Stop everything and watch this video of Shea Stadium’s Mets debut right now!!!

This is Amazin’


And good to see that long lines outside the main gate aren’t just a Citi Field thing, the Mets are actually keeping up a tradition that goes back to 1964.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Matz makes you miss Vargas

SLACKISH REACTION:  Why do you guys hate Vargas?  He might be our best SP right now!   Last night’s game was over before it began and I’m still having trouble getting into this season due to a combination of my schedule and there not really being any players I am attached to.  I get there are likable guys on the team but I personally have-not gotten attached to them.

Day game today, off tomorrow, an 8:15 Friday – none of that will help me get into it.   Oh well.  RRQBT

I have been mentioning that Gary Cohen is not seeing the ball well.  This may be the worst PBP call of Gary’s career and it’s not even a HR call.

There’s no way my #1 follower was doctoring a baseball.  Fake News.

AOC is not a Mets fan.

You bitches know what day it finally is, right?  That’s right!   TDKOALA is back tonight after being bumped for a kid from AAA.

Sterling or Scully: Gary Sterling Sterlings a fly ball

Oh Gare.  Oh oh Gare.   Oh my.

Oh my Gare. Oh my.

Do I even have to tell you the verdict?

Verdict: as Sterling as Sterling gets.



Luckily Gare redeemed himself with this fine understated descriptive call.  You can hear him almost slide into Trackwalling but he pulled it out. As Nick said on twitter, “Nice call by Gary not going crazy on this HR considering the rough scoreline.”

Verdict: Scully

I’m sure my #1 follower Noah Syndergaard of the Mets was not doctoring a baseball, come on.

There’s no way my #1 follower has taken up the cheating ways of Lyin’ Todd Frazier!!!  Sad!!!

I am sure this is all a misunderstanding and just a hoax video.

In the fifth inning with one out, a shot showed Syndergaard going to the palm of his glove with two fingers — specifically his index and middle fingers, the fingers pitchers generally rely on to get spin — before grabbing the ball. (via CBS Sports)

Wait until 2019 Mickey Callaway finds out last year’s Mickey Callaway said his bullpen would have no set roles

Mickey Callaway December 2017

“We are not going to have him locked into [the ninth inning],” Callaway said. “We have to make sure we get to a save situation, and if we can’t there doesn’t do any good to have this guy be named the closer, so we are going to pitch guys when it makes sense and do everything we can to win the game that night.” (via New York Post)


Oh just one more thing..

“When you use [relievers] in that high leverage situation, that is the save,” Callaway said. “The save that night is the highest leverage situation.”

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