Congratulations Joe Torre

Congratulations to Joe Torre on once again reaching the postseason. Insert Yankee and Hank digs here. 'Nuff said.

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Rats I Have To Root For 4 Inning Pedro

First the good news. I heard Russo say the Mets have used up their allotment of day-night doubleheaders (who knew? Apparently 2 home and 2 away is the cap.). That suggests those of us with Sunday tix won't get hosed. Maybe we'll even get a doubleheader of the real kind.

It's just as likely we'll need to miss work Monday.

As for tonight, I guess I have to root for Four Inning Pedro. I can see him now, staring at the sky, down 2-0 in the first. I have no confidence in this guy, do you?

Unfortunately there's nobody else. Let's go 4 inning Pedro (in his likely Mets finale).

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One Thing Hank Steinbrenner Was Right About

The other day Hank said this (during a backhanded rip of Joe Torre):

“The biggest problem is the divisional setup in major league baseball. I didn’t like it in the 1970s, and I hate it now,”

About that, I agree.   I despise Wild Cards, even when the Mets win them.   I hate the division series.  I can barely stomach the playoffs.   Win the league, play a best of 7 and move on.  Let teams finish 14th.  Too bad, play better.

87 and 71

87 and 71 is the record of a baseball team havin an awful year. A disappointing year. An unacceptable year. A year that will cause major player reevaluations.

That's the record of a baseball team from New York City. Actually it's the record of both teams from New York City.

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"It’s Bad" and Maybe For The Best

Jerry Manuel summed it up for everyone when he said "It's bad. It's bad. It's bad."

Maybe it's for the best.

We're looking at a rain filled weekend, and even before you start talking doubleheaders you are already talking about starting Knight or Figueroa in game 161.

This is a team with one pitcher. Not one starting pitcher, one pitcher.

Maybe the some squeeze in. Maybe Santana throws 225 pitches on Sunday. Maybe Shea gets to have game 163 on Monday.

The Cubs are in coast-mode and are beating the Mets. What happens when the Mets start Four Inning Pedro and I dunno Knight and Figueroa in the NLDS. You might not even get to Santana.

So maybe it's best they collapse. Let Omar take the job a little more seriously before he gets 4 more years. Take a look at what the fanbase likes (homegrown scrappy kids that wear 28 and fewer Luis Castillos).

Maybe it's best we don't put playoff money in the Wilpon's pockets.

Maybe it's for the best that the team realizes you have to play hard in April too, a franchise-wide problem that goes back to the Bobby V days.

I'm ready to boo them one last time on Sunday and then join the rest of NYC in following The Further Adventures of Joe Torre.

See you at Citi Field by the yet unannounced thing that honors the NY Giants.

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