Flushing Islanders

In case you missed it – there was a small flurry yesterday and frankly I forgot about it – the VP of the Queens Chamber of Commerce suggested the Islanders come to Willets Point.
Now the Isles can’t go anywhere until 2015, and there’s no hockey arena next to C-Field but let’s pretend for a second there is (unless you want to go back to steroid talk).
Would it work?
Would fans from Suffolk trek to Queens?  I don’t see it.    Nassau?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  It’s kind of annoying to drive from Nassau to Queens on a weekday or Saturday between 5 and 7pm.   I guess people do it for baseball.
Would you work in the city all day, go to the arena, and then head home?  I don’t see it, but then again I guess people do it for baseball.
Would the Nets come there?  Brooklyn is a pipe dream.  The Nets should cut-bait and head to Newark.   Would you go see the Flushing Nets?
I’m wishy washy on this one, but I think it wouldn’t work.  It’s better than the KC Islanders, but it’s not the best choice.  I still think an arena on Route 110 between the parkways is the best idea. 


Suspend A-Rod? Asterisks? Time For Bud To Go

Time for Bud Selig to step down.
Bud Selig has been the commissioner for the Steroid Era.   It’s time for him to turn the reigns over to someone else.   Fay Vincent doesn’t look so much like a cranky old man now, does he?  Where’s Bart Giamatti when you need him?
Bud spoke to USA Today.  (http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/2009-02-11-selig-rodriguez-suspension_N.htm).   Bud is thinking about suspending A-Rod.
Will he suspend the other 103 players?   Whatever happened to privacy and anonymity?
Are we really going to have 103 players (or however many are active) sit out 50 games?
In the same article Bud talks about reinstating Hank Aaron as the home run champion.
Asterisks, huh?  That didn’t make sense for 61* and it doesn’t make sense now.
The ball flew over the fence, it’s a home run.  Deal with it.
Below is the section for “Most Home Runs In A Season” from the Baseball Record Book (Selig Edition)
Bonds             73*
McGwire         70*
Sosa                66*
McGwire          65*
Sosa                64*
Sosa                63*
Maris               61
Ruth                 60**  (154 games new double asterisk)
Gotta be honest, looking down that list a little further I’m seeing a bunch of names from the 1930’s, some suspects like Luis Gonzales (57) and that 58 Ryan Howard hit in 2006 really catches my eye.
Brian Cashman said, “No one can wave a magic wand and make it all go away.”
As Howie Rose would say, “Put it in the books” and move on.

How about Simms for the Jets?

How about Chris Simms for QB of the NYJ?
They don’t have an obvious choice for quarterback, and Simms at age 28 is a free agent.
He showed some promise before injuries got to him (spleen, not a shoulder or elbow or leg) and you may have heard of his father around these parts.
Part of putting a team together is the marketing, and I think having someone named Simms on the team would help sell some green jerseys at Modells.  

The Last Week of Shea – Part 1

So it’s being reported that the last parts of Shea should fall to the ground either Friday or Monday, Anyone who has seen it recently can clearly see that the end of the old broad is near (let’s face it, she was never a lady).

I drive past Shea every day on my way to and from work. I have witnessed the painfully slow demolition over the last few months so much so that it has numbed me.

Until this week.

Seeing the last section standing there by itself – well, it got to me. So MetsPolice and I this week will be taking pictures of Shea almost every day, documenting her last days.

Feel free to view and comment.

You are invited to view Mets’s photo album: Shea on Feb 9, 2009
Shea on Feb 9, 2009
Feb 9, 2009
by Mets
Pictures from the final week of Shea’s demolition


It’s "Too Expensive" For Lance Armstrong To Be Tested?

Yes linking to the Times is lazy blogging but thought this was sharing in light of this weeks #1 sports topic.

Published: February 12, 2009
Don Catlin, the well-known anti-doping scientist who Lance Armstrong hired to create his strict and transparent anti-doping program, is parting ways with Armstrong.

Don Catlin, the prominent antidoping scientist who was supposed to run Armstrong’s program, said Wednesday that they had decided earlier in the day to part ways, without Catlin’s obtaining a full blood and urine sample from Armstrong. The program was too complex and too costly, Catlin said, and the decision to terminate it was mutual.

I’m no scientist but it’s complex and costly to pee in a cup and take some blood?

“You’re coordinating collectors … doing all these things. It became a nightmare of logistic issues and also, when you’re drawing blood, an athlete can rightfully complain if you take too much.”

What don’t I understand?  Hit comments…