Willie Has A Meeting & Wagner Backtracks

Heard Wagner doing a major backpedal claiming he wasn’t calling anyone out. Stick to your guns Wags – we all heard the audio.

The Canadian press is reporting:

Mets manager Willie Randolph called a closed-door meeting in response to the latest remarks by closer Billy Wagner, who said Friday he was being critical of the media, not his teammates.
“I don’t try to insulate them. I don’t care that they know that my head’s on the block or something like that. I mean, that shouldn’t be their concern,” he said before Friday’s Subway Series opener at Yankee Stadium was postponed by rain.

Asked as a follow-up whether he thought his job was in danger, Randolph said he wasn’t speaking seriously.

“I’m not concerned about that,” he responded. “I was just making just a joke, a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing.”

Third baseman David Wright called the session a “heart to heart” in which teammates were encouraged to approach each other with criticism and not go through the media.

General manager Omar Minaya said Randolph’s job wasn’t in danger.

“I’m very supportive and continue to be supportive of Willie Randolph,” he said.

The full piece is here.


Interleague Play

This weekend you get the “good” series – Subway, Battle of Ohio, LA vs LA of Anaheim. Also some legenday matchups like Rays-Cards, Tigers-Diamondacks, and Padres-Mariners.

Then for some reason it’s back to normal on Monday, but who isn’t psyched about the Texas Rangers and um, that popular guy they have, the famous one that we um……anyway the Texas Rangers come to town on June 13. Then we all get to stay up late so the Mets can fly to Los Angeles of Anaheim.

I hate wild cards, I hate interleague. Surprisingly I’ve come to like the DH but not when it’s scheduled to be Marlon Anderson.

Hank: Thanks For The Parking $ Suckers!

So they waited until 7:10 to rain the game out?????????

Once again, nobody has the forecast.

Once again “the window” magically disappears once you buy a hot dog.

So if you had tickets you what – ate them? Made the trip to the Stadium? $18 to park?

Not very fan friendly.

Official Home Of The Willie Watch

Lots and lots of posts today all over the internet about Willie.

Lots of sports talk about Willie.

Lots of newspaper columns about Willie.

Willie didn’t get it done in 2007.

Willie is one game over .500

Willie is getting booed when he goes to the mound.

We’ve seen this pattern before and it reminds me of Buddy Harrelson’s demise.

Willie’s not going to make it, now it’s just a matter of when they slump and Omar pulls the trigger.

Mr. Mazzilli should make sure his cellphone is on.

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