Video Of Shea Scoreboard Tumbling Down

Warning, this will make any Mets fan above five years old quite sad.


A-Hole Pays Jets $400,000 For Seats He Won’t Use

From the Post:
The douche who paid $400,000 for a PSL says.
“It’s a function of wanting the best, both as a lifelong fan and as a business investment,”
“I purchased them for my son, Brandon, 11, and my daughter, Brooke, 7. I will probably continue to sit in my current seats.”
So it he sending a 7 year old to the Jets game or does he plan to scalp them for 10 years.  Nice going Jets.  Enjoy your money.
In other PSL news, the 6-1 Super Bowl champion Giants cannot compete in the modern NFL without a new stadium.

Islanders Get It (Uni’s)

The Islanders unveiled their new alternate uniform Monday night at an Islanders Business Club event prior to the start of their game against the New York Rangers. The new uniform, which is reminiscent of the ones the Islanders donned in the mid-1970s, is royal blue with white numbers and letters, outlined in orange.
If only certain baseball teams would take heed.   Wear what you were born wearing. 
The Islanders were stupid to add the fisherman, and stupid to continue with the modern darker blue.
Blue and Orange.  Never Black.  The way sports teams should be.


Mets Police hate the Jets for leaving Shea Stadium and wound up as 49ers fans.
I’m psyched for Coach Singletary and the way he throws knuckleheads off the field (Vernon Davis).  Also a good call to put Shaun Hill back under center.
This is interesting – Vernon Davis has his own blog, and responds to Coach Singletary.