Point: Put Pete Rose In the Hall Of Fame

Even Jim Rice is in the Hall of Fame now, but Pete Rose isn’t.

I say put Pete in the Hall. Here’s why.

You’re all quick to throw your heroes away, and you shouldn’t.

There were tons of McGwire & Sosa jerseys around in the mid 90s. Everyone knew they were on steroids. New York City had a ticker-tape parade for a Chicago Cub! Barry Bonds can break that record, great let’s all watch Joe buck make the call! Then you turned on Bonds too when it turned out he wasn’t that nice of a guy.   Then Clemens was the cool story in baseball – wow 340 wins!  Then you turned on him too.

Andy Pettitte is another hero with a decision to make these days.  If he resigns with the Yankees he can be a “Yankee for life” but if he signs with someone else, then he’ll wind up as Clemens’ hated steroid buddy.

Pete Rose.  4256 Hits.  3 rings.  17 time all star.  If you saw him play you know how good he was.  Nobody ever once thought he was not trying to win.  People in Cincinnati loved him, and people in Philadelphia loved him.  

He did a bad thing.  It has been twenty years.  If you have to put “suspended from baseball” on the plaque then do it.  Otherwise please remove all the bats and balls and uniforms and other Pete Rose memorabilia from the building in Cooperstown.   While you’re at it, let’s put some asterisks next to some of the World Series winners – maybe the 1980 Royals should be declared retroactive champions since Pete is a non-person.

You can’t have a Hall of Fame without the all time hits leader, the home run season leader, the home run career leader, and a guy that in 2007 was being called the best pitcher in 50 years.  You can’t undo the record book.   You can’t take back the spitballs, you can’t take back the steroid-added home runs, you can’t take back 4256 hits.

It’s time to put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame.

Put ’em all in. Pete’s been ostracized for 20 years. Enough.


Wilpons Bypass City Council – Rename A Borough

I’ve been a fan of the Cyclones from day 1. I was a season ticket holder for many years. Brooklyn’s first professional sports team since the Dodgers went west- it was a proud day for all Brooklynites when we could see our borough’s name on that uniform. It really stirred a sense of pride in the community. So what have the Wilpons done? They’ve bastardized the name of my hometown.

Yesterday the Cyclones sent an email blast alerting people that they were renaming the team “Baracklyn Cyclones” on June 23rd.

Baracklyn? Seriously?

According to their website – “Can a minor league team change the name of baseball’s most legendary borough? YES WE CAN!”

Oh please!

OK, so it’s a 1-day promotion – but come on, that has got to be the worst play on the name Brooklyn. Hell, as much as I hate it, Crooklyn was even better.

Minor league teams come up with great promotions all the time (see St. Paul Siants, Hudson Valley Renegades). But this just sounds so bad.

Of course there will be special jerseys that the players will wear that day (and you can bet that the Wilpons will sell those jerseys in the Baracklyn Team Store).


The Mercury Mets Of A-Ball

I’m letting Cyclones Fan have the lead post this morning (see his rant above) but I need to get Baracklyn out of my system.

Baracklyn?  This is the Mercury Mets of A ball.

The Wilpons will get it wrong every time.

Bobblehead day?  Fine.  We all like a giveaway.

Having fun with a pun?  Ok fine.

Baracklyn Uniforms?   Awful.

Here’s some info from the official website:

So, like Obama’s campaign itself, the Baracklyn Cyclones took shape — slowly at first, gaining a groundswell of support along the way, and picking up steam at every turn.  Now, here we are a few months later, about to announce a landmark event in the Cyclones history. 

A groundswell of support?  With who?

First up, we needed to introduce the idea to our ownership group…..We were armed with bulleted ideas for the night’s entertainment, sketches and mock-ups of jerseys and bobbleheads, and the passion that comes with a belief in a great idea.  But lo and behold…everyone loved it!  We had cleared our biggest hurdle (or so we thought at the time) without so much as breaking a sweat.  I have to admit, it was a bit anti-clamactic.

Summary:  The Wilpons love it.

All that stood in our way now was the legalities having to do with changing a team name — and, in particular, the name of the place that houses that team — and whether or not we could legally use Barack’s name and image in conjunction with our promotion.  Thankfully, after much diligent research on the parts of Minor League Baseball and our own legal team, it was determined that we could, in fact, “change” our name for a day, and that because of his status as an elected public official, Obama was fair game.

Well then, why not go whole hog?  Why not have the team play a day as the Brooklary Clintons?   Maybe honor Brooke Shields?

Are we missing anything in our tribute to Barack Obama as the next leader of the free world?  Is there anything you’d like to see us doing differently, or better?

Please send any suggestions to info@baracklyncyclones.com.

Yes please do

We can’t guarantee that we’ll use them, but we’d love to hear what you think will make the Baracklyn Cyclones night on June 23rd even better!


The Mets Patch, The Rust, Baracklyn and The Pettitte-Manny Conspiracy

Some quick hits.   This patch on the left showed up today.   I think we all agree it is awful and stupid.  It doesn’t say what inaugural season.   Is it a trick to fool a future archaeologist to think the Mets first season was 2009?

I find it very interesting that it doesn’t mention the corporate sponsor.  You know the one that takes taxpayer money and gives it to the Mets.

Does $20 million not get you on the uniforms?  Are the Mets actually sensitive to the taxpayer backlash?  Are they worried that the name of the stadium may change if something happens to the name of the bank corporation?  It has to be one of those three reasons, right?

The good news is now we finally know what the 2009 uniforms will look like.   I have previously asked why are Mets uniforms a state secret?  At least now we know something.   Pinstripes with black shading is back.  Unlike the recent black uniform variant rumor I believe this one to be true because the always excellent Uni Watch reported it.   By reported it I mean killed it.


Now the quick hits.  The New York Post showed that Taxpayer Field already has rust on it.  It’s hard to tell from the picture in the left here but in the Post you can see it.  I apologize to all taxpayers for displaying the name of the bank but I don’t have an hour to photshop.

Tonight I read the Mets are offering three years to Ollie.  That’s good.  He’s a nice middle of the rotation guy, and we know he won’t melt in a tough spot.  Let’s just make sure we don’t need to hand him the ball in Game 162.

A co-worker suggested how the Yankees will wind up with Manny Ramirez.   The Mets need to sign Andy Pettitte and then five minutes later the Yankees will announce NO NEED TO LOOK OVER THERE HEY LOOK AT US WE SIGNED MANNY and hold the press conference on the same day.  

Finally, let’s not even start in yet about the Baracklyn Cyclones.   No that’s not me trying to be funny.  It’s real.   Here’s the teaser video, it’s yet another stupid thing the Wilpons do, which is why you need Mets Police, and we’ll have a full rant about this in the morning.


Baseball Writers Prove Their Hypocrisy Yet Again

The Hall of Fame voting results were announced this afternoon and once again, the members of the BBWAA have shown that they are a bunch of hypocrites. Ricky Henderson – a man with amazing talent that was from time to time berated by the media for being an egomaniac – and Jim Rice – one of the most feared hitters on the field yet hated by media off the field – were both elected to the Hall.

Yet Mark McGwire – who for several years was the media’s darling; who broke Roger Maris’ homerun record; who was held up as a great American in papers across the country; who hit over 500 homeruns; and who did nothing against the rules of baseball was yet again snubbed by the same writers that held him aloft just 10 years ago.

I give credit to the 118 writers who did vote for McGwire this year – and have to wonder about the 10 who voted for him last year and did not vote for him this year. In many ways they are even worse hypocrites than the rest of this sorry lot.


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