Peace Offering To Wilpons

Dear Wilpons,

I propose a truce.

If you don’t wear the blue/black hats or the black jerseys, then I won’t make fun of the patches.   I’ll meet you halfway and allow the non-pinstriped home uniforms, but no black.

There’s no need to write back, just don’t wear the black.


Most Popular Last Week On Hits are way up as everyone gets back into baseball mode.

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Want to see the obstructed views at C-Field?

How about Yet Another Patch?

Did you know that the first steroid user is in the Hall of Fame?

Yankees fans have been popping in to learn about the warning the Yanks sent to their 41 game ticket holders.

Want some pics of New new Yankee Stadium?  Click here.

Want to see photos from the last week of Shea Stadium’s life?  Try here,
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On the silly side – Can a 75 year old Man hit 8 Home Runs?

‘bye Shea.  Off to C-Field we go.

Lunatic Manager Hands Murphy The LF Job – And I Love It

Jerry isn’t messing around!

Daniel Murphy will be the Mets every day left fielder.

What’s that you say?  This guy was basically promoted from Double-A last year and the Mets have yet to play even an inning of spring training?   Jerry doesn’t care what you think.

“I’ve seen it. I’m confident. The way he swings the bat I’m confident that he can handle that. I don’t have a problem with that.”

Since Manny Ramirez isn’t coming, this is a good thing.  I’d rather hope we get 15 years out of Murph in left rather than one year out of someone from the leftover pile like Tatis.

I love what a maniac Jerry is.   He’s wonderfully entertaining.   I kind of want to see him actually stab someone for not running out a ball.

What does everyone think of these jerseys?  If the Mets insist on incorporating black (and that they do) these aren’t bad.   I’m not crazy about the orange underarms, but they aren’t as hideous as the all black were.

Rumorville: You Aren’t Getting Weekend Seats At New Yankee Stadium

Some chatter here: Yankees message board

Some folks are saying that they were downgraded from weekend plans to weekday plans.

Some are saying that instead of being offered cheap tickets they are being offered $100 tickets.  One of the challenges of the relocation process is that if you decline whatever they offer you (say $100 seats) you have to go back into “the pool” which I think means the end of the line.

The News got into this a bit on Friday:  here

I also highly suggest checking out New Stadium Insider for all things about C-Field and New New Yankee including more information about NYYS relocation.

It’s hard to kill the Yankees for selling season tickets but I do feel bad for folks who were downgraded.  I don’t think they were wrong to not buy 41 game packs.

Stubhub’s going to have a good year!