Saturday’s Mets Game Might Not Be Televised!!!!

Been out all day, sleepy….you’ll have to click the link to read about Fox and stupid TV rules.

6pm game in Florida, Fox won’t let SNY show it until 7.

Everyone grow up.

Details here.   Newsday

Lots tomorrow about Yankee Stadium.  Too tired to type.


More Obstructed View Seats – Section 529 Row 3

I feel really sorry for whoever has these seats.

Last night I went looking for my Sunday plan seats. I knew they were Section 529 and I thought they were Row 3. When we got there man was I livid. Almost the entire row has an obstructed view of 3rd Base and the right-hander’s batters box.

(I realized later that I had the wrong row – we are several rows further up).

I like to think I am a realist – I know not every seat in a ballpark will be perfect. But this is pretty bad.

You are invited to view Mets’s photo album: Citi Field Section 529 Row 3
Citi Field Section 529 Row 3
Apr 3, 2009
by Mets

Citi Field Lack of Advertising Very Evident

The recession is in evidence at Citi Field.

I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but among the so many things that we noticed last night were these huge blank spaces at different areas around the ballpark, specifically around the scoreboard and video screen.

The Mets have not sold all their advertising space – and some of it premium spots too. The result is probably the biggest eyesore in the new park.

Big gray squares of nothing look bad. I can understand that the Mets may be having a tough time selling the space – it’s bad out there right now. But why don’t they at least have those spaces a Mets blue, or put up Mets logos – something, anything but that blank gray.

There are also blank spots along the Pepsi Porch in RF.

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Citi Field No Ads
Apr 3, 2009
by Mets

Mets Honor New York Baseball Giants

So much has been made of the fact that the Mets & the Wilpons almost go overboard in honoring the memory of the Brooklyn Dodgers while ignoring that other New York NL team, the Giants.

Well, looks like the Mets did decide to recognize the Giants – they just didn’t tell anyone about it.

Take a look at the outfield wall at Citi Field. Notice the colors?

Black and orange

Shannon and I looked but could not see that specific combination anywhere else in the park.

Those were the Giants colors.

Now whether it was inadvertent or deliberate, who knows. Regardless it’s nice to think that the Giants are being recognized (after all, they did win more World Series than that Brooklyn team).

You are invited to view Mets’s photo album: Citi Field Wall
Citi Field Wall
Apr 3, 2009
by Mets

New Yankee Stadium 1st Impression: Citi Field Way Better

Let me say I'm not a hater. In fact I get grief from Mets fans for not hating. I'm wearing a Yankee hat and sweatshirt today…I'm underwhlemed.

Maybe it's because I entered thru Gate 8 and looped my way around the outfield and haven't done the Great Hall or whatever other surprises await…

..But all I see is concrete and gray conderblocks. I don't think the ghosts came. I feel like I'm at New Comiskey or Generic early 90s stadium.

I'm off to look for cool things but after one hour…the Mets have the way better park. It's not even close.

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