PSL Rally Before The Giants Game

Hey Giants fans, don’t lame out – show up at the PSL Rally and keep an eye out on for the official info.  There is a poster you can download (I don’t know how to attach a pdf to a blog, but that’s my small brain).

The email blast on Wednesday said:

the location of the demonstration will be between Parking Lot sections 15 & 16 in front of Gate C.

Also a reporter at CNN is looking to do a piece about families who can no longer afford their seats.  If that;s you contact:

Kristina Giuliano
1 Time Warner Center
New York , NY 10019
(o) 212.275.8257

(c) 917.751.7884 
And remember The Mets Police have placed a curse on the Evil Money Grubbing Giants of New Jersey, who will not win another Super Bowl until they move OUT of “New Meadowlands Stadium.”

Memo To Mookie, Davey & Doc: Show Up!

The Daily News reported that Mookie Wilson and Davey Johnson will not be part of the closing ceremonies at Shea because of a falling out with the organization.

Fellas, the team doesn’t make an extra dollar if you come, and doesn’t lose a dollar if you don’t. 

For the fans, and for the memories show up.  Do it for youselves.  Come feel the love.   You don’t have to shake hands with the Wilpons or whoever you are mad at.

Dwight Gooden has also been invited but isn’t expecyed to come.

Come on guys, even Tom Seaver is leaving the vineyard for an afternoon (or night if ESPN effs us).   If Tom can be bothered, surely you can.

Rutgers and Pedro

So now that the Rutgers season is over (you lost to Fresno State, 9-1 ain't happening and you'll still have lost to Fresno) let's see how this craziness with stadium expansion continues.

They spent an extra $300,000 to get the luxury boxes ready in time for yesterdays game (wow, a late construction project in NJ with cost overruns. Who knew?). They've paid this coach a ton of cash to stay, cash that probably could have paid for some of the 'minor' sports. Then again NJ is flush with cash so what's a few million for a football coach.

They still hope to add 13,000 more seats. I know Rutgers was trendy for two weeks two years ago, but this is crazy.

Let's see how many Rutgers fans there are when the team is 5 and 5 before they go assing seats. I bet you that folks find other things to do.

Meanwhile in Flushing, the Mets have allowed Four Inning Pedro to leave the team so he could work out with his personal trainer. What??? Did Pedro hear it was going to be nice beach weather on Long Island this week? Does he have his fantasy football draft? Pedro being Pedro as always means Pedro being about Pedro and not about the team.

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I Was Right When I Called You Names

Back on April 27th when everyone was calling WFAN begging the Mets to just release this guy, the Mets Police called you front-runners.  You are.  5 months later and this guy could run for mayor.

Repost from April 27th:

Delagdo: You’re All Front-Runners

Let me get this right:

Friday Night the vibe was ejubilation that he was benched.

Today he gets a curtain call?

Are we running him out of town or sending him to the All Star Game? (Speaking of which why have some teams have had it twice since the Mets have).

You’re all fickle. Leave Delgado alone and focus your wrath on Omar giving Castillo four years and Pedro being useless (see “Pedro Exposed” below).