New York Mets Fans Now Numb To The Losing

The Mets lost 4-0 to the Nationals last night.

Are you surprised?  Mad?

No you’re not.  I know you.  I’m one of you.

I think the fan-base has rather quickly gone into “Cubs fan” mode.  We expect to lose.  We expect Sheffield to go on the DL.   We expect to get shut out once the score is 1-0, and that feeling goes all the way to the broadcast booth.

The problem is, I don’t feel like there’s anyone to be mad at.  I guess Omar is a good target, but after reading another story of a bizzare Tony Bernazard outburst, I think the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

The ownership is more disliked than they have been since the dark days of the late 1970’s, but it’s not like we can bully the Wilpons into selling, and again the devil you know may be better than the devil you don’t which could be the Cablevision Dolans or some crazy investment group.

From here, I don’t know where we go.  Let me take you to April 2010 for a best case scenario as seen through the Howie Rose-colored glasses of a 3am WFAN caller.

Let’s meet manager Wally Backman’s New York Mets (as put together by the new genius GM).   The Mets are dressed in their white uniforms, blue hats, no black shading, no names on the back.   It’s a full house at Citi Field, both because of the tickets being cut 10% and the Mets Hall of Fame being opened.   Tom Seaver is on hand to throw out the first pitch.

Around the infield – Adam Dunn at first, Orlando Hudson at second, Reyes & Wright.  In the OF “Stud OFer TBA”, Beltran and Francoeur.   Joe Mauer was fleeced from the Twins and is behind the plate, and “Stud Ace Pitcher” is on the mound with Santana throwing tomorrow.

I still wouldn’t believe in the team until about August 15th.   I think we’ve somehow become the Cubs.   Somewhere along the way we picked up a curse and didn’t realize it.  Maybe Bob Murphy’s Ghost is mad about something.  

I know I’m going to cut from 30 tickets to 15 and maybe to “zero and Stubhub.”

This is the paragraph where I make all kinds of suggestions about Banner Day and uniforms and all that, but if you’re a regular reader of the Mets Police you’ve heard it all before.

Where do the Mets go from here?   How do they engage the fans again?  I don’t think they need to win us back because we’re all still here, we’re just making other plans for tonight instead of watching a team that’s 10 back.

Anyone want tickets for the Rockies series next week?  Mine are (not) going for cheap on Stubhub.

Would Roy Halladay (I still believe Heyman) really get your juices going, or would a 10 and 1 run from Jon Niese actually be more exciting?

Today may be July 22, 1977 in many ways.

My question to you:  Where’s your head at today?

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Mets Advertising Mad Men:

In this article  Advertising Mad Men: you will find the below

Then she announced an activation coup: the Mets had just agreed to designate a Mad Men seating section at one of their games.

“The exciting thing is everyone in our section is going to have a fedora”, Beyer went on. Of course, the band around it will have to be Mets colors.

 Hmm, I like fedoras and I like Mad Men – I guess I’ll wait to see how “Mets colors” are defined before I judge.

Will A Football Field Actually Fit In New Yankee Stadium?

Check out this link:  Playing football in a baseball park.

Assuming it is accurate, it looks like a football field won’t quite fit in New Yankee Stadium.

They have announced some college football games will take place there, and I think they will draw well (Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium?  Sell-out.)

New Stadium Insider has more info.

Anyone know if a field can be squashed into Citi?

Was Thinking…If The New York Mets Had The Same Run The Phillies Are Having

Stray thought I had.
If the 2007 Mets had trailed the Phillies by 7 with 17 to go, and somehow won the division – how much would that team and “the core” be beloved by the fans?
If that same group pulled off a similar feat in 2008, and then won the World Series – how much would THAT team and “the core” be beloved by the fans.   They would be our gamers, our heroes.   Gutsy, gritty, a blue collar team.  Stories about how Willie learned from Torre never to give up.  Closing out Shea with a ring!
If the 2009 World Champion Mets had a 9 game lead over the choking Phillies and were just being chased by the Braves and Marlins, how much would we love this team?
This would be the great run in franchise history.  
I hope the Phillies fans appreciate what they have.