What Do The Same Old Jets Do Now?

Ah Jets will you never learn?

A missed PAT.

A pick-six from Favre.

A blocked punt.

A loss to Oakland.

A loss to San Francisco.

Oh yeah and the Ravens won anyway.

What do you do now?  Come back next year with Favre?   Head into the Kellen Clemens era?   Hope that Matt  Cassell is a free agent?  Give away the store to get Tom Brady?   Kurt Warner?  Rex Grossman?  Gibran Hamdan?

Do you even want Favre to come back – hope that there’s still a gunslinger in there?  Does Brett want to come back?   Do you kind of miss Pennington now?   He’ll be on TV next week if you do.

Congratulations to Parcells (He’s A Jerk But He Wins) and former Jets QB Chad Pennington (he’s the guy you got rid of to get Favre) and the rest of the Sparanos.   Truly a great turnaround from 1-15.

Enjoy the PSL’s and enjoy the offseason.  See you in August!



Fun Stuff From The Week (Including Yanks Fans Rooting For Laundry)

Some things that got attention during the week:

A bunch of people called me to task for writing that Yankee Fans Are Just Rooting For Laundry Now (in the wrong building).

Some agree about not getting Manny when I said The Mets Are Having A Smart Day.

Where might Jeter wind up?  Jeter’s Future?

We heard back from you when we asked What Has Omar Actually Done?

People are still hitting the Michael Kay: Shill?  article.

Folks love Pics of Shea Deconstruction & New Yankee Stadium.

Finally, I appreciate a good comment, and frequent visitor Trooper York got his shots in:

Well someone didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas.

This off season was the Yankees doing what the Yankees always do. Last year was the abberation where they didn’t make the big move in the off season and built from within. The Yankees have always had hired gun free agents like Reggie and Winfield and A-Rod is just the latest embodiment of that trend. Reggie was the only one who produced but we had lots of big stars come in and not win like Winfield and Rickey Henderson and Jack Clark and Dave Collins and Ken Griffey Sr. who were acquired as free agents or in money centric trades that didn’t pan out.

(MP:  I do get a kick out of how Reggie has somehow picked up the legacy after Joe D died as if Reggie is somehow a lifelong Yankee.  He wasn’t even that loved when he was here as a player.  Every year the legend grows.)

Johnny Damon is as much a Yankee as Beltran or Delgado is a Met. Let’s face it, the Yankees still have more home grown talent on thier roster than the Mets. Jeter, Posada, Petitite, Joba, Cano, Hughes, Kennedy, Gardner, Melky and Mariano are the bulk of the team. The Meties have the two overrated choke artists Wright and Reyes.

(MP:  Preaching to the choir here.  I get killed on pointing out OverReyes not being as good as the stats.   I am being a hypocrite this winter in that I want the Mets to open their wallets.  Normally I’m screaming about home grown talent, but I never claimed this blog has any integrity, it’s just a blog.)

And you should face another fact. The Mets can only get someone who the Yankees really don’t want. Beltran wanted to come to the Yankees for less money and the only reason the Mets got Santana is the Yanks wanted to go with kids so they didn’t try to sweeten the deal.

You have to face it dude. The Mets are second rate. Second class. A day late and a dollar short. Now that Freddie Coupon lost all his money to a swindler it is even less likely they will do what they need to win.

(MP:  I wish I could disagree on either of the above two paragraphs but you got me.  I have an undeveloped post that will discuss how the Mets act like a small market team as if they don’t have all the advantages the Yankees do.  I’m trying to polish that one off.)

And as far as laundry goes, the Yankees at least know what there uniforms look like. Are you guys going with black jerseys this year or are you going to wear cullotes like the White Sox used too. Face it, even the Yankees laundry is better. That’s why we feel great rooting for it.

(MP:  Once again, Amen!   The Mets Police wish the Mets would wear white pinstripes with blue hats (no black and no black shading) at home, and “1973” road jerseys.  No names on either.   I will meet the Mets half-way and they can wear whatever the hell they want on Sundays.)


I’ve Lived Long Enough To See 4 NFL Games Televised To NYC!

Glory Glory Hallelujah!

My whole life I’ve been subject to that horrible phrase “except in New York.”

A month ago I prayed to the Blogods when I wrote It’s 2008 Can We Have The Doubleheader?

Today my prayers have been answered.

Here in NY where we are often subjected to horrible games while you folks in the flyover states get to see mutliple games, we not only got two games at 1pm, we also got two games at 4pm.

I believe this is a first.

Here’s the part I want the NFL to notice:  the Jets game is still sold out!  There’s no need to have silly blackout rules.   The Jets fans are at the stadium.   The Jets fans are glued to CBS.   If a few of us sneak over to Fox to peek at Cowboys-Eagles the world won’t end.  In fact you’ll wind up with more people more interested in your league.

I really can’t believe this is happening, but thank you NFL, and let’s do this every week next year!


Marino Fake Spike

Wow I really have the anti-Jets venom today.  Truly the greatest moment in Jets history.


NFL Lifting Doubleheader Restrictions?

A month ago I brought up the silliness of the NFL Doubleheader rules – as if Jets fans were going to blow off today’s Dolphins game to watch 49ers-Redskins.   As if Giants fans who are expected to spend $20,000 for PSL’s are suddenly going to give up season tickets so they can watch Lions-Packers games.

Finally there’s some hope!  According to the Houston Chronicle:

The NFL is waiving the home team blackout regulation Sunday, which means both CBS and Fox will be allowed to show doubleheaders here on the regular season’s final weekend.

Bears-Texans will air on KRIV (Channel 26), with Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson calling the action, and KHOU (Channel 11) will be allowed to show Patriots-Bills, which has playoff implications, in the noon window.

A league spokesman described the blackout lift as a limited experiment.

Cowboys fans also will benefit Sunday. The league’s decision to switch kickoff for Cowboys-Eagles to 3:15 p.m. means it won’t clash with the Bears-Texans game and, thus, will air on Channel 26.

You mean the league won’t fold if some people watch Patriots-Bills?   Does that suggest the Giants season ticket waiting list would go from 50 years to a half empty stadium if CBS New York were allowed to show a 1pm game?

Come on NFL, loosen up the rules.   Neither the NFL nor the networks will go bankrupt.   While you’re at it encourage more cool web features like what NBC is doing with Sunday Night Football (check that out if you haven’t).