A-Rod to Speak To Media Tomorrow at 1:30

Oh A-Rod why won’t you ever listen to me?  You should have reported to camp early.  You should have shown up Friday so the steroid stuff could have been at least halfway buried in the Saturday paper.

Nope, you are showing up tomorrow to address the media at 1:30.  

Great, that way you have a bored sports media with no NBA highlights to eat up time (All-Star break).   This way Sportscenter can be 22 minutes of A-Rod, some college hoops and three hockey games.

A-Rod, couldn’t you have at least laid low over the weekend.  Did you need to be spotted with yet another girlfriend?

Joe Girardi sounds exhausted already, “I’m really looking forward to getting beyond Tuesday.”

A-Rod tries to do the right thing but just doesn’t know how (a point brought out really well in Joe Torre’s The Yankee Years book.)   He called Selena Roberts to apologize.  That seems nice, but I hope he read her book that is coming out in April because he may choose to back off that apology.

You can just tell that the mainstream media can’t wait to pile on.   You can tell from the pictures they use of him in articles.  They never make him look good, like this one in this Newsday article.

I’m sure Jeter will be thrilled with this conference.  It has been a week now, and I am still troubled by Jeter’s quote:

“Why would I worry about me being on that list?”

I don’t think Jeter was on steroids, but nowadays everyone is on the suspect list.  We didn’t think Pettitte was either.  I compare Jeter’s statement to Posada’s:

“Let me make myself clear.  I will never be positive.  I don’t take anything.  I’ve never tested positive in anything and I never will.”

That’s pretty clear, but then again so was Palmeiro.  Maybe I’m being unfair to The Captain and I’m asking him to defend the proverbial “When did you stop beating your wife?” question but I can’t help but wonder, why didn’t he just say “I’ve never done steroids.”

The Bronx Zoo is back in full force.  It’s pretty amazing Torre kept a lid on it for most of his tenure.



Last Week of Shea – Part 5

No activity at the site on Sunday, but still walked around and took a few pictures.

This week I’ve been seeing a lot of people coming out to say good-bye to Shea. I’ve had some great conversations with a variety of people and their memories of Shea – not just Mets games but concerts, Jets, and the Pope.

Enjoy the pictures.

You are invited to view Mets’s photo album: Feb 15
Feb 15
Feb 14, 2009
by Mets


The Week in Review

People love pictures and this week we chronicled the last days of Shea Stadium with pictures on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (We will continue with more pictures on Monday and Tuesday – until Shea is no more).

Of course the big story continued to focus Alex Rodriguez and the revelation of his steroid use and the collateral damage that may come from it. Of particular concern was Derek Jeter’s non-emphatic denial that he could be on the list of players who tested positive.

As far as A-Rod goes, we asked the hypothetical question if you would do steroids for $27 million a year? And we offered media tips to A-Rod on how to deal with the media in spring training

Meanwhile Bud Selig continues to show his hypocrisy by suggesting he would suspend A-Rod and reinstate pre-steroid records. But if he’s going to do that, then he needs to go back over 100 years to the first steroid user in baseball.

And since baseball has become so hypocritical, we here at The Mets Police offered up nominations for our Hall of Infamy.

Lastly, but not forgotten, was the announcement this week that Brett Favre was retiring (again) and that he now joins others who retired in strange uniforms.


Exposed! The First Steroid User a Hall of Famer!

Looks like Bud Selig – and for that matter the Baseball Writers of America – are once again proven hypocrites.

Selig wants to essentially punish those accused of using steroids by wiping their records from the books, or at the very least noting their numbers with asterisks. Meanwhile as we saw in the recent Hall of Fame voting, the BBWA continues to shun Mark McGwire, even though a few years ago everyone agreed he has Hall worthy numbers.

Meanwhile, there already is at least one player in the Hall of Fame who openly used steroids.

Jim “Pud” Galvin

During his career Pud used the “elixir of Brown -Sequard” – testoterone drained from the gonads of an animal – before games. The use was reported in the Washington Post in 1889:

“If there still be doubting Thomases who concede no virtue of the elixir,
they are respectfully referred to Galvin’s record in yesterday’s
Boston-Pittsburgh game. It is the best proof yet furnished of the value of
the discovery.”

And it worked. Pud was the first 300 game winner in major league history, and was selected to the Hall of Fame in 1965.

So the door has already been opened. Put in McGwire, and when thei times come, put in Sosa, Clemens, Bonds, and A-Rod. Time to move on.


Reyes Third? Jerry What Are You Thinking?

Multiple reports out yesterday say that Jerry Manuel is thinking about batting Jose Reyes third.


I came to like Jerry last year, but even the thought of doing this makes absolutely no sense. Reyes (or as my Mets Police colleage calls him Over-Reyes) does not have eitther the discipline or the tempermant for that slot. Plus, why would you put your fastest player in the three hole? Can anyone show me where that has happened before?

If this is the type of decision Jerry’s going to be making in 2009, I really fear for this season.