Thanks Joe Buck

Nice touch mentioning Bob Sheppard last night.  

With all this talk of putting George in the hall…how about Bob!

All Star Game (Where was Seaver?)

A little late this morning, stayed up late and have this whole job thing etc…

As always I loved the All Star Game.

I hear some chirping on WFAN about A-Rod leaving early.   As a fan of leaving work early and days off, I am not going to begrudge the man for leaving – assuming he even did leave.   Maybe he just wants to spend today and tomorrow, full days, with his kids.

WHERE WAS SEAVER?  In the interest of fairness maybe he had a family emergency or something.

Wright would have pitched next?  Cool!   I would have loved to see that, and a pitcher playing a position.

I suspect that’s the last we will see of George Steinbrenner.

Poor Yogi is getting up there too.  He’ll soon need to stay out of the spotlight the way Scooter did.

Kinda cool that FOX didn’t bombard us with “and look who is in the second row, the stars of Fringe!” nonsense.  Unless they did it at midnight when maybe I nodded off for a pitch or two.

I was surprised there were/are only four living Yankee Hall of Famers. 

Quiet day.   See ya tomorrow.

Live at asg parade part 10

Bud black

Ben sheets

Aaron cook

Brian mccann

David wright speeds by. Not much love from crowd. No mets love.

Dan uggla on his cellphone

Another gap. Crowd begins to lose buzz and wander.

Geovany soto. The city is as quiet as you'll ever hear it

Nate mclouth

Hanley ramirez.

Ernie banks and fukudome


Adrian gonzalez

Cars going faster now as parade gets kinda long.

Back to the daily planet. Hope it was fun for you
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Parade part ?

A-Rod. Crowd buzzing. Enjoying it the way jeter isnt. Looks relaxed.

Roy halladay

Kevin youklis

Michael young

Grady sizemore

Some guy named scott kazmir. Hes loved.

Mariano rivera

Ervin santana

George sherrill

Dioner navarro

Francisco rodriguez

Josh hamilton big ovation

Jd drew. Jason varitek

Joakim soria.

Justin morneau cool guy

This is a great event. Crowd getting quieter

Evan longoria

Cal ripken biggest ovation yet

Clint hurdle

Papelbon shows heckler his ring

Lou piniella big ovation


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Live at Parade 8

Terry Francona coming….will they boo?… there are cheers. He could play Picard in a Star Trek reboot.

Girardi on deck….ovation no diff than francona

Reggie coming….crowd abuzz….reg gie reg gie reg gie!!!!! Reggie soaks it in

Jim leyland

Cliff lee

Joe quenten and joe crede. Mrs quenten like a 50s movie star

Dustin pedroia gets cheers

Ichiro suzuki

Jeter crowd explodes. Jeter above it all. Least friendly parder so far. Surprised.

Bradley and ian kinsler. Kinsler is cool

Joe mauer

David ortiz. Big ovation. Hes styling and happy

Carlos guillen

Joe nathan

Arod next

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