Stars Hats With Black, Really?

Mets Police are off to enjoy fireworks but come on guys, did Charlie Samuels not realize the $35 hats would look better with gray than black.

Idiots. Over and over and over. Never ends. They yet again look like the Dunder Mifflin softball team.

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Why Is This Hat $35?

I kinda like these (it is blue) – and I like charity but $35 for a cap?  I’ve been looking around, it’s $35 everywhere.  

Normally New Era Caps are $25….so I guess we’re donating $10 to charity?   New Era couldn’t knock off a few bucks?

Giants Fans Are Suckers

Just drove past the decrepit falling down Giants Stadium and realized:

Everyone is rolling over on the Personal Seat Licenses.   There is very little chatter.  Even the Giants fans I know and stick up for are shrugging their shoulders.

I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself.  Go write those checks.  Suckers.

Rays Still Clinch Playoff Spot

36,000 plus in Tampa last night.  Rays up 3.5

They started some bum pitcher named Kazmir who had nothing.   The Rays would be smart to trade him to an unsuspecting general manager (say Omar Minaya) for a crappy starter who will be out of baseball in two years.  The Mets have one of those who wears #45.  

The Rays couldn’t be that dumb could they?  I mean who would trade Scott Kazmir for a useless pitcher?

Rays, well done, enjoy your day off.  Enjoy your holiday weekend with KC, and I’ll check in with you Tuesday night for the Kazmir-Ponson matchup in the Bronx.

Guys Named Pedro Are Lousy Pitchers

One of the Mets starters is 2-2 with a 7.39 ERA.  He is unable to get to the sixth inning.   He has won 9 games in two years.   He is not who The Mets think he is, and should never have been signed.  (He’s a Red Sock, it was just as silly as when they signed Tom “Cylon” Glavine).

Meanwhile another Pedro blew a potential comeback victory.

The rest of the blogosphere is welcome to start blogging about Pedro Martinez being done whenever you’re ready.  We’re here waiting for you.

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