Strawberry Bobblehead Night (In Brooklyn)

The Cyclones have tweeted:

On Monday, August 3rd, the Brooklyn Cyclones will host Darryl Strawberry Night, and the first 2,500 fans in attendance will receive a limited-edition “Strawbobble” – a bobblehead depicting the New York baseball legend.

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Royals Fans Not Loving Their Stadium Either

Did America lose the ability to design stadiums?

The Kansas City Star reports:

Steve DeRousse of Lee’s Summit had three boys in tow and was looking for the place to get tokens for the youth activities in the Outfield Experience. That wasn’t all that frustrated him.
“We’re disappointed in the restrooms,” he said. “We stood in line forever. And the concourses are jam-packed. It seems all the things they were supposed to fix are still broken.”

Chad Harris is a Yankees fan from Hutchinson, Kan., who comes to Kauffman every time his team is in town.
“The concessions need a little work with quickness,” he said. “But it’s better than it was. It’s definitely a lot easier to move around.”

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Stop Booing!

Amazin’ Avenue posted this from Joel Sherman:

“It seems to me strange that so many would come to games to be so miserable so quickly and easily. There is a Legion of Gloom atmosphere that now pervades Met home games, as if near everyone in the place is just waiting for something bad to happen.”

I absolutely agree.   People were booing Oliver Perez last night.  Really?  It’s game #1, he has had one start, and we’re going to boo this guy?   We’re hoping he makes another 100 starts before this contract ends.

Yeah the team isn’t off to a great start, but which game was horrible?  Nothing terrible has happened yet.

It’s a new building.   Let’s not poison it.  And that’s coming from me, and I started the crankiest of all the Mets blogs.   Chill out everyone!

(I did enjoy the mock cheer when Murphy caught a fly ball.  That was in good fun.)

Another Unflattering Yankee Stadium Review

Retail Anarchy says:

This whole enterprise exists to drain tourists and executives of their money and expense accounts, it has nothing at all to do with baseball. It is typically staffed in a manner consistent with big box retail as opposed to the career-based employees who used to work food concessions in stadiums. These people are making peanuts, excuse the pun, and they don’t really care about the quality of service, they have no personal investment in it. As a consumer faced with this level of service and the disproportionate high prices it is probably best to just keep your money in your pocket. Let the tourists experience this “authenticity” for themselves.

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Mets Tom Seaver Talks About Citi Field

Some entertaining candid comments from The Franchise.  Tom you need to come around more.

Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver talks about Citi Field