Seaver Wins 300th And Other Yankee Stadium Stuff

Continuing my lazy off-season week of just linking to stuff….

This cool article is about various events at Yankee Stadium II including Jeter’s Mr. November game (I was there, best game I have been at) and Seaver’s 300th win which means fellow blogger osh41 is just seconds away from posting his own version of the story.

I was invited to the game but decided to go hang out with some teenagers (one particularly cute one) at the pool.


Times On How Stadiums Are A Ripoff For Fans

Published: November 4, 2008
Critics say that the new stadiums for the Yankees and the Mets will bring few lasting economic benefits for the city.

(T)he cost to taxpayers is anything but small, a review of the projects shows. Though the teams are indeed paying approximately $2 billion to erect the two stadiums, the cost to the city for infrastructure — parks, garages and transportation improvements — have jumped to about $458 million, from $281 million in 2005. The state is contributing an additional $201 million.

Those totals do not include an estimated $480 million in city, state and federal tax breaks granted to both teams. In addition, neither team has to pay rent or property taxes, though they are playing on city-owned land.

Yankee Stadium is being built atop what were once two popular public parks; the city has agreed to replace them, as well as a soccer field, baseball diamonds, basketball courts and a track. The estimated cost of replacing those parks and fields has climbed to $177 million from $129.2 million in 2005. Officials expect the number to rise by an additional 10 percent when the city issues an updated capital budget in the coming weeks.

The city is also spending about $35 million for roadwork and sewer connections for the stadium and $30 million more on design and planning, items that were not mentioned when the project was announced in 2005.

Why I Turned Off Monday Night Football

Football on Monday Night, the ESPN version that is not worthy of the name of the former ABC Series, has many things wrong with it.  It no longer feels like the big game it used to.  It carries the weight of the old Sunday Night Football (ESPN version) which is “one game too many.”   It starts late, it’s cluttered with crap stats all over the screen, and it’s just no longer necessary.
Last night, the self-indulgence went too far.   Chris Berman talking to politcal candidates.  I shut it off.  I want football.   I don’t want anything but football.   When will ESPN figure it out.

The Year Seaver Was Really Good And Didn’t Win Cy Young

As i continue to coast my way back to March scraping for anything Mets related I can – the “Tom Seaver” google alert continues to pay major dividends….

Here’s an article about great unrewarded seasons.

 In the strike-shortened 1981 season, Tom Seaver of the Cincinnati Reds made a strong bid for a fourth Cy Young, going 14-2. But that was the year of Los Angeles Dodger Fernando Valenzuela — 13-7 while leading the league in innings, strikeouts, complete games and games started. (Seaver also easily could have won in 1971, as well, while with the New York Mets, finishing second to Ferguson Jenkins of the Chicago Cubs.)

New York Met David Cone (20-3) didn’t win in 1988, losing out to Orel Hershiser (23-8). Roger Clemens, he of seven Cy Youngs, could have ended up with eight, considering his 1990 season: 21-6 with a 1.93 ERA for Boston. He lost out to Bob Welch of the Oakland A’s (27-6). 

and others.  click the link.

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