No rain. Long lines at citi

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Citi Weather Forecast Looking Better!

 Boo:  Sheffield.  My partner is about to write a yay-piece but I don’t like it.
Yay:  the latest weather forecast for Flushing NY!  I’m heading out…I’ll email the blog pics of my obstructed view.
6 pm
54° F
7 pm
52° F
8 pm
51° F

SI Reports Mets To Sign Sheffield is reporting that Sheffield has agreed to sign with the Mets – an announcement is expected this afternoon.

Shannon and I disagree a bit on this.

Do I love it? Not really- Sheffield could be trouble. But frankly, for $400,000 signing him is a no-brainer. The Mets needed a right handed power bat.

The great thing is, at $400K if he doesn’t work, they just drop him – no harm no foul.

Fox: Mets Close To Signing Surly 41 Year Old Sheffield

Wow I was wrong.  Not the first nor last time.  
Omar likes his cheapo retreads.
Sorry Jerry.  Get out your knife.

Reports: Mets, slugger Sheffield closing in on deal – â€Ž9 minutes ago‎
by The Mets are on the verge of a deal with the free-agent slugger, according to multiple reports Friday. The team has contacted Sheffield and

Tonight’s Game At The AppleDome

I’m thrilled that while building – what is it – $1.6 billion in stadiums that the Yankees, Mets (not to mention the football teams) had the foresight to build a retractable dome.

It’s so nice not to have to worry about rain.

It’s great to know that I’ll be nice and dry, and nice and warm.

It’s awesome to know that there is zero chance of the game being postponed, or paying $18-$25 to park and then sitting in the rain for three hours.

What’s great too is that since the dome retracts, once it gets warm and sunny we’ll be able to enjoy the Mets (Yankees) on their beautiful natural grass field bathed in beautiful sunlight.

I can’t imagine any city building a stadium (or three) without a retractable dome in the 21st Century.  You’d have to be an idiot.