Gil Must Go: 1969 Mets are ten back so please stop with pennant race nonsense

Is Gary G OK?

I didn’t listen to any of the games because I have no patience for these late starts in Houston, but I am looking at the boxscore in the Daily News and I see Gary only went one inning.  

I’m really worried about this as he is the Mets’ second best pitcher behind Koosman.

Not much to say about this one, but at least Gil started Shamsky.

Mets now 10 back.  Can you all stop with the pennant ran nonsense now?   You’re not passing the Cardinals, never mind Leo’s Cubs.  Especially if Gary G is out.  Stop being insane.  It’s August 14th…you’re not making up 10 games and passing two teams.  Stop.



Shirt-gate! Mets’ Pete Alonso Polar Bear Free Shirt Friday Shirt-Gate Kerfluffle!

So I was watching the Mets game and they teased a pretty nice looking Free Shirt Friday tee which was something something Pete Alonso and his shadow looking like a Polar Bear and the back says Polar Bear 20.  I would show it to you, but the people who made the shirt and commercial apparently haven’t shown it to their own web team yet…

Anyway, it’s a nice looking shirt and I mentioned that on twitter.  IT WAS A POSITIVE COMMENT because you guys know I am super-positive when it comes to the Mets.

Then before I knew it, @mediagoon was chiming in that the design looked similar to something he had seen before…then the t-shirt guy chimed in….then Employees of the Mets got mad at the implied vibe that maybe the design wasn’t original….I dunno man I JUST LIKED THE SHIRT.

The guys over at Van Hagar have a full recap about SHIRT-GATE!!!!

I am siding with the Mets because their design does not have the letter F on it. #TeamMets!!!!

Clearly we are going to have to take this case to T-SHIRT COURT, a new series on SNY where you have to convince Judge Meenan that your t-shirt is worthy, properly licensed, and good looking.  I’d watch that.

UPDATE:  Dave sent me the t-shirt that I liked.  I just wanted to like a t-shirt.

I caught a typo in which I had typed “Free Short Friday” – clearly the Mets need to start giving away shorts!


Oh yeah – new followers, this is what I do.  You’ll hate it eventually.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets magic beans run out

SLACKISH REACTION: The Gary Apple/Ron Darling booth was rough man. When you’re looking to Gelbs to give the telecast some energy….

The Mets are two games behind in the Wild Card.  Jeff McNeil is injured (hamstring) and likely heading to the IL!  SELL THE TEAM!!

That game was boring.  Lifeless.  Gelbs was the best part.  Just dreary baseball and didn’t have that feeling that “the Mets will just hit a bunch of home runs at the end of the game and they will win” that the team had for two weeks.  It’s like all the magic left in a hurry.

Regardless, whatever this season may be, the run gave us at worst an extra month of Actual Baseball as opposed to the usual 60 game march to the end.  Hopefully the magic beans return tonight.

Looks like Gary Apple in for Gary Cohen on the Mets telecasts this week

Sources are telling Mets Police that Gary Cohen will miss the Atlanta and KC series for some well earned vacation.  Can’t blame Gary for wanting some family time, besides by August 13th the Mets will be in 4th and like 13 games out and well under .500 and probably traded Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees.

Gary Apple will be fill-ing in, according to same sources.

No word on if it will be Keith or Ron.  I love Ron, but we’re gonna need some edge in the booth so I hope Keith is doing this week – although I imagine we get Ron in Atlanta and Keith on the weekend.  Who knows.

One thing I can tell you is that a telecast with Apple, Ron and The Energy Vampire could be a long telecast.  Some of those Cohen/Ron nights struggle – Keith brings the danger.  And the Energy Vampire….well I kinda zoned out there for a few minutes.  What was he even saying?   Back to you Gary Apple.

Update: I reached out to Wayne Randazzo who tweeted me back…