Mailbag: My Proposal To Rid The New York Mets Of Black Uniforms

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I personally think if the Mets want to have an “alternate” jersey, why not switch the blue ones they used in batting practice last year, even the ones they have this year with the black ones…Make the black jerseys the “warmup” batting practice jerseys and the blue ones the alternate ones.

Now that makes tons of sense.

I think throwback Giants/Dodgers jerseys are a fantastic idea!

Anything that honors the Giants would be a pleasure.

Maybe the team is just trying to attract heat to themselves. Either way, I hate the black jerseys and hats, only because every single team seems to want to wear them now, from the Blue Jays to the Marlins, and its getting rid on any identity (and tradition!) that these teams once had.  I just don’t get them. Whats the point?

People buy them.   Stop buying them and they will go away.  That’s why I propose the Mets offer new variants (since it is all about the money).  Bang out some pseduo-Giants stuff and watch them sell.

personally, I have no problem with the Black jerseys, but I know that it’s not really an official jersey. I do like the black on the pinstripe jerseys (my favorite one) because it makes the blue and orange stand out better. the all black caps just suck, but better than those all white caps they had in 1997.  i heard Howie and Wayne on the radio today say that the Braves jersey was dark navy blue (or something like that) in pointing out the two teams’ jerseys and how ridiculous it was to have them looking so similar.  if the Mets were going to wear retro jerseys, don’t you think their treasonous owner would get them “Brooklyn” jerseys to wear instead of one of the jerseys you show? look in the big team stores at Citi Field to see what it looks like.

If the Dodgers didn’t wear Brooklyn caps on the very first Jackie Robinson night (at Shea) I don’t think we’ll see Brooklyn stuff ever.  

One person said that we’ll never change the minds of ownership…I’m not including that comment because it was in all caps and I don’t feel like retyping it.

And quickly that illegal activity that we won’t promote – the guy could get a year in jail.  Since there’s ample evidence, his “not guilty” is an absurd plea.   Book him Dan-o.

Does anyone know how to contact Howie Rose (for real)?   I’d love to see the original article get into his inbox.

New York Yankees Examiner: Yankees want even more of your money

Nice piece from a colleague about the greed…

New York Yankees Examiner: Yankees want even more of your money

Andrew Mees, Mets Examiner, admitted, “When dealing with Shea, you’re dealing with a stadium that held a special spot in the hearts of Mets fans…and basically no one else in the world.  Yankee Stadium is America’s Roman Coliseum – I’m sure nobody came from the far corners of the world to check out old Shea.”
A bit more regretfully, Shannon Shark, NY Sports Examiner weighed in saying, “The Yanks have their new house decorated.  The Mets sold everything and then realized there’s nothing for a museum.  Boy it would be nice to have Seaver’s locker but they sold it.”

Helping The New York Mets Get Rid Of Black Uniforms Once And For All

OK Mets, I get it.  You want to sell merchandise.   By now I imagine every John Franco fan from Staten Island has bought his black #45 t-shirt, owns three Piazza jerseys and now has a Santana.  I’m here to help you make even more money off those guys.

You ask, what brings on yet another rant about black uniforms tonight?   From the inbox:

Shannon — please comment on today’s ridiculous uni lineup. Mets in black shirts and caps, and Braves in dark shirts and caps too. Isn’t the point for the home team to look different than the opponent — not the same?

Of course it would make sense for the teams to look different.  The NFL would never allow this.   Baseball, who cares – everyone wear alt jerseys, screw tradition.

There is a force for evil in Flushing, and Charlie Samuels (the equipment manager) I fear it must be you.  You must be the one who dressed the Mets like a softball team from New Jersey today.   You must be the one who hates the pinstripes.  You must be the one who doesn’t realize you can’t see the NY on the hats on tv when they wear the blue/black hat.  (As much as I hate black Mets stuff, the all-black looks better than the hybrids.)

First let me state that I am right (about everything, but especially the black uniforms).  I will use as my source the words of…wait for it….the New York Mets!

The Mets’ colors are Dodger blue and Giant orange, symbolic of the return of National League baseball to New York after the Dodgers and Giants moved to California. Blue and Orange are also the official colors of New York State.

So now that we’ve established that black doesn’t belong, but that the Mets need to sell as many “alternate” jerseys as possible to numskulls, let’s look at the options.

1.  Wear Blue Jerseys.

They wore blue jerseys in the early 80s.  They don’t look so great, but at least they are blue.   Slap a Murphy 28 on the back and you’ll move a bunch – so long as Charlie issues them now and then (how about Sundays?)

2.  Wear Orange Jerseys.

As I walk around Citi Field I see tons of Santana jerseys.   Let’s pull out orange every 5th day and you’ll move a ton.  It could even be a quirky tradition that they only wear orange on Santana Day, and when he moves on we can pass the tradition to the next ace.  I just made that up on the fly, but I kind of like it.

3.  Honor the New York Giants

Invite Willie Mays to come by, and start a tradition where the Mets sometimes wear their New York Retros.   These have tons of black, and would pair nicely with the old Giants black/orange caps – so the morons that buy black and blue jerseys can wear these instead.   Plus the Mets would actually acknowledge the Giants for a change.   Stick a Mets circle logo on the sleeve and change the number font to Mets version so the Cooperstown Collection doesn’t get upset.

4.  White jerseys with pinstripes and no black shading.

If you’re still reading you don’t need me to explain.

So how about it, Mets?  We can rid ourselves of the black jerseys and you can still make money and dress in silly color combinations.   Deal?

Mets recap and yelling at my fellow bloggers

To my fellow bloggers:

At Tuesday nights game some knuckleheads went out of their way to film and post to youtube an illegal act they performed at Citi Field.

I wish to discourage everyone from promoting such behavior, unless of course you'd like to see more of this sort of thing representing what being a Mets fan is about.

I'm not sure but I think these might be the same guys that posted a video a few weeks back that alleged they were thrown out of Citi Field. I am guilty of linking to that one on this site. I now believe I fell for a contrived situation and wish I hadn't.

Heading forward, I think we all need to ignore these guys – major newspapers included. At least two of the papers posted the link on their sites today.

As for the actual game:

Bad loss by Mets today. That's one of those games you wish you had back come September. Can't take your foot off the gas fellas.

Several people mentioned that the Braves and Mets both wore dopey dark tops. Yes they are awful, more on that tonight.

The Mets now head off to the west coast void of limited media coverage and limited eyeballs watching SNY. If I were Joe Girardi I would go on a hot streak while everyone is watching.

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Yankees Trost: What we’re talking about is memories.

"What we're really talking about is memories."

That's Lonn Trost defending the outrageous prices that the Yankees are charging for items from the old stadium.

Unfortunately some of you will be stupid enough to buy this stuff. Really, what are you going to do with the dirt? It will sit on a shelf.

Two seats? In your basement until your wife nags you to throw them out.

I laugh at this "memories" line because this is the same guy who will find in 30 years nobody has any memories because of "the moat" as the defining feature of New Yankee Stadium is called.

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