Wait until 2019 Mickey Callaway finds out last year’s Mickey Callaway said his bullpen would have no set roles

Mickey Callaway December 2017

“We are not going to have him locked into [the ninth inning],” Callaway said. “We have to make sure we get to a save situation, and if we can’t there doesn’t do any good to have this guy be named the closer, so we are going to pitch guys when it makes sense and do everything we can to win the game that night.” (via New York Post)


Oh just one more thing..

“When you use [relievers] in that high leverage situation, that is the save,” Callaway said. “The save that night is the highest leverage situation.”


Matt Harvey News: The Dark Knight gets bumped by AAA call-up

Veteran right-hander Matt Harvey was supposed to get the nod for the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday against the host Texas Rangers, but he will instead get an extra day’s rest and start the series finale one night later.

Starting instead for the Angels in the middle game of the series in Arlington, Texas, will be right-hander Jaime Barria. (via Yahoo Sports)

Mr. Barria was just called up from AAA to make this start.

Matt Harvey makes $11 million this season, and got more dates with models than most of us, don’t feel too bad.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she is not a Mets fan, she is a Yankees fan.

I’m in trouble,” she said. “I have been raised a Yankees fan through and through.


She acknowledged that Citi Field was in her district, saying that she has to “learn to be a Mets fan.”

Source: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Yankees fan even though they don’t play in her district. – The Washington Post

No no no, if you’re a Yankees fan, be a Yankees fan. Don’t “learn” to be a Mets fan.  Don’t come to Queens this October when it’s trendy and cool, you’re on record now.

Gil Must Go: Gil finally benches Gliding Ed Charles, 69 Mets actually win!

FINALLY!  My posts seem to be working.  Gil finally benched Gliding Ed Charles and what do you know, the Mets won!

Good to see Amos Otis out there at third..I mean he’s only batting .429 and all.

Gentry, who I LOVE BTW, with another win to go 2-0.

2800 people in Philly for this.   Baseball has a major problem on its hands.  People would rather stay home and watch Color TV.

Mets are 3-5.  We’ve had worse seasons.  At least it’s listenable this year.


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