Mets Opening Day is Thursday March 26th 2020 vs Nationals and other Mets 2020 schedule fun

Hey can we calm down with the news I AM BUSY today.

Here’s a look at the full MLB schedule.   Mets open at home with Washington.  Potential cool road trip for fans with AT Anaheim and AT Oakland back to back in August.

Between that and Puerto Rico you t-shirt aficionados are gonna be broke.


What’s with nobody in the Mets dugout wearing Mets uniforms?

(Again, welcome to the new readers!  So before I get a wave of The Mets have won 14 of 16 and this is what you worry about?  Well yeah this is what I worry about.  Now I don’t walk around muttering to myself all day about it, but I do like discussing things that catch my eye.)

So I was watching the end of the game on Sunday and saw this..

Why doesn’t anyone wear uniforms anymore?

Half of us fat guys are going out of our way to wear Mets jerseys and the actual Mets can’t be bothered?  Are they that uncomfortable?  The game has gotten mighty casual about these things.

Again people please understand the blog – I did not let this ruin my day.  It’s just something to talk about.   Especially on an off-day.


Wags sounds like a dick here

Wow this sounds so so unlikeable.  I say dick because we’ve added an F to the traditional chants so now I can curse like a sailor.

The bold below is mine.

Van Wagenen can be standoffish, but he agreed to speak with reporters Friday. I asked if he perhaps looked at the current winning streak and considered that the best trades are those you don’t make. He frowned.

“I don’t know which kind of rumors or deals we’re talking about,” he said.

This puzzled me. I asked if he’d read any papers during the month of July, as near all were filled with reports of his plans to sell off one pitcher or another.

“I think we knew we had players other teams were interested in, but we stayed true to our mission,” he replied.


(via NY Times including the Oh.)


So let me add one more sentence from the Times article.

The best of the current Mets were brought in by previous management.

Relax Wags.  The move you made was the one for Diaz and Cano.   Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make, but you made that one.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: can’t win them all

SLACKISH REACTION:  Come on, admit it, you kinda expected them to hit three HRs in the bottom of the 9th.  The Mets are one game out of the Wild Card.

I didn’t see much of the game for the reasons I laid out last Sunday.   I really like the sunshine and had a great day poolside enjoying my Anthony Bourdain book.   Once the sun went behind the trees I caught the end of the game.

I channeled my inner Jeff Wilpon for the speech he should give.

MICKEY WATCH WATCH:  CBS Sports took some time to let us know Mickey has some breathing room lest you think Mickey was being fired today.  Thanks CBS Sports.

NOT LINKING: The newspaper took some time to tell us all JD Davis is playing well.  We know.