Cubs to Open Yankee Stadium 3?

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Yankees and Cubs are in negotiations for the North Siders to play the Bombers in either 1 or 2 exhibition games prior to the start of the 2009 season.

The Cubs, who have their Spring Training facility in Arizona and open the season in Houston, would have to travel an additional 2,500 miles in order to play the 2 meaningless games. Now granted, this isn’t like traveling to Tokyo to open the season, but it does seem a bit ridiculous.


Scott Kazmir Is Starting Game 1 Of The World Series

I have nothing new to add on this subject.

My only hope is that somewhere at Citi Field that someone puts together a book or press and dopey-blog clippings and this makes it to remind the Mets we're still angry about the entire 21st century.

Kazmir is 24

Kazmir is left handed

Kazmir is starting game 1 of the World Series


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The Steve Henderson Game?

There's an article in the Ledger today about Steve Henderson (hitting coach of The Rays) and it mentions…

.."What has come to be called The Steve Henderson game.". Apparently Steve hit a home run and the Mets won, and as the article highlights this was exciting because it moved the Mets within one game of .500 and 6 of the Expos.

I'm pretty hip to the "Lee Mazzilli Mets" years but I don't recall this at all and have never heard of "The Steve Henderson Game.". Anyone?

I do vaguely remember being excited one year that they were playing .400 ball (that's a four) but that was the second half of the split 1981 season.

You kids have no idea how awful this franchise was, and how great that made 1984. I still hate the Cubs. Look it up youngins.

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Mets To Stay on 66

The Mets will have the same radio home next year.  That’s good.   That’s all.

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