Funny "Lee Mazzilli" Google Alert

Got this from Google…

Report: Strawberry to serve up sex and drugs expose – USA
Strawberry’s teammates from the 1986 championship team included big names such as Keith Hernandez, Dwight Gooden, Lee Mazzilli, Ron Darling, Lenny Dykstra, 

Big names?  Lee Mazzilli is a big name?  Someone at Fox must read my dopey blog and believe the hype.

And don’t go mixing my boy Lee in with two coke fiends and Lenny’s (cough) workout program.  Them’s fighting words!


Favre Isn’t Alone

Willie Mays on the Mets

Keith Hernandez on the Indians

Joe Namath on the Rams

Steve Carlton on the Indians/Twins/White Sox

Jerry Rice on the Seahawks (bet you forgot that one)

And now…..Brett Favre on the Jets

Favre joins a list of once good or great players that ended their career with the wrong team, in a bad way… all because their ego was too big.

Does it diminish their achievements? Not at all. But it does stain the memory we have of their career.

Who else would you add to this list?

Manny Book, Straw Book, Nice Head Brett, When Does Baseball Return?

Wow I’m really looking forward to an actual baseball game.
Months of stadium names, Torre’s book (which is great and really a Verducci book), Manny and A-Rod.  It’s exhausting.
So I type “Mets” into google and hope for some news.
What do I get….
Strawberry has a book coming out.  Hey guess what, the 1980’s Mets liked drugs and women.   There’s nothing new there.  Even the anecdote about a pitcher and his sex habits (if you care enough to read a blog called Mets Police you know who that was, and I spend a lot of time in the stands in the 80s and there were two large bosomed ladies who, well…) – even that anecdote is boring.   What’s going to be in there that would really shock at this point?
So I google “Manny Ramriez” – maybe there’s something there.
Nope.  He has a book too!   I’m booked out fellas.  I don’t need books when I have baseball,  I need them in Dceember.  Anyway here’s a link about that:
Brett Favre?  I feel like we did that too.  It’s really really really stupid to have a Hall of Fame career and then tag it with one dopey season on the Jets.  Nice head (as we say in Queens).

Favre Retires – For Real This Time (Maybe)

Looks like playing for the Jets finally made Favre realize his career was over.

According to ESPN Favre has told his agent to let the Jets know he is retiring…



It’s for good this time

Until August when he will want to play one last time for a winner

I actually do believe he is done. Playing for the Jets (just like rooting for them) can suck the life out of you.

So what did the Jets get for one year of Favre

  1. Another typical Jets collapse
  2. A fired coach
  3. An apparently dysfunctional locker room
  4. An opponent who won 1 game last year winning the division with their old QB
  5. No clear QB for next season

Yeah – that was really worth it