John Challis, Rest In Peace

I’m on the road and can’t give this the attention it deserves right now, but John Challis has passed away at the age of 18.
Here’s some links and I will do a proper post when I can.
Inspirational Pittsburgh-area teen dies of cancer
The Associated Press – 16 hours ago
PITTSBURGH (AP) — John Challis, who inspired professional players with his battle against cancer, died at his parents’ suburban Pittsburgh home on Tuesday.
A-Rod reacts to cancer patient’s death – 20 hours ago
By Bryan Hoch / TORONTO — During the Yankees’ June trip to Pittsburgh, Alex Rodriguez presented 18-year-old cancer patient John Challis with a
Coach Remembers Teen’s Inspirational Message
KDKA, PA – 4 hours ago
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― His battle with cancer and inspirational message touched so many and on the day after his death, John Challis’ friends are remembering

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Atlanta Counterintelligence

Mets Police went to Atlanta in search of Braves fans.

There are none. No Braves signs, no advertising, nobody paying attention to the game in sports bars. It is as if they don't exist.

The Falcons do exisit. Billboards everywhere (interestingly selling season tickets starting at $250 which is slightly less than the Evil Moneygrubbing Giants).

Nice win last night. Doubly so watching it in Atlanta.
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Next For Phelps

On Sunday I asked 'What does Phelps do with himself now' and todays papers told me –

They expect he'll make $5 million in endorsements this year. So that means he can nothing! Good for him. Make some wise investments and chill.

He will also be promoting the 2012 London games. I imagine the Queen pays well.

He made $3 million last year. That number amazes me. Endorsements – but why? Were they anticipatory deals? Were people going to Swimwear Hut and buying Phelps gear?

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The Police at Shea. No Not the Mets Police, The Sting Kind

25 years ago today.  I didn’t get to go.

Here’s the Times from August 20, 1983…Link
”We’d like to thank the Beatles for lending us their stadium,” said Sting, the bassist and singer of the Police, near the end of the trio’s concert at Shea Stadium. The group topped the Shea Stadium attendance figures for the Beatles and everyone else on Thursday night because a way was found to pack in 70,000 people for a sold-out performance.
 I find this next paragraph funny in light of the recent reunion.   They did manage to reproduce the records this time around,  Stewart Copeland did amazing work on a few songs.

What makes the Police stand out among performing bands is that it never bothers to imitate its records. The trio couldn’t if it tried, since band members overdub extra instruments in the recording studio. So it goes to the other extreme, revamping every song in a gleeful whirl of improvisation. The Police is one of the few rock bands – along with the Rolling Stones, the Talking Heads and the Grateful Dead – that is willing to shake up its arrangements nightly.

I still hope McCartney asks to play there so I don’t have to hear about Billy Joel ever again.

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Oucho Cinco and the Mets

Saw Chad Johnson hurt his shoulder – I have nothing to add I just liked the pun of Oucho Cinco. I guess he wont be beating Phelps in the pool this week.

Mets Police enjoying a nice day at the beach with a day game to keep company.

Good job out of Jerry and the Gangstas on beating up on lousy teams.

Jerry hasn't threatened to stab anyone in a while. I miss that.

I like that Jerry isn't Captain Hook like certain managers that seem like they've been gone a long long time.

I'm really looking forward to the Manny, Pedro and Damon 2009 Red Yanks on the north side of 161st.

Off to pet the seagulls. Enjoy the game.

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