feel any regret that I am not going today.

I think this all got back to Opening Day 2016 when the Mets jacked the price of tickets and I got shut out because of all the new True Blue And Orange fans that had been diehards since 2015.   Maybe it goes back a year when Igave up my ticket plan.  Maybe if I still lived 5 subway stops away I would go, but I am not driving over two bridges.

Maybe the Mets did a lousy job promoting it.

Maybe Major League Baseball’s production has gotten really bad.

Maybe the way you guys all feel about The Wilpons is how I feel about this GM.

Anyway, I always wanted the Mets to have a FanFest, and here it is, and I’m not interested.  Life is funny like that.

So it turns out that if there ARE some sub-menus on the Fanfest webpage.  I don’t know of a single person who knew these were sub-pages until someone told me on twitter this morning.  Here’s some Actual Fanfest info.

Looks like Cano and Nimmo are joining JDG, Matz, Pete, and Rosario.  Keith Hernandez says he is going.  People tell me Shamsky said he is going.  There’s still the Jon Matlack thing.

Anyway, I’m going to do my normal Saturday and I am sure I will do a recap post at some point but I’m not nuking my day updating things.

Oh, the Mets also officially introduced their new manager.

Good anti-Wags rent in the Daily News Remnant


The @Mets are so unorganized their social media team doesn’t realize they have no info posted about Fanfest!

UPDATE SATURRDAY 8AM:  @MattJakes2 on twitter has enlightened me that….see this….

That’s a menu.  I don’t know what web designer did that but those are drop downs!

Here’s some actual info.

My original post is below.


So I just got this tweet.  This is responding to a discussion about their being no information about the festival.

I went to the site as they suggested.  I’d love so more info.

To share with you guys, I tried to do a screen grab in one shot by making the text small but it doesn’t fit on one screen.  So here’s two screens so you can see all the info.

Since that’s hard to read in the format I presented it because I zoomed out, let me zoom in for you.

OK Mets, I have gone to your website.

Does it tell me JDG is attending?  No.

Does it tell me Pete is attending? No.

Does it tell me Matz is attending? No.

Does it tell me Rosario is attending? No.

Does it tell me Keith Hernandez is attending?  No.

Does it mention the Mets Hall of Fame and Jon Matlack? No.

Does it tell me what the panels are? No.

It just tells me there are three sessions.

And yeah I saw the video from the other day.  Maybe you sent a super detailed one as you mentioned in the tweet, if so I’d love to see it.  But I am gonna guess its this one.

Does it tell me JDG is attending?  No.

Does it tell me Pete is attending? No.

Does it tell me Matz is attending? No.

Does it tell me Rosario is attending? No.

Does it tell me Keith Hernandez is attending?  No.

Does it mention the Mets Hall of Fame and Jon Matlack? No.

Does it tell me what the panels are? No.

It mentions “Q&A sessions” with no details.

The first minute tells me I can’t bring a backpack.

Then I get told I will enter in the rotunda.

To be fair there are some light details about the tour and that Mr. & Mrs. Met will be there.

It mentions “Current Mets Players and Mets Legends” – those aren’t details. That’s vague.

So look Social Media Intern, I’m glad they gave Will the night off since he has a busy day tomorrow. He would never make the mistake at coming at me like that especially when you don’t have the correct information about your own event.

If anyone would like to compare…

This is the Mets Fan Fest link

The Pirates also have a Fan Fest tomorrow.  Here’s the amount of detail they shared with their fans.

Your work speaks for itself Mets.  I’ll let others decide which of us is right.

Recap of Luis Rojas Mets presser: I will lead this team into success

SNY Linear TV chose not to air this live.  I am uneducated in how such things work, but people keep whispering in my ear that it’s some sort of workaround to not use union workers.  If anyone knows more I’d like to know more about that, or if its even accurate.

Anyway, “Get your New York Sports Here Unless We’re Showing An Old Mets Game” is their new slogan I think.

Wags came out and explained to us how this time he has chosen the right manager.  He credited the Mets “Baseball Operations Department” (of which Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza would be part of) in helping make the choice.

Wags said the team is built to win “right now.”  “We have culture of positivity.”

Wags then pimped Fanfest, then humble bragged about the awards JDG and Vulgar Pete won.  He used the word PROUD a bunch of times.  Like proudly a lot.

Rojas was introduced and the very professional crowd was restrained.  It sounded like 4 people clapping.

God the swoosh looks bad.

Luis told us, in a very very calm deadpan tone, how excited he was, lower case e.

He then pronounced Wilpon as “Wilpin” twice.

“I will lead this team into success.”

I personally found his speech boring and zoned out but can appreciate a man thanking his family.

Luis used the word “accountability” both with the fans and press.

Wags did not mention whether or not Luis is trustworthy.  I assume he is

The first question when to Gelbzzzz who basically asked “How did it feel…”


Mets Police Morning Laziness: a new manager and few odd Media decisions

SLACKISH REACTION:  Well, any search for Mets turns up 50000000000 articles that Luis Rojas is the new manager.

I think the Mets are attempting to walk a tightrope so they can have Rojas be at Fanfest.  They put the press release out last night and announced the press conference today, meaning their good news will be completely utterly overshadowed by Eli Manning’s retirement.

I think they should have just told the media to come by tomorrow at Fanfest and introduced Mr. Lopez to the world in the middle of that.  But whatever.

So it the beat incompetent or has everyone been asked to play along?  I see Dan Matlack has deleted his tweet about his dad.making the Mets Hall.

The original tweet said his dad had been enshrined, and there was a photo of Dan and Jon in front of Citi Field.

My guess is the beat is incompetent and this is one of the “surprises” that will get announced at Fanfest as the Mets look to make a big splash.

Speaking of Fanfest.  Our old pal @mediagoon asked for credentials and was denied.  Now this is interesting to me.

The Mets had sent out a Media Alert which is how I know JDG, Matz, Rosario and Vulgar Pete will be there.  (Why not tell fans? Or is that my role in this?)  In that Alert which was sent to @mediagoon as well it says…..

On the day of the event, the Mets will honor 2019 BBWAA cards, 2019 Mets Season Credentials and 2019 MLB Season Credentials. Additional members of the media who do not have credentials and are interested in covering the event are asked to RSVP to (METS JUNIOR EMPLOYEE’S EMAIL) by Friday, January 24 by 2 p.m. Members of the media are asked to park in Lot G off Seaver Way and enter at the Hodges VIP Entrance.

So Goon asked and was denied.  Goon tells me that the reason is that they are only credentialing people who were credentialed last year.   So Mets, why does it say that second sentence about asking to RSVP?

I think this is a junior employee making a mistake and nothing nefarious.  Clearly Goon isn’t trying to beat the Mets out of $20.  I am sharing this publicly because I know people in Flushing read the site and I am hopeful someone out there will ask the junior employee to reconsider.

At this time let me say that the Mets have always been nothing but good to me personally, even as I continue to poke at them constantly.  I did not ask for credentials to this event, and I will assume they would have granted them to me as they have never said no to me in the past.  On that front, I cannot even remember the last time I asked to be credentialed – I remember one time in Florida – and I don’t think I have ever initiated the request for Queens.

Over the years the Mets have invited me to many events, although none since the New Press Regime took over.  I tended to decline, with much thanks and appreciation, much more than I accepted.   I continue to be thankful that the Mets include me in their press release distribution most nights.

Anyway, just thought it was an interesting decline.  I don’t think it’s nefarious, just a bad call by the junior employee.