The Game Was Never Fair

I enjoyed this piece which takes a whimsical trip through time and shows that for every A-Rod on steroids, there’s someone on the Black Sox or someone throwing a spitball or stealing signs from the scoreboard.

Good stuff.  Here’s a taste:

Went looking for a real baseball player and took a trip to the Polo Grounds, where the New York Giants were in a playoff series with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers were leading the deciding game, 4-2, in the bottom of the ninth when New York’s Bobby Thomson delivered a “shot heard ’round the world.” Turns out Giants coach Herman Franks used to sit out in center field, steal signs and relay them to the New York bench. Was Thomson tipped off?

Went looking for a real baseball player and took a visit to Yankee Stadium, where names like Berra and Mantle dominated the game. Ralph Terry was on the hill for the Yanks and his pitches were dancing so much it looked like the hitters were trying to swat a fly. Turns out Berra was cutting balls on the back of his spikes.

Check out the whole thing.


The Mets Police Guide To 2009 Mets Giveaways

Before we over-analyze The 2009 Mets Promotional calendar – What in your opinion was the best promotion ever?  Lee Mazzilli poster day?  Strawberry Sunday?  Blue Bat Day (early 80s)?

Mon. Apr. 13 Padres  Opening Day Ticket & Lanyard  
That’s cool.  It will pair nicely with my Shea closing day one.
Fri. Apr. 17 Brewers  Keychain  
Sat. Apr. 18 Brewers  Johan Santana Drawstring Bag   
Sun. Apr. 19 Brewers  Magnetic Schedule  Emblem
Sat. Apr. 25 Nationals  Mr. Met Dash        
Wed. May 6 Phillies  Visor   
Visors are lame.  They don’t look good on anyone.  Give yours to a kid or a lady golfer.
Wed. May 13 Braves  Senior Stroll    
Fans 60 and over can participate in a leisurely stroll around the bases at Shea.  Hopefully ESPN will not move this game to 5pm, people may miss the early dinner specials.   Cheap shot, but you liked it.
Tue. May 26 Nationals  Mets T-shirt  SpongeTech First 
SpongeTech google shows me Joomla – the dynamic portal engine and content management system.  T-Shirts are next but hopefully the shirt isn’t ruined by a Joomla logo.
Sat. May 30 Marlins  Take HER out to the Ballgame  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula First 25,000 fans  
Hey honey, want to go to the Mets game?  We can get free cocoa butter!  No?  Wait, why are you walking away from me…..honey?…..but it’s the Marlins!
Sun. May 31 Marlins  Mr. Met Dash     
Unless ESPN hates children.  

Sat. Jun. 20 Rays  Cap  Nathan’s First 25,000 fans  

Only 25,000?  Nathan’s and the Mets can’t hook up everyone?
Tue. Jun. 23 Cardinals  Promotion  Budweiser   
Cool a mystery Bud promotion.  Free beer night I am sure!
Fri., Jun. 26 Yankees Cap Trade  Chevrolet First 5,000 fans  
Sat. Jun. 27 Yankees Cap Trade  Chevrolet First 5,000 fans  
Sun. Jun. 28 Yankees Cap Trade  Chevrolet First 5,000 fans      
Discussed this yesterday.   Odd to do against the Yankees.  Only 5,000?

Sat. Jul. 11 Reds  Lunchbox  Verizon First 25,000 fans  

Sun. Jul. 12 Reds  Gift Card  Dunkin’ Donuts First 25,000 fans
  & Mr. Met Dash        
unless of course ESPN decides to ruin your child’s day.

Sat., Aug. 1 Diamondbacks  Build-A-Bear Workshop® Day  Build-A-Bear Workshop First 20,000 fans  
That seems like a good promotion.  20,000 though, show up early.

Sun., Aug. 2 Diamondbacks  Promotion  Subway   
Another mystery promotion.  Can we have a sandwich?
Sat., Aug. 15 Giants  Magnetic Picture Frame  Verizon First 25,000 fans  

Fri., Aug. 21 Phillies  Sports Bag  Geico First 25,000 fans  

Sat., Aug. 22 Phillies  Promotion  Citi First 25,000 fans 
A mystery Citi promotion.  Maybe they will give back tax money to the first 25,000 fans? 

Sun., Aug. 23 Phillies  Citi Field Ballpark Replica  Harrah’s First 25,000 fans  
That’s a good one.    Odd that there’s three giveaways against the Phillies on a weekend.  I would think those games would sell out on their own.

Mon., Aug. 24 Phillies  Mr. Met Dash        
Unless ESPN hates children.   Mets-Phillies in August.  What do you think the odds of this game being moved to 8:05 are?  I put it at 98%
Sun., Sep. 6 Cubs  Frankie Rodriguez Bobblehead  Gold’s Horseradish First 25,000 fans + a Mr. Met Dash  
You can forget about that Mets dash.   New York vs Chicago on a Sunday.  Unless both these teams are 35 games out you can count on an 8:05er.  The good news is you’ll be able to watch football all day.

Giants: No Price Increase, Well Except For The 20 Grand

The money grubbing formerly of New York Giants have announced ticket prices wil be the same for 2009.  That sounds nice and all until you remember that they sent every ticket holder a mutli-thousand dollar invoice for PSLs.
In other ticket news, I notice on SNY that the Mets are advertising for seats down low.  Are they having the same problems as the Yankees?  I’m also hearing stories about folks trying to buy tickets to games and finding the uppers are full yet their are plenty of $80 seats.
Very interesting.

Omar Told Dominicans: No Way Jose

Glad to hear that Omar called the Dominicans:

From the Post

Reyes didn’t start the first game of the WBC, ceding shortstop to Hanley Ramirez before starting the final two games. Reyes said he told Dominican manager Felipe Alou he would play anywhere, but Alou told him that Mets GM Omar Minaya called Alou to demand that Reyes play only at short to avoid injury.