Did Mets Piazza Leave Citi Field Early To Avoid Steroids Questions? (Yahoo Sports)

Yahoo Sports…one of the most widely read things on the internet asks…

Did Piazza Bail Early To Avoid Questions About Steroids?

“He wasn’t looking for any attention,” Jay Horwitz, the Mets’ vice president for media relations, said when asked why Piazza did not want to talk.

“He said, ‘I’m a private person now, I have a family, I’m raising my kids, my wife’s having a baby and I want to stay in the background.’ “

I don’t want to be attacked by Metsdom (criticizing some players seems to draw wrath), so I will stand by my previous statement that it’s seems to my eyes that one of the 2000 Mets was on steroids.  Y’all can decide for yourself who it might have been (if anyone).  I have no proof other than my eyes.


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Baseball Fans Give Back April 17th: Anti-Steroids Site.

From the Stamford Advocate:

Swineford and some friends have created a Web site called “Baseball Fans Give Back,” the digital catalyst behind a one-day event they hope will become an annual tradition of community giving. It was prompted in part by their disgust with the effects of steroids on today’s game.

Swineford is asking fans to donate $13 to a charity of their choice — or one of the 13 listed on the Web site. “That’s half the price of the average ticket to a game,” he said. It’s also Rodriguez’ number. 

April 17 was chosen because that was the day Roberto Clemente made his major league debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1954. The Hall of Famer was known not only for his stellar baseball skills, but his humanitarianism. In 1972, Clemente was accompanying a planeload of relief supplies for Nicaragua earthquake victims when the plane crashed. Clemente and four crew members perished.

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What To Do If Your Mets Seats At Citi Field Are Obstructed

Now that we’ve had another 40,000 or so fans see Citi Field…I’m sure some of you are (unfortunately) upset this morning that your seats look like this.

Well, some good news.   Dan from the Mets Police voiced his concern to a Citi Field rep who was quite understanding, and referred him to the ticket office.   As of this writing that situation is unresolved….

…better news is that the guy in the red hat (pic on the left) told us that he complained to the ticket office and the Mets changed his seat location.

So, if you find yourself blocked by a railing, take some pictures of the situation, go visit a Citi rep, and be sure to call the ticket office at (718) 507-TIXX.   The early reports are that the Mets are being quite understanding about the situation.

I really don’t have any suggestions on how to make the sightlines any better.   I imagine there are state safety laws that require the glass and railing to be a certain height….you can’t move the stairs….so unless you want the Mets to massively re-do the Promenade in the offseason, it is what it is.


Tim Teufel Statue At Citi Field (Onion)

ha ha ha – from The Onion

Here’s a taste (I don’t want to steal the whole thing).

Although an undeniable atmosphere of excitement swirled around new Mets ballpark Citi Field at its unofficial opening Friday, many of the team’s fans were put off by an 18-foot-tall bronze statue of Tim Teufel displayed in the center of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

The rest of the “story” is here.