Rain Helps People See End of World Series

Mother Nature figured out a way tohave people on the East Coast actually see the end of a World Series game – by playing the last three innings at 8pm.
I love this idea.  Play 6 innings one night, then play three more the next night.
I’m excited to actually see a 7th inning tonight.   Of course this being baseball the game is still likely to go past 11.
Oh and the forecast is for snow today.  Awesome.
Hey Phillies fans – it’s better for you that the Rays tied it.  WOuld you really want to win the World Series by decree after a three hour rain delay?


OMG Greatest Old Mets Video Ever!

Yes all I did was read uniwatch and click their link – but this is the greatest thing ever.

SNY Pay attention (ding ding ding) and collect these things and show them. We don’t need Chris Carlin asking people dopey questions.

Air these!!!