Rest of World Catches Up With Mets Police About 4 Inning Pedro

Hey everybody welcome to the party.   Yep, I’ve been getting attacked all year for not kneeling before the great Four Inning Pedro (the guy that has won like 9 games since June 6, 2006 – I’m too lazy to look up the real number.)

There I was watching SNY and they put up a poll.   Do Mets fans think they got their money’s worth when they signed the leader of the Red Sox to a 4 year deal.  80% said no.

So last night, the Mets trotted out Pedro (and to be fair they have nobody else) and what did Four Inning Pedro do – he spit the bit in the first inning.

I wasn’t shocked, but it did wake up all of Flushing who now suddenly realize that Pedro isn’t good.

Any time I see a headline like Mets Might Make It, Pedro Martinez Might Not I smile.  See ya around Pedro.  Enjoy Boston.


Raissman Knows ESPN Hates Children

Hooray for Bib Raissman who has this to say today about ESPN:

Look, ESPN suits, if they were on the level, would admit that airing a game capable of producing a significant rating is all that matters to them. For them, a high rating is significantly more important than presenting an “historic” moment their announcers will ultimately screw up. A moment which has little significance in Dallas or Green Bay.
You think ESPN would say “no” if someone at NBC wanted to trade this “historic” Yankees-Orioles tilt for tonight’s Cowboys-Packers matchup?
Funny, right? Even funnier is ESPN saying first pitch will be at 8:25 p.m., as if that’s a great time to start a Sunday night game. Don’t be surprised if the game starts closer to 9 p.m. Why do you think ESPN is already spinning it so they can blame the Yankees for a late start?

>Cool Yankee Article

>Last Day Of Yankee stadium…what else.


The old Yankee Stadium, pre-renovation, had a feature that was eliminated in the new one: a kind of Yankee Hall of Fame that you could pass through on your way to Monument Park. It was really little more than some old uniforms in a glass case, but there was also a bank of phones where you could “talk to” Yankee greats. You picked up the receiver in, say, Mantle’s booth and you heard a recorded message from Mickey. I never got tired of that.