Beltran Ruins Everything!

Sometimes you have to make lemonade.

The Mets Police were sitting there ready to praise Pelfrey. I even had nice things to say about Willie. Imagine – not overmanaging and giving Pelfrey a little rope to try for the complete game.

The runner gets on and Willie brings in the closer, also the correct move.

Then Wagner blows it and you can feel the entire "Howie Rose 40,000" lose their minds.

Now don't get me wrong, the Mets Police hope the Mets win every game, but sometimes you need to make lemonade.

It was all right there. A 6th loss in a row, the worst loss of the season. Omar might have made the move. Maybe I could have skipped work today and gone to see Lee Mazzill's New York Mets!

Maybe they would have worn blue hats with the pinstriped uniforms on a beautiful sunny day! Maybe a gorgeous brunette would sit next to me and ask if I'd like her 'extra' beer.

Ah yes all was going to be perfect!

Then Carlos goes and ruins it. Mets win, Phillies lose, the ace goes today, Willie escapes again. Thanks a lot Carlos.

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>Bulletin: AUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!

>Oh my goodness…I can’t believe Wagner just gave up that home run.


Bulletin: AUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness…I can’t believe Wagner just gave up that home run.


>Policing The Church

>Today’s trendy story seems to be giving the Mets a hard time about how they handled Ryan Church. We covered this Sunday and Monday…but it’s nice to have backup…..and the Mets still won’t admit they were irresponsible.


Asked if he would handle Church’s injury differently, if he had a chance to start over, Minaya said, “Not based upon what our doctors told us. We listened to our experts’ advice and what they said. I have full confidence in our doctors.”

LoHud (who have been on the case):

Just dumb and arrogant from top to bottom. They should be ashamed, but I doubt they have that capability.

Great snarky post on LoHud, check it out:

>Webb of Denial in Flushing

>I don't know what kind of scouting reports the Mets get, but the one I get shows they will be facing somone named Webb who has 11 wins. That does not bode well for a team that has lost 5 in a row.

Clearly they need to make a move if for no other reason to shake things up. All yelling at Willie accomplished was to run another two weeks off the clock. This team is going nowhere. Why wait for the inevitable.

Meaningful games in September? I don't think there will be meaningful games in August. I'm flashing ahead to a sports section filled with Giants and Olympics, and one of those sidebar columns with the result and bare bones facts about the Mets game. We saw lots of those in the early 90s.

You can go ahead and order the dry ice for September 28th which will be the final game at Shea. None will follow. (Thought for another day – how empty will that ceremony feel after the Yankees version a week before. I remind you this is an organization that had a marching band on opening day.)

Lee Mazzilli is over at SNY if the Wilpons are looking for him. He watches the team every night. Lee can be in the dugout by 6:30 if you need him, and you do.

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