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Some links for a Saturday evening.

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Who should throw out the first pitch:  Dugout Central

Although the answer is clearly Seaver, Metsmerized suggests Gooden & Carter.

Wishing Piazza would address that which shall not be verbalized:  SI Live



I Guess The Jets & NFL Are Almost Bankrupt

What’s going on with the Jets giving people “furloughs.”

A furlough is where the boss tells you not to come in, and by the way you won’t be paid.

I’d like some time off, but my mortgage company and the electric company insist on being paid, plus I like to feed my kids – so a furlough isn’t that attractive to me.

I’m a little frustrated because I meant to write this yesterday, but since I’m not yet making millions of The Mets Police sometimes I have to do real work when in the office.  Now I feel like I’m copying from Steve Politi in The Ledger , but he had similar thoughts.

The Jets snuck into the Saturday papers that they gave some folks some time off without pay.  Sixty working class folks just won’t be paid for two weeks.

Sorry about that guys, I hope the grocery store understands.

The VP for business says, “We’ve assembled a great deal of talent, and we’re at the crossroads of building our new stadium, so we didn’t want to be shortsighted.  To let people go and then rebuild the team didn’t make sense. It was important to keep as many jobs as possible.”

What?  You’re building a new stadium (that isn’t at all needed),   You’re signing players for millions of dollars, sending ticket invoices for 15 grand, selling PSL’s and you’re going to not pay the secretary for two weeks?

That same VP added “…our business is seasonal.”

Yep the poor NFL is seasonal, just like a bar on the boardwalk.  The commish himself, Roger Goodell, took a paycut which sounds nice until you keep reading and see he’ll only make $11 million this year.   Maybe he could make ten and let the secretaries stay.

I really don’t get it.   The league is acting as if they are the one’s having trouble making money – with a rock solid national TV contract, new stadiums, and the gall to send someone like you a $15,000 PSL invoice.   Pay that and then they’ll let you buy tickets.

Same Old Jets – Shame On Jets.  You deserve another fruitless year for this one.  Enjoy your new palace on Route 3.


A-Rods injury: ratings and tickets

There's one thing everyone forgets – fans and Wilpons alike – when it
comes to baseball in the 21st century. This is about much more than
the 9 guys playing.

It's tv and tickets and marketing.

The smart thing for the Yankees to do is tell their distracting third
baseman to go have surgery. The baseball team can limp through until
the all star break. Torre's teams did that plenty of times.

The problem with that is that the NYYs understand that A-Rod is tv
programming, the "Yankee Years" are over and fans aren't all that
attached to the 21 guys not named Derek, Mariano, Jorge and Andy.

The Mets have a good shot to take back this town. I've had Yankee fans
admit to me that they think the Mets have the better stadium now. The
Mets are selling out exhibition games and college games in under an
hour. The Yankees are taking out full page ads so that they dont have
an empty lower deck. Look at the amount of ads they are running –
there's more than a few seats left.

Take A-Rod out of the lineup and those $350 tickets are that less
likely to move. Put the soap opera that is A-Rod on hiatus and folks
are likely to see what's on SNY.

I still think the Mets should have grabbed Manny for all the reasons
the Yankees Incorporated want steroids, hips and Madonna around –
it's a show!

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Did the Mets ticket severs crap out?

Did the Mets servers struggle due to high demand this morning?
My personal experience is that I got tix for Friday (after a 6 minute wait), then went back in for Saturday and got those too.
Some folks on the Mets message boards are telling of expereinces very similar to the recent Springsteen sales.
I don’t think anything nefarious happened, I think a lot of people wanted tickets.
Here’s at least three threads for you: