Be Careful What You Wish For Jets Fans!

I just got an email saying:

Caller just said he was going to not renew his tix, but if favre comes, he will dip into his savings to cover his tix and psl’s…

So now fans are volunteering for PSLs?!

Jets fans, believe me, you might want to root for oh and 32 until the new stadium. Ask the Giants fans how long the Super Bowl high is lasting.

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Favre Takes On All Jinxes?

Would Brett Favre be man enough to take on both the Madden Curse (he’s on the cover) AND the curse of the Jets?

I feel like there is some other franchise that grabs players closely associated with other teams – usually at the end of their career – trying to win a championship. Can’t quite think of the name right now….Zets, Rets? Something like that.

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Favre to Jets?

Newsday just reported the Jets got permission to talk to Brett Favre.

I’m against it for the same reason I hated Glavine as a Met and Pedro as a Met.

Win with your own guys, otherwise what’s the point.

I’m sure most Jets fans will tell me I’m crazy and they’ll take a Super Bowl any way they can get it – they’d probably accept Satan at QB at this point.

Do you really want to have one year of Brett Favre?

Why would Favre want to have that one silly line on the end of his football card that says Jets.

Why would Favre take on the curse of the Jets?

When will the Jets tell us they need PSL’s to pay for increased expenses – such as Favre.

Don’t do it Jets.

Anthony Chiappone and the PSL’s

Looks like Assemblyman Chiappone is giving more than lip service to the Giants PSL’s issue.
Readers of The Mets Police have seen a few “Open Letters To The Giants” – and one of the writers copied the Assemblyman on a letter.
I am told the Assemblyman has written back.    Will keep you posted.

First Place

First Place by themselves.
And you didn’t want to fire Willie.
Congrats Jerry!

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