New York Giants Southpaw Don Liddle (Centerfield Maz)

As I mentioned in the previous post – Centerfield Maz is kind enough to let us grab entire posts.   Any opportunity I have to popularize the New York Giants I will grab.   I knew nothing about the below until I read Centerfield Maz.   If only there were somewhere in Queens where we could learn about former National League baseball teams.

MONDAY, MAY 25, 2009

NY Giants Southpaw Don Liddle – The Catch & The Glove

Don Liddle was born May 25, 1925 at Mt. Carmel, Illinois. The short left hander was drafted by the Boston Braves in 1946 then was traded to the Giants in a big trade before the 1954 season. Liddle went over to New York with pitcher Johnny Antonelli for Bobby Thomson & Sam Calderone. He was used as both a starter and reliever in the ’54 Championship season going 9-4 with a 3.06 ERA.

Liddle was brought in relief of Sal Maglie in Game #1 of the 1954 World Series to pitch to slugger Vic Wertz. With two men on, manager Leo Durocher summoned Liddle to do what was not common in the fifties, pitch to one batter,and get him out. Wertz ripped Liddle’s pitch approximately 450 feet to right enter field in the vast Polo Grounds. Willie Mays tracked it down making the most famous over the shoulder catch in history. Leo came out and pulled Liddle, bringing in pitcher Marv Grissom. In one of the greatest baseball quotes ever, during the exchange of the ball, Liddle looks at Grissom and said “I got my man”.

Liddle was chosen as the starter in Game #4 at Cleveland. He went into the 7th inning allowing five hits, & four runs, but only one of them was earned behind three errors. He got the win as the Giants scored seven runs off Bob Lemon & Hal Newhouser, sweeping the Series for the Championship. After the Series he was honored in his hometown with a parade and a red convertible.
The next season Liddle went 10-4 with a save, his ERA was high, over four. In 1956 he was traded to St. Louis and ended his brief career. (28-18, 4 saves & 3.75 ERA.) After baseball he was a supervisor in a Snap on tool factory in Mt. Carmel, Illinois for 18 years. He passed away from cancer at age 75 in 2000.

THE GLOVE: In 1955 Craig Liddle, Don’s son was visiting in the Giants club house. Willie Mays told the boy he heard he needed a new glove, and gave him his old one. The same glove used to make “the Catch” with in the previous World Series. He told the boy “take care of the glove & it will take care of you”. The boy used it in Little League, then preserved it in a bank vault before donating it to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Centerfield Maz Blogger Catches Foul Ball At New York Mets Game

Centerfield Maz who is cool enough to let us borrow entire posts emailed me that he caught a foul ball.   So here’s the re-cap….(why not)

I’d like to know more about the jersey he is wearing.   Is it a classic road?  Is that an R we see?  What is that material?

Maz runs a cool retro-blog so if you want to know who Willie Montanez was, it’s not a bad place to go.

THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2009

centerfield maz catches Ramon Castro’s Citi Field Foul Ball

I am proud to say that at last nights Mets win over the Nationals, not only did I witness live, (1) the 1st ball affected by the right field Pepsi Porch over hang (2) the 4th Mets win in a row (3) Rookie Fernando Martinez getting booed for lazily not running out a pop fly that was dropped (4) another Santana win, and a wild wacky game as a whole. But I also caught the second foul ball of my life. Well I actually didn’t catch it, but I benefited from a miss play of the row in front of me. 

In the 2nd inning Ramon Castro hit three foul balls in my area (Section 409), I got the third. First the ball hit off some ones arm in front of me, then the ball bounced into my row, and beneath the scrum of hands, elbows and heads banging together, I came out victorious!! Yes thanks to an assist I got my first Citi Field ball. I was impressed to see all the balls used at Citi Field games have the Inaugural season logo on them.

My 1st foul ball was caught in at Shea in 2005. I was down in the 1st row off the San Francisco Giants dugout at a Sunday double header. There was hardly anyone in the seats due to the fact that the DH was added because of a prior rain out. The Giants Jason Ellison hit a high fly ball right above me, it came down like it was in slow motion. I caught it with one hand & cupped it with my other hand. The crowd cheered, and I felt like a little kid. Security came over to see if I was ok, and I said couldn’t be better.

Mets played Meet the Mets instead of Sweet Caroline

Metsblog says that Meet the Mets was played in the 8th (instead of
Caroline which they played and I booed on Wednesday.)

That's great.

I'm starting to think someone in Flushing is reading the blogs.

Let's see if it sticks. I must have tickets today since I bought a
Saturday package. Oh wait… isn't a Saturday in ticketland.
Monday was.

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Paul McCartney Is The Best Choice For First Concert At Citi Field

Great choice.

He played the very first concert at Shea Stadium 44 years ago. Now, a touring industry website reports that Paul McCartney will perform the very first show at its replacement: Citi Field.
The site says that “various reliable touring industry executives” have the ex-Beatle baptizing the sterling new stadium as a music venue with shows on July 17th and 18th, with a possible third performance added on the 21st.
Last fall, McCartney appeared at the final concert held at the now demolished Shea, as a guest star for Billy Joel’s series of shows there.
The proposed new concerts would take place during a break in the Mets’ schedule, between July 12th and 27th.

Read more in the Daily News

Mailbag: 1987 New York Mets, Shea Stadium Markers

Catching up on some comments from the week as we kill time until 7:10.

DyHrdMET has left a new comment on your post “Are The Shea Stadium Markers Misplaced By The New …“:

Alex is NOT crazy at all. I thought that a) the bases looked too close together, and b), the infield diamond wasn’t positioned correctly. I posted something on May 13 describing where to find this for yourself and similar thoughts that it wasn’t right. 

Now that’s interesting….here’s what DyHard wrote on his blog Remembering Shea:
When I found the markings, two things seemed wrong to me. It’s probably just my perception and inability to judge distance. The bases seemed less than 90 feet apart from each other. But I’m looking in an open parking lot and not in the context of a baseball field/stadium (which I haven’t been on an MLB size diamond on the diamond itself in a long time). They diamond as a whole seemed too close to Citi Field. Again, same perception or lack thereof. I know that the batter’s eye from Shea almost bumped up against Citi Field, on what is now the big sidewalk outside the ticket windows. I need to find aerial shots of them together and Citi by itself to judge better. The one thing I wouldn’t want to see, but would help greatly with the perception would be a chalk outline of Shea, marking the playing surface features and the exterior wall of the stadium. I could have walked 410 feet from home plate through second base towards the new ballpark (where it’s a perfect 90 degree angle with the outside wall), but I stopped counting at 14 paces and got on line to go inside. I did exit from the stairwell that lets out right in that line, probably 450 feed from Shea’s home plate.

Hmmm very interesting.   Can’t wait until one of the bigger blogs or newspapers notice this whole discussion.
Schoey has left a new comment on your post “Helping The New York Mets Get Rid Of Black Uniform…“:

First thing they need to do is fire Charlie Samuels or at least not let him choose what jerseys they wear. The black jerseys have been killing me since day one. The Mets have absolutely no tradition as a team. If you have been to Citi Field this year you know what I mean. (more below)

The Mets should have one cap – Royal Blue
And two Jerseys – Home – Pinstripes
Away – Grey

They can also toss that ugly two color cap that they wear 10 times more at home then their actual home cap (royal blue)

Went to Citi Field a couple of weeks ago and I thought the Mets were an expansion team playing it’s first year….Give me any 50 feet in the new Yankee Stadium and you will see more pictures and memorabilia than all of Citi combined.

BTW, I’m still calling it Shea!!!! And would the Mets please put Ralph Kiner & Bob Murphy’s name next to the retire players (you could also throw Lindys name in there also)

And that’s another thing…they have only retired one players number in 47 years…Ughhhh 

It sure is odd.  I think 17 should be the next one retired.  For Monday I will have an article (already pre-posted) that speculates that they would not have retired #14 had Gil lived.  Great idea about Kiner, Murph and Lindsay.

On Monday I mentioned that “2009 Reminds Me Of the 1987 New York Mets” which led to this comment.

The expectations for a dynasty make 1987 the worst season ever followed by 1988 and then the last two years. We expect bad things to happen now after the last two years so it can’t possibly feel worse than when Pendelton hit the HR and then in 1988 when Scioscia hit his.

Connie Sewer has left a new comment on your post “New York Mets Uniform Survey Part 2“:

Whatever they do, they have to name it after an older met – especially to quell the gripes from the #42 naysayers (the folks saying crap like, “Robinson wasn’t even a met”). Hodges is good since his number is retired (hodges crossing?). I think in keeping with the historical nature of the stadium, the older the player, the better.

Regarding today’s post “A Curious List Of New York Mets Players“:

Excellent point…to a point. Even though the correlation isn’t 1-1, a strong argument can be made that championships should be played at the *end* of the season.

It’s been said before… let them play the WBC in the winter leagues. Then they can recover before the season.

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There’s a lot of fans like us (and I mean YOU and me) out there – and we’re forming a nice little community here – keep those ideas coming!   Thanks!