Thor throws down the hammer over Syndergaard Rent accusation!

My #1 Follower Noah Syndergaard is not having any of this Thor Doesn’t Pay Rent Nonsense!

I’m still not sure why he is paying $25,000 a month to rent a place. Buy something bro.


Best Mets By Number: 54

This series is getting a little silly here as there are slim pickings.  I wanted to go with Charlie Hough here but if I can’t find a picture of you in a Mets uniform, then you clearly can’t be the choice.  T.J. Rivera, you win.

Did Mets’ Noah Syndergaard skip out on the rent?

If Matt Harvey did this….

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is being sued in a Manhattan federal court after missing rent on his $27,000-per-month Tribeca apartment, the New York Post reported Friday. (via Yahoo)

$27,000 per month?   Thor, that’s some TERRIBLE long term planning.  Why would you burn through $324,000 a year in rent?  Think long term.  What happens if you get injured and then there’s a pandemic and then a labor squabble and you have like zero income until 2022 and even then who knows what contracts you get offered?

Anyway, you are lucky your friends at the Post buried this into a holiday weekend so you won’t get dragged in the media too bad.


Coronavirus Filler: The 1984 Mets Yearbook

This is weird.  I have ZERO recollection of ever seeing this cover before.  I probably have even blogged about it in the past but as I did this post it was new to me.

Are we really gonna hype this guy from The Cardinals? He doesn’t even want to be here.

Once again let me point out the blue on the cap is the current blue not the electric blue of our faulty memories.  Did we all hallucinate that it was a little lighter back when?