It’s 2008: Can We Have The NFL Doubleheader

If you live anyplace else you get something cool called the “NFL Doubleheader.”   That’s where one channel shows both a 1pm game and a 4pm game.  In one of those time periods you will find there’s a game on both channels.  You may have even occasionally seen this when the Giants or Jets are off.

Unfortunately there’s a horrible phrase that I’ve heard since I was a child, “Except in New York.”

Yep the rest of the country will get to see the 11-0 team play the 10-1 team but you in New York get to see the 3-7 Jets take on the 1-9 Chargers (ok maybe not this year but you get the point.)

The NFL has this antiquated thinking that if there’s a “second” game on in New York suddenly people won’t attend football games.   That’s right, it’s fine to send someone a $20,000 PSL bill but it’s the chance to watch Chiefs-Ravens that will make them give up the seats they’ve had for 50 years.

The Giants waiting list is said to have over 80,000 people on it.  The Jets have over 10,000.   I’m sure it won’t be televising the Browns-Raiders game to NYC that bankrupts the league, they seem to be doing ok.


NFL Seeks To Speed Up Games

This is a few days old but I’ve been writing ahead to cover the blog this week while I’m on the road.

The NFL is worried about the length of games, which is a good thing.   Much like baseball, the game has gotten way too long.   It’s very annoying when a game sails past 1pm and we get cut-off at 4:15.  I stopped watching SNF and MNF because I can never see the end.  I stopped watching the baseball playoffs this year for the same reason.  I don’t even start the games, I just live without it.

Anyway. the NFL is putting the onus on the refs.

The league hires professionals to calculate different variables each week – total plays, instant-replay reviews, injuries, penalties called – to project how long games should have taken. Refs overseeing contests that go over that specified time are graded down.


As scoring has steadily increased over the last three years, from an average of 41 points per game in 2005 to 45 through last weekend, it’s a challenge for the league.
Each point adds an average of 43 seconds to a contest, according to league data.

And silly:
The NFL has also steadily cut the length of halftime by about 15 seconds in the past three years.

No Shea But Shakes

Yeah this is a lame post but I am on the road and wanted to have at least something “generic” every day in case i don’t get to email something in.

Here’s some info about the food at Citi Field.

Citi Field’s outfield concourse, accessible to all ticket holders, will feature:

  • Blue Smoke: the pioneer of urban ’cue, Blue Smoke will offer mouthwatering real pit barbecue (Highlights: Pulled Pork Sandwich and Kansas City Ribs)

  • Shake Shack: the enormously popular hamburger and hot dog stand that made a splash with its original location in Madison Square Park will griddle up game day favorites (Highlights: ShackBurger and Shack-Cago Dog)

  • Taquería (name TBD): this new concept will feature authentic tacos

  • Pop Fries: another new concept for USHG, this frites stand will serve freshly-cut, Belgian-style fries with a variety of dipping sauces.

Mets Soccer Team?

Not yet…but this was a pretty interesting article from the other day (I’m on the road and pre-loading articles) with the MLS commissioner who discusses discussions with the Wilpons and some insight into the league philosophy of playing in the summer and having a playoff system.

Published: November 18, 2008
Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber spoke with The New York Times during the week leading up to the league championship game.

Maybe Newark Should Lock The Devils Out

I’m not an investigative reporter.  I’m just a fat guy with a dopey blog.  I keep reading stories every week about the Devils being accused of not paying their debts.   Perhaps Newark should lock the building and encourage the Devils to find a new home until they pay up.   That’s better than the way things usually get solved in NJ.

Devils Deadbeats?

City officials say they’re still waiting for the hockey team to pay for sewer installation and small businesses displaced by the arena, along with contractors and sub-contractors who say they are also awaiting checks for services rendered.

At the same time, a half-dozen businesses forced out of the arena zone by eminent domain say they are struggling to get by without reimbursement for their moving expenses. The Housing Authority and the Devils are fighting over who must pay the roughly $750,000 in relocation costs.

Jorge Aguayo, whose pompom factory was forced out of the zone, is owed $292,000, his attorney, William Ward, said.

The housing authority argues the Devils must pay the relocation costs since the city handed over $220 million to fund the construction. The city and other public agencies have also spent $85 million fixing up the area around the Prudential Center.