This is a Mets Troll post…no not that kind…Casey Stengel with Trolls

Was corresponding with Paul Lukas who encouraged me to share this with you which was posted on Uni Watch a few days back, and you should head over there for a few quick nuggets.  Paul mentioned that he hadn’t seen the trolls before…nor have I….does anyone out there know more about them?

I searched my own site for the word Troll and I don’t seem to have any troll posts from these last 11 years.

I headed over to eBay and found SWOOSH TROLL

and his friend ORANGE SWOOSH TROLL

Oh my.


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Mets Police Morning Laziness: no word from MLB or Mets on ethnic stereotype cap

SLACKISH REACTION:  Quiet morning in Metstropolis.  I fell asleep watching that horrible Star Trek Discovery which has regressed into their bad version of Kilngons zzzz and Burnham.  I also played two hours of NHL18 and finished the season, missing the playoffs.  I think it’s the first complete season I played since the great NHL95 (which is of course better than NHL94 as you know).  Today some maniac put a 7 mile run on my training plan.  Yikes.

Remember when Darryl hit the roof?  Man Fran Healy was bad at calling baseball games.

Still no word from MLB or the Mets about this The7Line cap that perpetuates ethnic stereotypes.

The locals say the Mets’ relationship with Port St. Lucie is strained.  Again I want them to move to Arizona.  Arizona is where it’s at.

Looks like Sugar Diaz went to Disney with his family instead of watching game films and working out.  If Matt Harvey did this…..


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Feliz dia de San Valentin!! En especial a @nashalymercadoo mi esposa vamos a pasarla bien hoy ❤️❤️ los amo

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Sterling or Scully: Fran Healy puts his worst call on Darryl Strawberry’s best Home Run

I was educating a younger Mets fan about Darryl Strawberry and sent him this clip.

How bad was Fran Healy?  I will answer for you.   He was so bad he made Howie Rose bad when they were paired together.  That’s pretty bad.  Howie could carry ME for 9 innings if he had to.

Anyway, younger fans should watch this shot…..

Verdict: even upgrading this to Sterling would be an insult to John Sterling. This call is Sub-Sterling, and that’s pretty awful.

That same young friend asked me to compare Thor/deGrom to Gooden.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA watch this and learn young man…

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Noah Syndergaard is in violation of Yankees’ facial hair policy, how might that affect SNY’s trade plans?

It has been quite a SERIOUS 16 hours or so here on the blog, let’s change gears and have some fun.

As we continue to wait for the Mets to trade Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees, which was a real possibility according to SNY, no really it was a real possibility, a possible complicating matter could be this beard.


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The look you give when people say “Happy Valentines Day” and you don’t have a date

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Wikipedia tells us that for the Yankees…

All players, coaches and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches (except for religious reasons), and scalp hair may not be grown below the collar.

…so I am not sure if this beard is the thing that has slowed down the trade talks. I will check in with the SNY website and let you know if Andy Martino has any trade updates.

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