Mets Blog: Celebrity Fans On The Scoreboard

This is my favorite post of the day:  Mets Blog: Celebrity Fans On The Scoreboard

Matt from Mets Blog makes some Mets Police-like observations about the dopey celebrity Lets Go Mets videos:

In most every case, it was awkward and felt forced, and never really inspired the crowd.

I want the Mets to win, score runs, etc., on my own, because I am a fan; I don’t need a comedian or movie star to tell me when to cheer or be inspired..

And Matt’s suggestion…

I’d rather see Vito and the Citi Field audio-visual team hit up some average fan in the stands, live, and get that person to rally a cheer on the screen, assuming this has to take place at all

And the most important part is that last point….”assuming this has to take place at all.”

It doesn’t.  The Mets have gotten addicted to noise (Everybody Clap Your Hands clapclapclapclapclapclapclap.)

Get some hits, play some organ music, we’ll handle the rest.  We know when to start a “Lets Go Mets” chant, we don’t need someone to tell us.

Matt if that Mets Blog doesn’t work out for you, we’ll be happy to have you over here.  Great stuff today!


Mets Will Finish Second (In Sausages)

The National Hot Dog Council ( wants us to know that the Mets will finish second.

When it comes to hot dog’s close cousin, the sausage, no one is in the same ballpark as the Milwaukee Brewers. It is projected that 430,000 sausages will be served this year at Miller Park – the only park in all of Major League Baseball where sausages outsell hot dogs. Many of the park’s sausages and hot dogs are dipped in Milwaukee’s-own special “Stadium Sauce” before being placed in the bun.


Based on sausage consumption projections, the NHDSC has updated its 2009 Fantasy Sausage Race Rankings for the Miller Park Sausage Race, the race of sausage mascots held before the bottom of the sixth inning at every home game: #1 Brett Wurst (bratwurst), #2 Frankie Furter (hot dog), #3 Guido (Italian Sausage), #4 Stosh Jonjak (Polish sausage) and #5 Cinco (Chorizo).


The New York Mets finished a distant runner-up to the Brewers, with approximately 405,000 sausages expected to be sold at the new Citi Field this year. Finishing third in the NHDSC’s first-annual sausage consumption survey is Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, with 250,000 projected in sausage sales.


As for hot dogs, the Phillies are tops in the NL (trailing only Boston).   I never had a good dog at Shea, can’t argue this one.


More Bob Sheppard Information

Googling God has some good insight into Bob Sheppard-Gate with some (alleged) insights into Bob’s health.  While I can’t verify the accuracy of the story, I know the author of the blog and his Sheppard info has always been correct in the past.

GG says:

Bob’s been sick for a long time and is 98 and needs to get his weight up to about 155 pounds or so and has struggled to do that. He may be there now but is still very feeble. One source said that they’d find is “surprising if he can even stay awake for nine innings never mind announce 9 innings.” 

As I said, unconfirmed, but GG hasn’t been wrong about Shep in the past.

As for why Bob can’t just do the games from home….he’s 98 and has pneumonia.  I assume he just can’t.

Bob we all wish you well, hope you get another 100 years, and hope you have another game in you.

I still think the Times screwed up and published a story that wasn’t meant to go until today…and now everyone is covering.   See my story yesterday where I noticed that the permalink was coded “April 2.”

(Damn, the Mets Police got suckered into Yankee talk yet again.   Jerry Manuel need to stab someone.  Where’s Willie when I need him?)

NY Post Picture Gallery Of New Yankee Stadium

For those heading out (or not heading out) to the Yankees workout today.

From the other day….the Post’s picture gallery of New Yankee Stadium can be found here.

Remember Yankees fans, don’t bring a bag or the terrorists win.   Seriously, they won’t let you bring in a bag.  You’ll be coat-checking it at the bowling alley on River Ave.   Silly.   And take off your hat as you walk thru the gate.  Really.  “Security.”