The Times Writes About Obstructed Views At Citi Field

So maybe the Mets are wrong and the bloggers are right?    Citi Field is great and it’s way better than the New Yankee Stadium…but when even the Times is piling on, we may be onto something.

The Times offered up this photo (where you can’t see the left fielder) and several others.  

It’s going to be along 50 years in some of these seats.

We’ve been writing about it all week – read this or check out my obstructed seats in Section 529 Row 3  or the Mets denial or when it first came up in February.

From The Times article:

One deck up, in Section 431, Will and Marlena Chang of Woodbridge, N.J., were happy to sit close to the field. But when long fly balls were hit to left field, he said, “you had to stand up, lean over and listen” to the crowd to determine if the ball was caught.

Basil Saunders Jr. of Queens and his son, Basil Saunders Luciano, could not see the left fielder from their seats at the top of Section 535. They could, however, see a flat-panel television mounted above them, but it was showing the game on a two-second delay.

Maybe the Mets Police aren’t just a bunch of cranks?

That being said – I loved the place.  Review here.


The Yankees Museum (Where I Found Lee Mazzilli’s Ball)

At the new new Yankee Stadium you’ll find the Yankees museum.  It’s a nice place to kill some time when you’re freezing in April.  I wish the Mets would tap into their own history for something like this.

You get to type the name of your favorite player into a screen.   I picked Lee Mazzilli of course.   That tells you where you will find his baseball on the wall of baseballs.

My fellow fans believe there is a ball from “every player” that played for the Yankees.  I don’t know if that is accurate, but there sure an awful lot (could it be 100 years worth though?) and I did look for obscure players.

The museum is also where Munson’s locker now resides.  I think that was a good call.  Munson’s locker really isn’t all that interesting to look at it, but it’s still cool.

You can also sit in a modern style locker and use the digital display to put your name on the locker.   Lots of kids were snapping pictures there.

For 100 years of history and all those championships and hall of famers I thought there would be a lot more to the museum.   There’s really not much.  The balls, some old seats from days gone by, Munson and a modern locker.   While the balls are interesting, I wouldn’t wait on a line for more than five minutes.

I’d really like the Mets to rip off this idea, and I offer a free consultancy if they’d like to do it right.

Citi Prez to NOT Throw Out First Pitch At Citi Field

One more before bed…

Whew.  My quick spin…thank goodness.   Like I said before, too tired to think so click here.  It’s hard to be a blogger sometimes with a real job and other interests….but I love it.   Must sleep….

Published: April 5, 2009
Do not expect Vikram S. Pandit, Citigroup’s chief executive, to throw out the first pitch at Citi Field when the Mets play their first regular-season game there

To avoid another controversy, executives in Citigroup’s community affairs and government relations divisions have spent the past few months discussing their plans for opening day. They vetted their guest list, ruled out having executives throw out the first pitch and settled on a low-key approach, given the political climate.

But the Citigroup employees who attend games at Citi Field will sit in style. The bank has two luxury boxes and about eight tickets in the stands, the same as the other “signature sponsors,” which include Anheuser-Busch, Delta Airlines, Geico, Harrah’sPepsiVerizonand Xerox.

Empire suites include three high-definition flat-panel televisions, bar stools and sofas, quartz countertops, and carpeted and terrazzo flooring, as well as air-conditioning. Suite-holders receive four V.I.P. parking passes per game.

Just announce Seaver & Piazza already.  Everyone knows anyway.

Saturday’s Mets Game Might Not Be Televised!!!!

Been out all day, sleepy….you’ll have to click the link to read about Fox and stupid TV rules.

6pm game in Florida, Fox won’t let SNY show it until 7.

Everyone grow up.

Details here.   Newsday

Lots tomorrow about Yankee Stadium.  Too tired to type.

More Obstructed View Seats – Section 529 Row 3

I feel really sorry for whoever has these seats.

Last night I went looking for my Sunday plan seats. I knew they were Section 529 and I thought they were Row 3. When we got there man was I livid. Almost the entire row has an obstructed view of 3rd Base and the right-hander’s batters box.

(I realized later that I had the wrong row – we are several rows further up).

I like to think I am a realist – I know not every seat in a ballpark will be perfect. But this is pretty bad.

You are invited to view Mets’s photo album: Citi Field Section 529 Row 3
Citi Field Section 529 Row 3
Apr 3, 2009
by Mets