Best Pitching Performance In Mets History

Johan Santana is not only the man, he’s A man.    That was the best pitching performance in the history of the franchise.  I don’t want to hear about Seaver and 10 Ks in a row or Gooden on a random Friday night – that my friends was as clutch as clutch gets.

It would be the most clutch performance in franchise history if not for something called Game 6.

After all the Bonillas and Glavines and Four Inning Pedros – finally they pay someone to be the man, and he asks for the ball, says gimme the ball and don’t come get me – and hands in a hell of a game.

The Ace of Aces.

Now tomorrow can go several ways – it might be one of the most amazing days in Shea Stadium history – or we might be booing the snot out of the bullpen and grumpy all through the post-game.   Maybe we’ll have to come back Monday for Game 163.   Thanks to The Ace any of these is a possibility.

They might as well hang a #57 on the wall tomorrow.   I don’t care if this guy sucks for the next 5 seasons.  I don’t care if his arm falls off and he pulls a Pavano.    This was an all-time Mets performance – again not just the performance, but the requesting of the ball – and for that he will forever be loved.


Congratulations Phillies.  You earned it.

Tomorrow morning at 8 will reveal the results of the Dopiest Moment In Shea Stadium History poll.   Today is too feel good to get bitchy.

Note, this post was touched up on September 29, 2018 to add a featured image and the Santana jersey.  Formatting on the site changed over the decade. The words are the original words.

Mets Police and 6,000 Others Don’t Show Up At Shea

Paid attendance last night of 49,545.

Final weekend of the stadium.

Pennant race.

I wasn’t there either.

Now for me, I’d rather watch the game on HD than sit in rainy dreary Shea in the cold, and I don’t live next door to Shea like I once did – but I think it’s a fair criticism from the blogs who are saying we’re lame fans.

Even Tom Seaver showed up.

Unfortunately, the Mets offense and bullpen declined to show, and tomorrow is gearing up to be BooFest 2008. It will be like BooFest 2007 but twice as loud. I hope Omar Minaya enjoys his four year contract extension. Well earned Omar.

They are insane if they don’t bring Jerry Manuel back. Even as leader of Lee Mazzilli Nation, I can’t see someone doing a better job than Jerry. He’s been fielding a AA team most nights.

Hooray for The Ace in demanding the ball today. You will the hearts of Metsdom forever just by taking the hill today even if you give up 10 runs in the first. The effort and desire will be appreciated.

In the meantime there’s still a few hours left to vote for The Dopiest Moment In Shea Stadium history – check out the main page on

Hopefully the Mets have read this:  25 Ways To Make The Shea Finale A Good One.

I’d like to enjoy my Sunday afternoon, not sit there all hostile.  I’d like to use my playoff tickets.  I don’t want to spend October half-rooting for the Rays and/or Joe Torre.  I will however be glad to be rid of Four Inning Pedro.

Mets Sell Off Everything

Stumbled across this:Section Six Blog

The last thing that frustrates me about this is why are the Mets selling everything?  Are you telling me the Mets championship banners aren’t worth keeping?  Are the Mets simply going to forget Shea even existed?  When you walk into CitiField and see a statue of Jackie Robinson, who wasn’t even a Met, wouldn’t you want to also see the old banners hanging from the rafters?  Why aren’t the Mets planning on a small museum within the new stadium for the Mets history, including Willie Mays’ old locker, Ralph Kiner’s door to the press box, Tom Seaver’s retired number and the 1969 and 1986 banners?  Doesn’t it make you kinda sick that the Mets are just tossing these things aside, and in some cases having new replica’s replace them?  Well, it makes me sick, but you know what, it is par for the course, the Mets have always been a Mickey Mouse franchise.  Let’s see how the the crosstown club handles this.

And Loge 13 also asked a good question: Why did the Mets sell the 1986 banner?

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