If the Mets Want To Sell Merch…Sell These

New York Mets Authentic Personalized Home Jersey w/2009 Inaugural Stadium Patch - MLB.com Shop
Instead of trying to make a few bucks selling Mets caps with dopey patches on the side why not just sell Ramierz #24 jerseys?  Of course to do so you’d need Manny on the team…but why would they sign him?
As we talked about in this post MLB won’t sell you (or let you mock) a RAMIREZ jersey so that’s why I added the M to the mock above.  I also was unable to save my mock jersey as a jpeg so I captured the “text” from their website (just letting y’all know why I have it so big above).
In my fantasy the Mets give out 24 not 99.  Sorry Willie.  Sorry Torve. (no typo, go look it up).
I want the Mets to win the Series every year, but especially so this year so that the new place can open with a culture of winning.



Could a 75 Year Old Man Hit 8 Home Runs?

My daily solution to the Bonds problem:
Hank Aaron needs to unretire.
Sign with the Braves in September when they are mathematically eliminiated.    Cox would only play him in completely meaningless games.   We need 8 pitchers to groove one for the noble cause.  Get Henry to 763 and then he can retire as baseball’s home run king.
Bud?  Hank?  Whaddaya say?
Stop rolling your eyes, you know you’d watch.

Yet ANOTHER "Commerative" Patch Unveiled

How many patches are the Mets going to wear in 2009? Any more and the players are going to start looking like NASCAR drivers.

Available now at the Mets online store you can purchase “Authentic On-Field” caps with the “2009 Inaugural Patch”

I am divided on these.

First and foremost – I HATE cap patches. Never in the history of the game has a hat patch looked good. A cap should have 2 things on it – the team logo on the front, and a small MLB logo on the back – nothing more.

On the other hand, maybe the brains over at the Corporate Field offices got the message after they unveiled that God-awful, Dominoes-inspired logo that made them the laughing stock of professional sports. This logo is so much better – it incorporates the architectural details on the new ballpark very nicely. And extra bonus it doesn’t mention or hint at the Corporate sponsor (yeah I know MLB rules forbid that).

Still – no matter how nice the new logo is – IT’S ON A CAP!!!

I’m not even going to get into the black cap version.


What Year Did Shea Start To Suck?

I wasn’t around in 1964, but from what I read Shea Stadium was amazing back then.

You compare it to pictures of the Polo Grounds and Ebbetts Field, and you can see that it must have seemed huge and space-age.  It had a gigantic scoreboard and it seemed futuristic.

For comparison, here’s the last out in Brooklyn (in front of 6,000 fans so can we shut up about that team yet?)

Look how great the place looks in ’64!

The Mets outdrew the Yankees in 1964.   You’ve heard of the ’64 Yankees, they were the end of the dynasty.  I guess going to the World Series got boring after 15 years.   Was the Worlds Fair that good?

The ’65 Mets outdrew the NYY’s by a half million!

The ’66 Mets almost drew 2 million!! (1.932 and again outdrew the NYYs)

You know about ’69

The 1970 Mets drew 2.6 million!  The Mets continued to outdraw the Yankees all the way until 1977.  That shows you what winning (and losing) will do for a franchise.  Imagine if Steinbrenner were around in ’72 when the Mets drew over 2 million and the Yankees didn’t even draw one?!

Anyway by the time I got to Shea in ’77 the Stadium already seemed kind of inferior.  I used to enjoy watching the scoreboard operator struggle to put up a message.  It seemed like it would take an hour for something to go up and would have tons of typos (MXTS being one of my favorite).  The letters had to go up one at a time, kind of like putting your “name up” on a game of Asteroids.

For you kids, the scoreboard I’m talking about has long been covered/replaced by a Budweiser ad.  Oh wait, I’m living in the past, it’s not there at all now, is it?  Let’s watch the scoreboard collapse together, shall we:

Anyway, the place seemed kind of old by the time I got there.  Yankee Stadium was newer and cooler but really scary – it was in The Bronx (the Bronx of Summer of Sam and runaway fires).  The Yankees had a neat black and white video scoreboard.

Then I saw “Bad News Bears” or whichever sequel where the Bears played at the Astrodome.  The Astros had turf and a roof, how cool was that! (I wasn’t ten and didn’t know better).  Astros fans had a cool color video scoreboard with a cool cartoon of a bull blowing smoke.

Shea had planes flying overhead, weird squares on the outside and Lee Mazzilli.

The place seemed like it got better for a while – DiamondVision (the original) one-upped the Yankees and their crappy black and white screen.   Then Gooden & friends and winning came to Shea and the place seemed OK.   Even so, I remember talking with friends in the late 80’s about a “new stadium.”  Teams like the Orioles, Blue Jays and White Sox (oops) were designing these new parks, and Shea seemed stuck in 1964 and not in a good way.

So when exactly did Shea start to suck?   I’m not sure if it was 1977 and the losing.  Maybe it was 1991 and the even more annoying losing.  Any opinions out there?

Shea old friend, I already miss you.

(Question for old-timers.  In the 1964 video, the third one in this post, go 3:08 in.  There seems to be a video screen up top of the giant scoreboard.  I don’t recall that being there at all.  Can anyone tell me anything about it?)


Canseco Not Such An Idiot After All

One thing I’ve learned is that where there is smoke there is fire.

If you hear A-Rod was at the zoo with three unicorns and a zebra, there might not have been unicorns but it’s likely A-Rod and some animals will be involved.  

Jose Canseco is looking for an apology from baseball about his steroid allegations a few years back.   That will happen after hell freezes over for the second time (after global warming melts the first freeze).   Not a chance.

However, he probably deserves to be less crapped upon that he has been.  There is not much honorable about Jose but he did correctly name a few names in his books including A-Rod.   Canseco’s version doesn’t include a mystery cousin and a trip to the DR, but he did name the name.

Maybe he got lucky.  Maybe baseball is so messed up I could pull five baseball cards out of a hat and be right about three players.   Maybe Jose does know what he’s talking about after all?