Jets To Crash Again

Ah Jets, how I enjoy your misery (read this if you missed it:  I Hate The Jets ).

Another disastrous Jets season and another lame Jets-pun headline.

Today will be so sweet.

A month ago uppity Jets fans were talking about the Super Bowl and even going as far to ask the NFL what they would do if both the Jets & Giants were hosting conference championship games.   Silly Jets.  (The answer was that one game would be played Monday night by the way).   Everyone buy your tickets for Tampa for the Swampway Super Bowl!

Brett Favre made the Namath on the Rams mistake.  He made the Jerry Rice on the Broncos mistake.   The Unitas on the Chargers mistake.  The Willie Mays on the Mets mistake.  He didn’t get off the field with the legend intact and stayed one year too many.  (Props to Mike Mussina for realizing it was a good time to get out.)

Now the Jets are faced with the Dolphins.   The Dolphins led by of all people Chad Pennington.  How great will it be when Pennington clinches the division at the Meadowlands.   Your home-grown QB that you kicked off the street for a hired gun.   That never works out in sports – even Joe Montana couldn’t lead the Chiefs to the Super Bowl – but you went for it.   Now your castoff will send you to the off-season, with the help of your former savior Bill Parcells.   I love it, and Parcells rhymes with PSLs so get ready to write Woody Johnson some checks so you can enjoy another 40 years of misery.

Go Dolphins!


Yes The Jets Are Awful

A friend sent me this link:All time NFL Franchsie Rankings which you guessed it, ranks the franchises by the Misery-to-Joy index.

While the Jets are not say the Chicago/St.Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, they are pretty far down the list.   I think the most telling stat is that Weeb Ewbank who won the two most important games in the history of the NFL (the “Greatest Game” in 1958 and Super Bowl III) was under .500 with the Jets.

Here’s a taste:

Save for one fleeting afternoon of glory in Miami 40 seasons ago, it’s just never quite clicked for the Jets. They’ve fiedled some very good players, but few that were ever great. They’ve had some very good coaches, but few that were ever great. They’ve had some very good seasons, but fewer that were ever great.

On the player front, even their most iconic players lean woefully to the overrated side: Face-of-the-franchise Joe Namath is in the Hall of Fame purely for the win over the Colts. His overall career numbers otherwise mediocre at best, even for his era.

Go Lions Go!

Dear Lions,

Make sure you go 0-16.  Don’t be fools and win this game.

Nobody will remember 1-15.  0 and 16 and you live forever.

Let’s make sure the Matt Millen era gets this final monument to futility.

Force the NFL to put someone else on Thanksgiving Day (and let’s take away the Cowboys Thanksgiving advantage while we’re at it.).

Make sure it’s a hideous loss too.  Don’t lose 24-14, lose 48-0.  Or lose on a last second field goal.  Just lose in the worst way possible.  

Enjoy that #1 pick.

Enjoy 49ers Mustache Madness

From and the SF Chronicle.

The Niners will be wearing their throwback uniforms on Sunday, and members of the team have been inspired by photos of the team’s greats — many of them sporting facial hair — displayed at the team’s facility in Santa Clara, Calif.

“Every single day that we walk through here, you just can’t help but admire John Ayers’ mustache. It’s awesome,” Hill said.

Hill had to be informed that the one of his position predecessors, the greatest quarterback in franchise history, once had a mustache. Photos exist of a young Joe Montana sporting a Fu Manchu, although it is not on the wall of the facility.