NHL Outdoors At Wrighley (Link)

I guess this is fun.  I’m really glad they moved away from that horrible idea of making the last event at Yankee Stadium a hockey game.   How about some Rangers-Islanders at Corporate Bailout Stadium?    Too bad they’d never do two teams from one market.  
Published: December 31, 2008
The N.H.L. gleaned two simple lessons from the rousing debut of its Winter Classic game last New Year’s Day. No. 1: Do it again. No. 2: Make it much, much bigger.


Daily News Blog Reports New Black Mets Uniform

So I pick the headline carefully – the Daily News blog posted this picture saying that the black uniforms have been tweaked.   I’m with those who believe this is just a random variant sold at Sports Authority.

Regardless, feel encouraged to discuss how hideous black jerseys are.


Let’s Take a Guy Who Hit .158!

The Mets are considering taking a guy who hit .158 last year and I actually like the idea.

He’s Andruw Jones and he’s only 32, which is toddler-age for a typical Omar pickup…plus the rumor has the Dodgers paying much of the money.

Sure he was awful last year but in 2007 he hit 26 HRs with 94 RBI and in 2006 he was 41 with 129.

Could he have gotten that bad that fast?   Unless you think um his er workout strategy changed as many players routines seemed to change last year.

Part of the wild speculation is that maybe perhaps the Dodgers would take Castillo.

MLB.com is saying that the interest has cooled since the initial ESPN.com report but I say go for it.


Message For Bill Cowher: Stay Far Away From The Meadowlands

Dear Bill Cowher,

When people hear your name they think “winner.”

I see today you turned down the Browns offer.

Don’t consider for even a second coming to the Meadowlands.

You can’t win.   The New Jersey Curse is too great.   Bill Parcells couldn’t defeat it and Brett Favre couldn’t defeat it.   Don’t come here for a one and done with Brett and then three years of 6 & 10.   Don’t tarnish your legacy by taking on the curse of the Same Old Jets.

Wait it out for one of the glamor franchises.  I could see you returning the Bears to glory some day.   You don’t want any part of the green.


Jets Do What Mets Should Have Done To Willie

Well the Jets got one thing right, they fired the coach the day after a disastrous season.

I still don’t understand how the Mets brought Willie back for 2008, after the historic 2007 collapse, only to have Willie dig a huge hole for the team.  

The Jets were smart today to turn the page.  They’d be wise to turn the page on Favre too.  Why let a new coach start a program with a QB who likely will be around for only a year or two.   I’m sure the business of PSL selling and a new stadium will encourage the Jets to find a way to motivate Brett to return for 2009.