Mets Lifers: Please Don’t Be Creative

Mets Lifers: Please Don’t Be Creative


The Former "Former Franchise" Digs The Rays

I’m laying off Seaver for a while because he showed up at the final game at Shea and played the role well.  Here’s what he has to say about The Rays:

“[They are] very analogous (to the 69 Mets),” Seaver said. “Because of their pitching and defense, and defense up the middle, they’re in every game. We were that way. It’s a nice story, a great story — young guys with talent who believe in themselves and have a strong manager.”

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Yeah $@&#ing Right: Yanks Threatened To Leave Town

Rany Levine I laugh in your face.

Did you really do this with a straight face?

New York City officials told a congressional panel Friday that they didn’t do anything improper in shepherding through $1.3 billion in financing for a new Yankee Stadium, but the assurances did little to mollify the congressman who is investigating the deal.

At issue was a six-fold increase in the city’s assessed value of the land, to around $200 million. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat, suggested the reason was to make it easier to get tax-exempt bonds to pay for the construction of the ballpark in the South Bronx.

Meanwhile, Yankees President Randy Levine told the lawmakers bluntly that the new stadium would have never been built, and the Yankees would have left the Bronx, without the financing.

Yeah OK.   Where were the Yankees going?  Xanadu?  Oklahoma City?

ESPN has more here  but I have to go laugh my ass off now.    Was congress stupid enough to fall for that?  Oh yeah they were.

Selig is NOT a Great Commissioner

Graziano in the Ledger throws it out there that Selig is a great commissioner.   Whoa hold on there pal.

Yeah it’s fun that the Rays are in the World Series and that the Brewers made the playoffs but let’s calm down a little before we start ignoring the last 15 years.

Everyone knows the list but I wil bore you with it anyway.  In no particular order:

1.  Clemens.  Everyone kidded themselves.  All you had to do was look at him.

2.  Bonds.  Congrats, both Home Run records are now tarnished and we’re hoping A-Rod of all people can be the home run king.

3.  McGwire.   Heads in the sand to sell tickets.  Ditto Sosa.

4.  Interleague Play.   It sucks.  Yeah it’s halfway fun when the Mets play the Yankees and a bunch of similar matchups, but it’s not more exciting than Yankees-Sox is or Mets-Phils should be.

5.  The dopey three divisions and Wild Card.   All the Wild Card does is allow teams that suck or are (undermanaged by Bobby Valentine) to stick around and kid themselves.   Oh, and it adds a lame round of playoffs.

6.   11pm playoff games.   Remember that one?

7.  5am opening day!  Remember those?

8.  The leagues still haven’t reconciled the DH.   That should be solved in 5 minutes.  Flip a coin.  Expand the rosters to 26 to shut the union up.    Just decide.

Anyone of a certain age knows the game was much better in 1978 than it was in 2008.  Selig is horrible.

Absurd NFL Coaches Interview Policy

The Rams want Jim Haslett to be their coach.

They would like to sign him and pay him.

They can’t.

Haslett is 2-0 but must remain the “interim” coach so that in the off-season the Rams can follow league guidelines and interview minority candidates.

Who do you suppose they will wind up selecting?  That’s right – Jim Haslett.

So why insult other men by making them go through a process they can’t win?  I understand the goal, but this seems silly.