Googling God: Mike and the Mad Dog – RIP

Googling God: Mike and the Mad Dog – RIP


One Fan’s Experience At Giants Stadium

Got this from someone who attended the Evil Money Grubbing Giants From New Jersey game last night:
Security guy wouldnt let me in with a small paper bag with some comics in it even though I opened it up for him…..I go inside and see women with pocketbooks
I get excessively patted down every single part of my body  – never been patted down before like that.
I go into the stadium — hand out almsot 40 NO PSL flyers to people.  No one waving them at all — I was the only one standing up with it during the commercial breaks.   Ooooh we are scared to get into trouble.
Walked up the stairway holding it — maybe a few hi fives and “Mara/Tisch suck” chants thats it.  Got some contemptious smirks from Giant player families sections — wonder if they will have to pay PSLs?
Dont even wanna talk about the train/bus abomination
Spineless “fans” deserve this organization.  I felt no enthusiasm even thought they won.       

Enjoy The Game

Looking forward to hearing how long this takes folks tonight – and how many people are late because they go to the Port Authority.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Event bus No. 351 from the Port Authority bus terminal in NYC will no longer operate for Meadowlands Sports Complex Events (Giants, Jets, Red Bulls and Nets games, concerts, family shows and special events).
Beginning Thursday, September 4, 2008 (Giants vs. Washington Redskins game) NJ TRANSIT will replace No. 351 Bus service with a new rail/bus shuttle service between Penn Station New York and the Meadowlands Sports Complex via Secaucus Junction Rail Station (arena and stadium events). With the launch of this new service, Bus No. 351 will no longer operate to the Meadowlands from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
Here’s how the new service works: Customers traveling to the Meadowlands for sporting events, concerts, family shows and other major events will board trains at Penn Station New York (PSNY) and transfer at Secaucus to waiting shuttle buses to the Meadowlands. Regular $10 roundtrip tickets will be sold at all PSNY ticket windows and ticket vending machines. For major events, dedicated ticket windows will be available at PSNY for your convenience.  

No large bags, backpacks, duffel bags, computer bags, briefcases, coolers, video cameras, or umbrellas are permitted in Giants Stadium, and there is no claim check area to store any such items.  Patrons will no longer be able to “check” these items at the gates and retrieve them after the game.
Enjoy the game!

New Jersey Marlins

Just read that the Marlins played in front of 600 people yesterday.   That’s awful.   Ever consider northern NJ fellas?

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