All-Irish Mets Team

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Shea Stadium – lets welcome Bob Murphy to the microphone (Tim McCarver is up in the TV booth) to introduce the Irish Mets – a list of Mets who have at-least Irish-sounding names.   Feel free to hit comments to add suggestions, nitpick heritage, or bitch.  Bob, take it away…(no I’m not going to attempt to write in Murph-cadence)

First let’s meet the pitchers:

Our starters:   Nolan Ryan, Tim Leary, Terry Leach and Jim McAndrew

The bullpen:   Tug McGraw & Roger McDowell

Behind the plate:  Mike Fitzgerald

Third base:  He played 38 games there in 1990, please welcome back our old friend Tom O’Malley

Shortstop:  Roy McMillan

Second base:  Doug Flynn

First base:   Joe McEwing who can play anywhere is going to have to play here.  (I wanted to nominate the big redhead Rusty Staub but was overruled by the Mets Police Emerald Society).

In left:  Daniel Murphy

In Center:  Kevin McReynolds (33 games there in 1991)

The Right Fielder:  Dave Gallagher

Pete Flynn will take care of the grounds, and to manage this not-so-impressive lineup, we considered having a player-manager at SS, but we decided to go un-Wilpon and not forget the New York Giants so John McGraw will be our choice.

So the idea for this post was better than the names.  Open to suggestions…


Yankee Game Recreations 1959

An article about Yankee games being re-created for Los angeles radio in 1959.  They had the Dodgers, why would people want Yankee games out there?
Maybe we could hire someone to re-create the games on the radio now (in real time) without someone yelling It Is High…. on very fly ball?

Do We Have Another 2nd Place Team On Our Hands?

This is one of those posts that tend to make people mad at me.  I can already see the “if the bullpen could have…” comments coming in.

Let’s walk through the 2009 Mets and give everyone best case scenario:

1B  Delgado.   In what will likely be his final year as a Met, the super-motivated Delgado chooses not to suck in April and has an awesome 40 home run 120 rbi year.  We’re off to a great start!

2B  Luis Castillo’s gonna hit .334 and steal 62 bases like he did in 2000 as a 24 year old.

SS  Jose Reyes will prove he’s not overrated, he’ll win an MVP and hit a career best .330 (43 points higher than his career average), score 120 and hit 20 homers with 80 rbi’s.  Just like everyone but me thinks he will.

3B   David Wright.  How about we settle for 2007-like #s with some .325 and 30 action.  That’s some infield!

LF  Dan Murphy.   The Murph got 131 at bats which I believe puts him one over the maximum to qualify for rookie of the year (that sucks).  I’ll give him .313 again (making that 5 guys hitting over .300!) but I can’t give him more than 10 HRs until he shows me some pop.

CF  Carlos Beltran.  How about a 2006-like 40, 120 and .280.  Carlos has only batted .300 once so our run of .300 hitters ends here.

RF   Ryan Church and Friends.   Ryan will play in a solid 162, which should give him around 18 home runs with a .275 average.

The Catchers,  Well, they’ll catch the ball and throw it back to the pitcher.  Anything more will be asking a lot.

Santana will win the Cy Young.  His best was 20-6, let’s give him 21 wins with an elbow-free summer.

John Maine will find his way out of his funk and go 15-10.  He’s done it before!

Oliver Perez will learn that every game is a big game, better his best 15-10 and win a sneaky 18!

Mike Pelfrey won 13 games at age 24 and looked like he learned to pitch.  Let’s give him 16!

That Other Guy.    The Number 5 Guy is going to eat innings for us.  He’ll only go 10 and 10 but that’s a solid 80 wins from our starting pitching!  That’s 4 more than the 1986 Mets.  Not bad!

Now we know 63 of those will be saved by K-Rod, with 63 holds from Putz.

That all looks amazingly promising!   But what if Santana misses a game or two.   What if Castillo is the 2008 version?  What it there’s a book on Murphy now?  What if Maine is funky and 15 wins becomes 10?  What it  Perez wins 18 not 15?

I think this team has enough to win – but it’s not a lock that they’ll out hustle the Phillies.   I would love one more decent bat in there – maybe not Manny, but I wish we knew what we actually had in left, right, second and behind the plates.   There’s a lot of wishful thinking with how this team is put together.  I hope it holds.  It seemed like everything broke right in 2006 and broke wrong in 2007.   Maybe something in between and some number less than 30 blown saves might do the trick.  After the last two seasons I’m not ready to declare this team better than the defending World Champions.  I’m hopeful, but I’m going to need to see it to believe it, and I won’t believe it until I’m watching the Mets in the NLDS.

The Hurt That Hasn’t Healed (Link)

Great piece in New York magazine called The Hurt That Hasn’t Healed about how this team’s senior management acts like they won in 2006 and are just one piece away.

With that loss, Prince writes, “the Mets dug themselves into a hole from which they’ve never climbed out. It’s always October 19, 2006. Ownership and general management has proceeded as if this is forever a World Series club in every sense but that of accomplishment.” The evidence bears him out. Two years ago there was the “we’ll get it this time” off-season, with few moves made, management assuming the team would just repeat what it did the year before. Last year was the “we just need one starting pitcher” off-season, with the acquisition of Johan Santana masking the dam holes quietly tearing open everywhere else. Now the “we just need to fix the bullpen” off-season has been concluded, with J. J. Putz and Francisco Rodriguez hauled in and pretty much everything else left intact. General manager Omar Minaya has acted like his team is perpetually one piece away, while other pieces, the ones he wasn’t looking at, slowly erode. And he’s just about out of time.

Amen brother.

Most Popular Articles On Mets Police Last Week

A surprise #1 this week:  The new name for the Formerly Shea Subway Stop.

People still love pics – but it surprised me that the 150 Pics of New Yankee Stadium  were more popular than the 300 Pics of New Yankee Stadium or the Tons of Pics of Citi Field.   Curious what the signage looks like at the gates at Citi – click here and while not new, people are still curious about the Obstructed Views at Citi.  I won’t get to see Yankee because The Yankees Won’t Sell Me Tickets.

You caught that The Rock admitted to taking steroids , didn’t you?

Will you watch Football at Citi Field?  I like alt-football leagues but this one is doomed.

Nobody cared about this one but I’m a little concerned about seeing your Willie Randolph, so check out this video of the divider-less urinals at Citi.   (ha I started to type “Shea” after the word “at” – way to go brain!)  Eyes forward everyone.

I also thought that K-Rod’s media meltdown  went underreported.   This is a bad sign to me.

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