No Way Jose! (If A-Rod said this..)

PLAYER NAME said he is willing to “play anywhere on the field” for the Dominican.

PLAYER said he didn’t think BASEBALL TEAM FROM NEW YORK would mind if he played a foreign position for a dopey nobody cares international tournament.

“I told (Felipe Alou) if he puts me in another position I’m going to play it because I’m here to represent my country…” the DR.

Guess who?

Nope, not A-Rod because if A-Rod said it we’d be lynching him for being stupid enough to play out of position for this WBC silliness.

Since Jose Reyes said it, it’s cool and Jose is one hell of a teammate.  If Jeter said it they’d be adding it to the highlight reel right after the Gehrig speech.

Bad idea Jose.


Most Popular on Mets Police this week

Folks never get tired of pics:  Here’s 150 pics of the New Yankee Stadium and Tons of Pics of Citi Field including some Obstructed Views at C-Field and these ones of Dying Shea  that we shared in December.

For what I believe is the first time people are starting to use the words Piazza and steroids in the same sentence.

I spelled his first name wrong and a bunch of people rightfully called me on it, but now that I know how to spell Jon Matlack people enjoyed reading about him here and here.

The headline is actually more exciting than reading that the Yankees have a new cap , but it is accurate.

I’m on a Meet the Mets and Curly Shuffle kick.

Did stayng with the Mets cost Rusty a shot at 3,000 hits?  No, but it’s fun to explore.

Finally, it’s time to let the Islanders die.

A-Rod not so stupid? Having surgery

Just breaking…A-Rod's gonna have surgery. Out 6-9 weeks. Better to
miss April than August.

Or is this just a band aid? Ask a doctor.

I feel like I have spent the last month writing about the Yankees, but
with 16 Mets at the dopey WBC it's kindvof hard not to write about A-

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Hernandez Should Talk Drugs? (and other links for a lazy Sunday)

Nothing grabbing me this morning.

T.O. to Buffalo.

I’m not in the mood to panic over Pelfrey.

Santana will be fine.

The Post reminds us that you can win a World Series with Hayes at third.

I gotta admit it would be hilarious if the Yankees win a World Series while A-Rod is out.

Interesting take by Raissman saying that Keith Hernandez should talk more about his drug past.   I tend to agree with Keith, we all know about it and it’s what 25-30 years ago now – he’s come clean (verbally and physically) – what’s the point of him bringing it up during a game, so that I have to explain about another type of drug to my kid.

Page Six has a cute DiMaggio at church story.

Newsday writes more about this Lighthouse fantasy , whereas I have realized it’s time to let the Islanders die.

Centerfield Maz tweaked his site and wrote about Carl Furillo.

Another quiet day in Flushing until this stupid WBC ends.

Bad News for Trent Edwards: Here Comes T.O. To Buffalo

You wake up this morning to learn that Terrell Owens has signed with…..Buffalo?

The Toronto Bills?

This is bad news for Bills QB Trent Edwards.    Owens has a way of turning on QBs from Garcia to McNabb to Romo.

T.O. says, “Trent has tremendous upside.”   I’m sure he does, as long as T.O. is getting 125 yards a game and the Bills go 19 and 0.

This is a weird signing for a team that finished last in a division with the Patriots and a resurgent Parcells-led Dolphins.  I guess the Bills sense opportunity now that the Jets are acting like they are going bankrupt and laying off people.

The Bills think they are one player away?   They have one foot out the door to Canada.   Maybe they were underwhelmed at the undersold Toronto games last year.   I don’t get it.