The Art Of Peter Max Replaced By Yankees Women’s Store

New Stadium Insider haunts Yankee Stadium the way I police Citi Field…looks like the NYY’s have swapped out one of the stores.

The Art Of Peter Max Replaced By Yankees Women

I like this kind of stuff.

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ESPN New York Website

It’s interesting to me that ESPN is starting local websites.  ESPN Chicago has been up for some time, and ESPN New York is coming.

I think it’s a cool idea, but with all things the key is knowing your audience – so having some guy in Bristol write about the Mets is the difference between a national broadcast of the Mets and the SNY ‘cast.

There’s plenty of skilled local guys and bloggers out there, hopefully they will tap into that rather than ask Buster Olney write an extra paragraph about the Mets (and I like Olney and respect his work.)

Selfishly, I’d love to see Mets Police turn into a once a week on there akin to the relationship between Uni Watch on ESPN and the blog there.

So there I said it, and hopefully ESPN’s news trackers caught this.   Hi guys.

This concludes my commercial for myself, we now resume normal complaining.

Touring New York Mets Citi Field Rotunda (At The Paul McCartney Concert)

At the McCartney Concert Saturday night the pattern of fans walking around was different than it is for baseball games, so I noticed a few things that I don’t think are new (maybe they are?) but I just hadn’t seen.

Citi field always photographs really well.

I thought it odd that the Mets Team Store was closed, however there was the McCartney Merchandise tent.

Usually you can’t get near the #42.  I don’t know these people but I’m going to have to go to Citi in January to get an unblocked shot.

I still wouldn’t mind if that were a #41.

Again, nothing revolutionary but I never noticed the writing on the floor of the Rotunda.  In the back of my mind I knew it was there but there’s usually so many people on it.

I guess it’s nice but it really doesn’t do anything for me emotionally.

Tomorrow we’ll tour the third base side where I found a few things new to me, like the Subway.

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How About A Prominent New York Mets Hall Of Fame?

I bet you might not even know there is a Mets Hall of Fame.  There sure is, and guys like Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Jerry Koosman and Bill Shea are in it.   Sounds cool, right?

Ever been to it?   How about at Shea, did you ever visit it there?  I did, but it wasn’t easy. says there was a Mets HOF in the plans for Citi Field but darned if I can tell you where it is.

I think the Mets should borrow from the Braves and have an actual room or storefront Hall of Fame.   Let’s take a look at some of the things Atlanta does.

The Ivan Allen Jr. Braves Museum & Hall of Fame (BMHF) is an education and entertainment venue, which features more than 600 Braves artifacts and photographs that trace the team’s history from its beginnings in Boston (1871-1952) to Milwaukee (1953-65) to Atlanta (1966-present). It is located on the northwest side of Turner Field at Aisle 134.
The museum is open year-round and is the starting point of one hour guided tours of Turner Field. Tours leave on the hour and last approximately one hour. Tours take visitors to Coca-Cola Sky Field; a Braves luxury suite; the press box, broadcast booth, clubhouse (locker room) and dugout; Scouts Alley; and The Museum Store. Please note: Tour route is subject to availability.

That sounds neat.  They even honor their own history, back to the Boston 1871’s!  Exhibits include the Atlanta years, Milwaukee, and Boston.  They celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1957 World Series championship.  They honor their past.

The Mets already have a Hall with people in it.   Why not make it a place (and again, if there is a Hall of Fame hiding next to the executive pool in the Ebbett’s Club I apologize, but riff-raff like me don’t go there).

It’s very simple – honor those who are already in, do an exhibit about 62, 69, 73 and 86.   If the Mets really don’t want to have an Old Timer’s Day then have Hall of Fame Day when all the HOFers come back and some new people get inducted every year.   Then we can stop bitching about retired numbers, and just go visit the hall.

Players not in the Mets Hall of Fame include Mike Piazza, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.

Unlike the Braves Hall, this one should be free.   Not everything has to be about a buck. does it David Howard?

By the way, props to McCartney for several times calling the building “the new Shea.”

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Good Comment About Paul McCartney’s Start Time At Citi Field

While I don’t think anything nefarious was going on, I think the below is a good rant.  I imagine Sir Paul wanted to come on after dark, most headliners do…but why did the ticket say 6:30 instead of say, 7:30?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Citi Field In Paul McCartney Concert Mode (Picture…“:

I have been searching for a review from the Saturday night show. What is perplexing me here is no mention of the way Citi Field held the fans hostage for so many hours and no one is blogging their disgruntled feelings on the web ANYWHERE. Sir Paul was fantastic Saturday night, he is truly a showman. However, it clearly stated on our tickets that the show was to start at 6:30, with some error for change. What was not mentioned, opening act to start at 7:37pm with an hour 20 minute delay until McCartney took the stage. In my view it was just one big ploy to force the fans to spend money in the stadium for lack of anything else to do for 3 hours. And spend they did along with the other favorite American pasttime, eat out of sheer boredom while paying exhorbant prices for beer and wine. I can understand the prices on the food, it was not bad for stadium chow, but come on, my time is more valuable than to sit on a bleacher for this long while waiting for things to start. The largest portion of McCartney’s fanbase are nearer to his age group and spending 5 hours at Citi Field was a heck of a lot. Another problem with the seating at this stadium is the large screw that hold the back of the seat in place. If you still happen to have long hair, it wraps around the screws and gets caught. SO, being in an enviroment for so many hours without pulling my own hair out, what I missed the stadium seat got.

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