Sterling or Scully Showdown: Who called Pete Alonso’s record breaker better, Gary or Wayne?


Welcome to Sterling Or Scully Showdown!    Two announcers, one play.

Today’s play is the statistical anomaly of Pete Alonso breaking the Mets’ rookie HR record while it is still June.


First up…Gary Cohen has the call.

Nice solid call there Gary. It seems Gare took my advice and prepared something.

Verdict: Scully

But would it be enough to fend off young Wayne Randazzo, currently ranked the #2 Mets Play by Play Announcer (all English language media) behind only Howie Rose.

Also a nice call which created a nice video in my mind’s eye.

Verdict: Scully

So who won the Sterling Or Scully Showdown?

I’m giving this round to Gary. His call had more excitement and I think captured the moment better. Wayne’s call was also good, but much like a call can only be Sterling OR Scully, there can only be one winner, and today he is Gary Cohen.


EMERGENCY MICKEY WATCH WATCH: Mickey verbally attacks reporter

Whoa.  OK here’s what you have to understand.  Mickey will now lose the media.  The Mets Beat might suck post-Rubin, but they will stick together.

The hot seat will now get Red Hot, and the Mets will be forced to make a move.

This is now a matter of when.  You cannot take on the media and win when your team is losing.

Awful Announcing has a nice tight recap.


Gil Must Go: Jerry shutouts Cards as Mets sweep the double-header!

Easy win for the Mets in Game 1.  I don’t know who the hell this kid Steve Carlton is but he sucks and is no match for Gary G.   My man GG picks up his 7th win with a nice 8 and a third – because Gil has to overmanage every game and use someone to get two outs.  Sheesh.  No wonder the game took 2:38.  Zzzzzz.

In the second game, hey what a shock THE METS DIDN’T SCORE FOR KOOSMAN.   But The One True Ace won 1-0.  Complete game.  Somehow only has 5th win.  Watch them go out and score a dozen for Terrific.

36 and 28!

Mets Police Morning Laziness: I think we need to talk about the statistical aberration


I won’t dance with language, I will just say it.  I am NOT accusing Pete Alonso of being on PEDs, Steroids, Magic Beans or anything.  He’s clearly built like your traditional giant power hitter.  You would expect him to hit a ton of home runs.

However, when the ball is flying out of the park at the rate it is – not just by Pete but by everyone – it’s hard to say that something hasn’t changed.  We’ve been playing Mets baseball for over half a century and suddenly the rookie home run record is absolutely demolished.  That’s a statistical aberration that makes one do this…

The people throwing the baseballs say it’s the baseballs.  I believe them.  I think we’re seeing, like we did 21 years ago, baseball looking the other way on something because chicks dig the long ball.  This time they are looking the other way on the actual baseballs.  The net effect?  Same as last time – a short term buzz that will forever wreck the record books.  Quick, home many career home runs does Bonds have?  You aren’t sure, are you?

Speaking of home runs, Gary Cohen had a terrible day calling them.  Gary is so inconsistent this season he should be in the Mets’ rotation.  Bad job Gare.

Speaking of home runs, the seemingly delusional baseball expert still thinks a guy with 4 HRs is making the All Star team.

Speaking of seemingly delusional baseball experts, compare my fake Mickey Hodges quotes to what the man actually says.  Wow.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I was at a soccer tournament and missed all the baseball.  I’m sure the 74 writers at the AAIMBR who can’t even think of a title for their morning thing without stealing from Adam Rubin have a recap for you.

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