I Was Right When I Called You Names

Back on April 27th when everyone was calling WFAN begging the Mets to just release this guy, the Mets Police called you front-runners.  You are.  5 months later and this guy could run for mayor.

Repost from April 27th:

Delagdo: You’re All Front-Runners

Let me get this right:

Friday Night the vibe was ejubilation that he was benched.

Today he gets a curtain call?

Are we running him out of town or sending him to the All Star Game? (Speaking of which why have some teams have had it twice since the Mets have).

You’re all fickle. Leave Delgado alone and focus your wrath on Omar giving Castillo four years and Pedro being useless (see “Pedro Exposed” below).


Uecker Better Than Your Broadcaster

Spent the last three innings listening to Bob Uecker today.  Much like my experience with Jon Miller, it was pleasant to listen to one man do a game solo.  

Never mind Uecker’s beer commercial persona, he calls a good game.   Sure he’s a homer – got a little to excited on a fly ball – but he also razzed the fans after the Mets scored in the eight basically saying “calm the hell down everyone we have two more at bats.”  Maybe it was something like “what are you booing for?” but the message was the same.

It’s always a pleasure to hear a game without endless in-inning commercials (I only percieved one, for a sausage!) and without some schmoe telling you “23 Skidoo And Bobby Abreu” or whatever nonsense Sterling has this week….and because I like to razz Howie Rose, I actually believed the attendance figures.  22 straight sellouts for the Brewers!

Need Help From Rays Fans

Hey Rays guys (Tampa Bay Sports Blog, you out there?) –

I’m a big believer in home grown talent.  I believe most of your roster is either home grown or “our GM is smarter” (see Keith Hernandez 1983 and Scott Kazmir).

Would one of you be able to break out the roster, at least the starting 9 and the rotation by how they got there?   I don’t see anything on google and I’m too lazy to do the homework.

The Mets have spent the better part of the last decade with Braves, Red Socks, Dodgers and Cylons – and once they started playing guys named Wright and OverReyes and UnderReyes and Evans and Murphy (and soon Niese) things got a little bit better.

Hit comments and I’ll spin it into it’s own post.  Thanks!

Hey C.C. You Threw A One Hitter

This talk of going back in time and changing the scoring of yesterday’s one hitter is crazy.  

Every time someone doesn’t like a call we’re going to appeal it?   If he had given up a second hit later would they be trying to get this down to a one hitter?

What about the 1972 Red Sox?  They finished 85-70 and a HALF GAME behind Detroit who finished 86-70.   That seems sucky in retrospect.  Let’s round everyone up, play that extra game and if Boston wins let’s replay the entire playoffs.

It also seems unfair that the 1995 Expos didn’t get a chance to win the World Series.  Let’s round everyone up and play out the end of that season.

Don Denkinger – yep let’s make that good too.

Now that there’s replay and no-hitter appeals no injustice shall stand!

You accidentally name your new rotunda after someone who never played for your team?   Keith Hernandez Rotunda here we come!

You forget your team colors are blue and orange and not black?  We’ll remind you!

Mets Sell More Than 1000 Season Box Seats; TOTAL SURPASSES GIANTS

$3.95 – New York Times – Nov 17, 1961
The insigne done in orange and royal blue, official colors of the new club, be available to the Mets and Houston, the other new National League team.


NYPD Escorts Me To Yankee Game

I got stuck in traffic on my way from Flushing to Yankee Stadium today.  The Triboro (I mean, cough, RFK bridge – horrible idea renaming that one by the way) – anyway the Formerly Triboro had a lot of traffic and I knew I was going to be late for the Yankee game.

So I flagged down an officer and told him my predicament.  He turned on his siren and escorted me to the stadium.  I was comfortably in my seats by game time.

Now some of you may not believe me, but this is a new service available to all citizens that the NYPD has started offering.  Since all men are created equal, and there is no caste system in the United States, nor would the NYPD ever provide special treatment for one particular citizen (oh say, Alex Rodriguez), the next time you find yourself late to a ballgame pull over a cop car and yell “Hey buddy, how about an escort?”