>Why The Yankees Didn't Mention Joe Torre

>Joe Torre, the man who does not exist, was not mentioned at the closing ceremonies of Yankee Stadium.  Torre did not accomplish much with the Yankees and is not a significant part of Yankee history.

Oh you think I’m nuts?  Good call.

Here’s all you need to know about why the Yankees ignored Torre.  The words of Hank Steinbrenner:

“Baseball went to a multidivision setup to create more races, rivalries and excitement. But it isn’t fair. You see it this season, with plenty of people in the media pointing out that Joe Torre and the Dodgers are going to the playoffs while we’re not.

“This is by no means a knock on Torre – let me make that clear-but look at the division they’re in. If L.A. were in the AL East, it wouldn’t be in the playoff discussion. The AL East is never weak.”


>What Has Omar Done To Deserve Four Years?

>So ESPN reported that the Mets have given Omar Minaya a four year deal.

My question to you:  What has Omar actually accomplished?

He arguably has rebuilt the farm system.  He arguably is good at finding scrap-heap players like Tatis.   The Santana deal is one the Yankees wish they made.

On the negative side – not as much winning as they spin it.  There was the, um, marketing plan that alienated much of the fanbase – it’s third rail stuff so I will leave it at that.  They moved away from that this season.

Four years?   Seems a little long.

New York Baseball Giants: Merkle’s Boner

Always a good thing when someone remembers that there was a baseball team in New York called the Giants.   Fred Dodgers Wilpon likes to ignore them (unless there’s a Mel Ott statue at Citi Field I haven’t been told about, and no “green seats” doesn’t honor the Giants any more than the Orioles do).

Merkle’s Boner.  You’ve heard of it, but what is it.   The Times hooks it up….

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1908, the New York Giants and the Cubs were embroiled in a 1-1 tie before 20,000 fans at Harlem’s old Polo Grounds. It was a critical contest, the Giants clinging to a one-game lead over Chicago. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth and New York’s Moose McCormick on first, Merkle, a 19-year-old rookie first baseman making his first start, slammed a single into right field that sent McCormick to third.

“At that, I could have gone to second easily, but with one run needed to win and a man on third, I played it safe,” Merkle remembered later. It was a decision that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Published: September 23, 2008

A hundred years later, think Chuck Knoblauch meets Steve Bartman, and you will have some idea of the enormity of Fred Merkle’s blunder.

The Evil Giants Of PSL Fame Final Game At Yankee Stadium Was Sep 23

I did not realize that the Evil Money Grubbing Football Giants From New Jersey played their final game at Yankee Stadium mid-season…and apparently a tie!  They finished the season at the Yale Bowl.  Weird, right?  35 years later the Giants would sell their soul to the devil by screwing their fans with PSL’s – and creating the Curse of The PSL’s which forbids the Giants from ever winning the Super Bowl until New Meadowlands is torn down.

Giants Tie Eagles on Last Play

Pay-Per-View – Washington Post – ProQuest Archiver – Sep 24, 1973
 on the final play of the final New York Giants football game in Yankee Stadium as the heavily favoredGiants salvaged a 23-23 tie with Philadelphia.
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I learned this today because it was the trivia question on YES.

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Why Are Gary, Ron & Keith Complimenting Bobby V?

On my TV now, the SNY guys are complimenting Bobby V.  Why?

Bobby Valentine is the king of finsihing second.  You want your team to underachieve – bring in V.  I keep hearing this nonsense that he got teams to the playoffs that had no business being there?  Really????

Is it not revisionist history to suggest the Mets weren’t favorites to win the East most of those years?

Is Bobby not at fault for several awful Aprils?  Isn’t prepping the team in the spring part of the job?   When you are 8 games out on May 1st it makes for along year – so when you “bring the team back” don’t go crowing.

The Wild Card covered for a lot of V’s failings.   In ’99 they needed a play-in game.  3rd place in 2001.  5th in 2002.    He’ll manage the Yankees some day and it will be majorly entertaining.