The ’86 Mets, Buckner and The Bambino

This suggestion came into the mailbag…I haven’t seen it myself, might be old, but I’m all in favor of teaching our children about Mets history.   They won’t learn about it at Citi Field, so let’s buy them a book.

The ’86 Mets,
Buckner and
The Bambino

This NEW second book in the Daddy’s Heroes series tells how the New York Mets pulled off one of baseball’s most unbelievable comebacks in the Game 6 of the 1986 World Series against the Boston Red Sox. The Mets, including players like Mookie Wilson, Gary “The Kid” Carter and Ray Knight, sent Bill Buckner and the Red Sox fans home in disbelief as they wondered if they will ever be able to break “The Curse of the Bambino.”

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Obstructed Views At Mets Citi Field (Times)

Shame on me, I typed “at Shea” in the headline before I caught my mistake.   Shea had many things wrong with it, but at least I could see all 9 position players.

Sometimes I outsmart myself.  I had saved the article (for weekend content) below because I thought it was cool that these vision impaired brothers go to games.

As I was getting ready to post it on Friday night, I caught this at the bottom!

..many people sitting in the upper deck, especially deep in left field, echoed what others have said: the warning track and a large chunk of left and center field were out of view.

“Give me back Shea,” said Hal Berzow, who has a 15-game pack in Section 534. “The view I saw online was not enough. If I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn’t have bought these seats.”

The Times also made me smile with this old memory.   I did this too!

…back in the late 1970s, the team drew so poorly at Shea Stadium that the vast upper deck would be shut and fans could move down to the mezzanine deck.

But inevitably, a few fans would scramble up to the last seat in the last row of the top deck in left field or right field, the most remote perches in the stadium. They would sit there for an inning or two, perhaps enjoying an illicit smoke or the rush of the planes heading to La Guardia Airport. Eventually, a tired security guard would walk up the steep steps and tell them to come down.

And now to the nice part of the article…

Published: April 14, 2009
At Shea Stadium, Bobby and Kevin Grogan painstakingly learned how to get to their seats, find a bathroom and buy a Coke. Now they had to learn those tasks again at Citi Field.

New Yankee Stadium a Launching Pad? (LoHud)

17 home runs in 34 innings?!!  LoHud has more….

New Stadium a launching pad?

I agree…the ball seems to be flying out of there.   It will be hard to ever win a championship if you’re playing in Colorado East.   The Yankees will always be a long fly ball away from giving up (or getting) a three run home run.   That makes the game more about luck and breezes than good hitting and good pitching.

It’s only April.  I can’t wait until it’s 95.

Mets Win 5-4 In Bottom Of the 9th!

The Mets must have read the Mets Police this morning and decided to tick me off.    They wore black.  Black hats (better than the hybrid hats, but the NY disappears on those.  Just wear the Giants hats) with the black softball jerseys.   Stupid.

Livan impressed me.  That home run kinda stunk, and killed the move…but up until that pitch the article I was writing in my head was about how great he was.

Congrats to Gary Sheffield.  It tied the game so I will tip my cap (mine is blue).

Boois Castillo knocks in the winning run with two out in the 9th.   Santana tomorrow.  

Notes from my TV watching:

SNY showed a cool vintage film from 1969 opening day. (Like the old WOR-9 rain delay videos from the 70s).       Very cool.  Please show more of these.

Kevin Burhdardt telling me about the short concession lines in the Promenade….dude go away.  I don’t need to be told every night how good the food is…and the lines aren’t short, anyone who was out there this week knows there have been all kinds of problems.   The propganda crap makes me angry.

6th Inning:  Darling mentions how quiet it is at Citi Field.  We keep hearing that about both new stadiums.   Welcome to nice quiet New York?

How many times do you see teams let pitchers off the hook after putting them on the ropes (see today’s Yankee game and Mets game)?

When the Mets realize we don’t want “Sweet Caroline?”  It’s not ours.