Wagner: Under Willie it Was The Yankee Way

I may not be a huge Billy Wagner fan, but I do like his willingness to talk bluntly. As reported by Jayson Stark on ESPN.com, Wagner has been very forthcoming on the difference between Willie and Jerry:

“I don’t want to bash Willie, because I liked him,” Billy Wagner said. “But before, it was more of The Yankee Way. It wasn’t The Mets Way. There was no facial hair. You could never have music in the clubhouse. You couldn’t have kids around. Believe it or not, some of us in here actually like kids.”

Hm, I seem to remember a certain blog saying that the Mets didn’t need a Yankee at the helm.


Generic We’re Happy Mets Are Rocking 7 In A Row Post

Seven in a row.  Nice.  Wish I had something other to say other than nice home run, they are playing better and spunkier since Jerry took over….etc.   I’m happy…what a turnaround.  Very cool.  I just have nothing to say about this game other than I am happy they are playing well.

Tomorrow is Four Inning Pedro, so I expect a loss….would be nice to win Sunday night and hit the break 8 of 9.   

Don’t Do It Brett Favre!


Don’t do it.

Don’t leave the Packers.

Stay retired.  Or be a Packer.

Don’t be “that guy.”  Don’t be the guy that plays that one extra year with the Ravens or Bucs or Bears or Jets or whoever.

Don’t be Joe Namath in a Rams uniform.

Don’t Be Johnny Unitas on the Chargers.

Don’t be Jerry Rice, finding yourself in someone else’s number, hoping to make the Broncos.

Don’t be Steve Carlton on the Giants, White Sox, Indians and Twins.

Don’t be Tom Seaver playing half a season for Boston.

Citi Field ticket prices: uh oh is my math right???

The great Phil Mushnick wrote today about a guy he knows with season tickets. This is the first insight at all I know of into the price increases.

I’m mobile right now so let’s see if I can do some half-arse math.

Phil says his friends tix for four seats will be going from 33,300 to $56,700. Some quick division shows that to be 70 percent more expensive


Please someone tell me I’m a moron who doesn’t understand math.

$56,700 divided by 81 is $700 a game. Yep thats the same number Mushnick got. 4 seats – so now we know there are some $175 seats in Citifield.

I’m tempted to speculate on upper deck. Even a $5 seat would become $8.50

I’ll concede I’m fast and loose with the numbers here, plenty of assumptions being made, etc etc – but I’m sensing an expensive 2009.

At least there are no personal seat licenses. I think. Hope.

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All Star Fan Fest

I hope I’m wrong about this one and it’s awesome, but right now I don’t get it.

A friend has been after me to bring the kids, and I was interested to learn more. The website is very vague and speaks of ‘events.’.

Bon Jovi will play music – that I understand. ‘Events’ – what’s that?

In the Post I see the advertising section about fanfest.   Advertising means that the fanfest likely wrote the editorial – so let’s take a look together.

Giveaways from sponsors. Mmm ok.

All star shower and shave.

Replica clubhouse. Cool I Guess.

Replica dugout. Eh.

Equipment room. Eh.

Home Run Derby. Cool. I fear the line but cool.

Stare at some New Era minor league caps.

Make catches against a wall. Again I fear the line.

See the wristbands of the pros! Really. NY Post p. 55

Hall of Fame exhibits. Cool

Some batting cages and bullpens and ‘fielding practice.’

Well that’s more than I knew. I’m not going to ‘hate on it’ but $30 for me and $25 for each kid – I think I’ll wait til the Saturday papers and blogs to see if others enjoy it.
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